My Book Club Book Again

So I have my book club book again! This time it’s called Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little Here is the book cover:

Sorry if it is to pixelate. So this is a book about Moxy haven’t read Stuart Little (A Book) But if the book is not in her backpack is on her lap. This book was written by Peggy Gifford. Moxy was just 9 years old and she is almost going to 4th grade. Also, she have a dog that barked every time someone it’s moving or a car a delivery man move. I would recommend you read this book because you can know the adventure of Moxy Maxwell and what happened to her.

The Explorer Play


                That is my play for my explorer script! It’s very funny!

I practiced my script and I actually memorized it. I was in a group with Jaewoo and Nam. Our script was about Christopher Columbus. I’m proud because I like it when it was  funny. I think that we need to practice more. I would rate myself 4 out of 4 because I like it how it is very funny! LOL. I really like when I started asking “want to drink some beer?” then later I said “Too bad.” If you haven’t watch the video, watch now! I think Bo and Kai’s play is cool because I like when they did the scream.

My Ships That I Made With My Partners

So I made my ship. It is kind of small but I think it’s okay. So our ship ended looking like this:

[NOTE] Sorry, if this is too pixelate.

This is what we knew about Columbus:

He was born before 31 October 1451 in Genoa, Italy. And he passed away in May 20, 1506 in Valladolid, Crown of Castile. Christopher died because of Congestive Heart Failure. Also, I knew that he was the first one who discovered America.


My Book Club Book

My book was: Jonah, The Whale. 

The book was about Jonah had television program. He wanted to interview Michael Jordan. This book I would rate it 5 star. Because the book is very addictive and I really enjoyed it. If you love to make a television program, maybe this book is for you!

My Documentary Day!!!

Yesterday, it was very fun! I got to be a MC and I didn’t remember some parts of my script. I like about the documentary because it is interesting and it help me expand my knowledge. At the beginning, I was not very confident but later I did quite well. I am so proud because my partners and I worked so hard on this documentary. If I do it again, I would choose the best quality pictures! I thought that we won’t do well in our presentation but it turned out that we did a good job.


Our Field Trip!

Today we did something with an artist: Lee Tracy. First, we walk to a bridge. My favorite was dipping the curtain in the water. We also get to write a poem in our field trip. Then we ate our lunch. But the bad thing is I forgot to bring our my water bottle but when I drink all of it then I put it in the recycle bin. But my teacher said “That was your only bottle why did you throw it away?” then I said “Oops.”  And that is the end but not least.

Here is my photos:

My Field Trip To Water Puppet Show

Today it was my field trip day! First we went to the water puppet show. It was so fun seeing the the puppet. Also we also could ask the manager questions too. We could also know their secret too. After that we went to the park to eat our snack. We also get to interview the people at the park too.  After having our snack, we had to walk all the way to Bến Thành Market restaurant. There is a lot of delicious food there. ?  After we’re done with our lunch, we went to our bus and came back to our school. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s trip! 


My Fantasy Story!

I did many things in order to create my fantasy story. Firstly, we created a map for our fantasy story. After that, we had a element of fantasy so that we can follow it. We also had a story arch that we made a story arch that had a beginning, middle, end, struggle and climax. We wrote our story mainly on our computer. The writing was usually checked and revised. At the end of the story, we had made the About the Author page. And last but not least, I made a book cover. I am so happy because I worked so hard on this project. ?

Here is my story: 

Our Showcase ?

This were a successful showing our parents what we did for our unit. Our unit’s name was: Thinking Outside The Box. First, we learn how to code. Here is the link to my game:

Our second project was we have to write a story:

Also we made our prototype too:











When we have those done, we show it to our parents, teachers, and students.

I am very proud of myself for doing the best as I can. Thanks for reading.

My Sports Day!!!

My sports day was very fun. We get to go in the water and also we get to play in the water. We get some snacks. I have enjoyed the sport day. First I was at this group where you have to throw to make the cups fell down. And also my last station were I have to throw in the circle. Thanks for reading!