How is the New Zealand term “Hauora” link to “self-concept”? of all, before we need to answer the question,”how is Hauora link to self-concept?”, we need to know what Hauora and Self-concept is.

Hauora is the concept of well-being encompasses Taha Tinana (physical well-being), Taha Hinengaro (mental and emotional), Taha Whanau (social well-being), and Taha Wairua (spiritual well-being) dimensions of health. While Self-concept refers to the positive attitude or the negative attitude people have about themselves.

Hauora is linked to Self-concept since they both include what you believe and what you think about yourself since Hauora makes you believe and think that you are either a social, a spiritual, a physical or an emotional and mental person. While Self-Concept includes believing and thinking that if you can be a successful or an unsuccessful person.

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My Daily Routine (Mandarin)

In our Mandarin class, we are doing a unit about our daily routine. In this unit, we have to make posters about out daily routine. During that unit, I learned a lot of new Mandarin words. I also learned how to describe my daily routine activities. We recorded ourselves presenting our poster and speaking in Mandarin too! Here is the video, and I hope you enjoy it!

Kyle’s Archery Lesson (PE)

In Archery class (PE), Ms. Stanley taught us how to use a compound bow, how to stand in the correct pose, and how to aim at the target. Targeting is mostly about power/speed and accuracy. We also learnt how to be safe and focus, because if we don’t we might do dangerous thing, and don’t get to learn archery anymore. We have to stand facing either the right or left and looking forward. We also have to have one hand locked with the bow (archery), and the other hand holding an arrow loading onto the bow. When I mean loading I mean clipping the arrow onto the string. If you want to shoot, you also have to know how to hold to hold the string. I put my index finger and my middle finger under the arrow (that is connected to the string on the nock point), and my ring finger is on top of the arrow. Our target is called the grouping target. It was really hard to aim at a long range, especially to get in the middle of the grouping target, but when I got closer to take a picture, I just realized I got an arrow in the middle of the grouping target!!! I was so happy, it felt great, but the sad thing was it the last lesson in archery. As you can see down below is a video of me shooting with a bow at the grouping target. As you can see in that video my legs wasn’t directly facing to my right, and I shot kind of slow, but if I am right the amazing thing is that I hit the in the middle of the grouping target!

Gummy Bear Government

In our Social Studies class, we have to make different kinds of governments (Monarchy, Oligarchy, Tyranny, Democracy) using gummy bears, legos and other things in that class.


This is a picture of a monarchy, because you can see the king (with the crown on top) sitting on a throne. There also citizens bowing down to him.


This is a picture of a oligarchy, because in Greece oligarchy means few, so there are a few people in the middle. There also four poor people running away from the oligarchy, because the oligarchy made the lives of the people miserable.


For this government, I was stuck, because I didn’t really know what to do, so I asked my teacher what to do. She told me to make a Super gummy bear (the big gummy bear), because the tyranny are powerful military leaders and the Super gummy bear is like a military leader. There also citizens bowing down to him.


This is a picture of democracy, because the candidate is in the middle making speeches etc. There also citizens electing for which candidate to represent that place.

Before we started learning this unit, I didn’t know anything. I think it is important to learn about government, because when we grow up we might need it, since we don’t want our (future) society to make these mistakes again. In my opinion, I think the best government out of the 4 governments is democracy, because democracy is the most equal government out of the 4 governments.





Dragon’s Apprentice Slogan


I chose to choose fashion is just not only said as my team’s slogan, because our Dragon’s Apprentice’s group is doing a reusable grocery/shopping bags which is made of old t-shirts. I also chose that, because I want people to think that being fashion is not easy. Our point is that being trendy might be really important to some people, so we want to help by making a reusable grocery bags.


Guide to setting up for the Humming Bird program.

If you want to do the Humming Bird program, you have to download two programs: Scratch 2.0 and Bird Brain Server. After you are done installing, you have to plug a USB cable from you computer or laptop to you Humming Board. Then you have to open Bird Brain Server. You are suppose to see a screen which should say: Humming Board connected. After that have fun build robots with commands in Scratch 2.0.

This is the website where you can Download Bird Brain Server:

This is the website where you can Download Scratch 2.0:

Finally this is the link to the videos that can help you more about the Humming Bird Program:

Ancient Minecract Canaan Project

As I was doing the project, the three things that I learnt about the environmental factors about: Topography, Water, Vegetation. I learnt what Topography and vegetation means, and I know that the Mediterranean Sea borders Canaan which is now known as Israel. The two parts of this project that I am proud of is about my “Minecraft Canaan”, and my editing skills on I-Movie. If I get to do it again, then next time the thing that I would improve more in is my editing skills, and the thing that I will change is my “Minecraft Canaan”, because it was really big and took a lot of time to build, so next time I would make it smaller and better. I promise! For now, sit back and relax while eating popcorn and enjoy my video (below).