For my SLC for Advisory, I think the part where I did a great job was editing the poster outside of the class you see. I think I did well in it because not only did mine get chosen for it but, I thought about the ways of how people would like it so I chose funny. Thanks for reading my blog post and I will see you next time. Good Bye!

For my SLC for Spanish, I've decided to show you my Spanish Videoblog for it because not only was it funny but also really creative but not as good as my brother. I tried my best to do everything but then I forgot to include some photos for it but, I still got an A+ for it because I got extra credit for finishing it on time. Thank you for reading my blog post and I will see you next time.

For my SLC for writing, I thought that my final poster was suitable for it. My final poster was that people had to apply "AFOREST" to it. AFOREST stands for: Alliteration, Facts, Opinion, Repitiion, Emotive Language, Statistics, and Triples. I mostly focused on Emotive Language and facts because both of them could make people feel sympathy for the people in need. Anyway hope you had a great time and I will see you next time.

Fro my SLC for Language Arts, I used the Pitch(presentation) that my team used in order to try and get into the team. It was funny but one of our members forgot to say a really important part of our presentation and didn't get us into the final. Our team member forgot to say what was our poster as in like: Was is it Pathos? Ethos? Etc. At the end, we got asked really hard questions about our presentation but then our group was able to answer most of them. Thanks for reading my blog post and I will see you next time.

For my SLC for Drama, I decided to show you guys my script about the key because not only was it fun to make but it was also fun to present. I think for this activity in Drama, I think my group(me and Cedrik) was one of the most creative ones of all. It was funny and it was weird so there you go. Thanks for reading my blog post and I will see you next time.

For my student Led Conference for Math, I decided to show you how our homework was supposedly done and our homework was Aleks. Aleks was just like khan academy, just that you didn't have to get 3 correct in a row therefore, it was a little bit easier. What I meant by easier was that i didn't have to do as many topics as Khan Academy but then, the topics were mch more complicated in Aleks. I'm proud of my Aleks right now because I am ahead of my year path so I'm expecting a better grade in the future.

For my student Led Conference for science, I decided to use my presentation for the SLC because not only did i think it was good, but I also thought it was one of the weirdest things I did in Science because I had all the answers to all the questions which were given to me but I also came up with the weirdest answers for example: "How are you going to find food there if food once runs out?" "Well, not only do we have our growth chambers in our spacecrafts, but we can(this might sound disturbing) eat each other once dead. They give you a good 110,000 calories to burn in space, providing you with a sustainable food source. Human meat. Anyway hope you had a good time reading my blog about my SLC for Science. Have a great day!

What did we do in Archery?

We each took turns in shooting the target in front of us. We also reviewed safety steps in shooting the bow.

What is targeting?

Targeting is when there is a target in front of you and your target is to hit that target.

How do we stand?

We stand sideways so our body is facing the wall not the target.

How do we hold the string?

We hold the string with two fingers to hold under the bow.

What is grouping in Archery?

Grouping is the arrows that have hit the target.

Analysis: As I looked into my video, it showed me that my leg's weren't quite right and my body position was wrong. That's something i need to work on.


Hello internet, welcome to JUSTIN'S BLOG POST. Today I will be talking about the slogan that  chose for my dragon's apprentice. That slogan is "If you can think it, we can make it". I chose that slogan because our product is very creative in design and the way that we make it. Our audience for this product are young people so they find our things bright, colorful and cool. Thanks for reading my blog post and I hope you have a great day. GOOOOD BYEEEEEEE