Body Systems

We did medical school. we learned about the heart brain skeleton lungs and muscle. We touched real lungs and heart.

An important fact I learned was if there is no one body system we will die.

The most interesting activity was touching the heart and lungs.

I had a hard time with touching heart and lungs and ripping chicken leg and making poop.

I would still like to learn about the body system.

Unit 3: Understanding Our Environment’s Post on Monday, February 13, 2017

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Topic: Nature tales

This week we learned about Nature Tales. Andrew built a tall tower with the base ten blocks. Ms Fox brought a dead owl and we observed the dead owl. We did a special thing. We visited Ms Fox, Mr Choi , Ms Ronzetti and Jane Goodall for the unit launch. We went to see UNIS basketball match. UNIS lost 13-31.

Unit 2: Understanding Others’s Post on Friday, January 20, 2017

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Hello 2017

My first week of 2017 was busy. Over my winter holiday I had lots of Korean homework to do in my house. Now we’re back at school and a lot of things have happened. We had a new student named Ben. Also we had Sports day. We made a TET poster and a birds presenter visited us. I am looking forward to going back to Korea for TET holiday.

Unit 2: Understanding Others’s Post on Friday, December 9, 2016

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Topic: Math Morning

This week on Wednesday we had a math morning. Some of our parents came to our classroom. First we showed our parents what a number talk looks like in our class. We showed then how to decompose a rectangle. Then we played math games! There were 5 different games to choose from. I played 3 games with Andrew’s mom. It was very very fun.

Unit 2: Understanding Others’s Post on Friday, November 18, 2016

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Topic: Dash

This week we coded dash . Dash is a baby robot. We did coding with dash with our I pad . We also did a challenge. It was to make a rectangle and square with the dash. We had to tape the marker to the dash . We also made dash move. We needed to make our dash go left and right sideways and backwards.

Unit 2: Understanding Others’s Post on Friday, November 11, 2016

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Topic : Exciting Event in class

The last 2 weeks have been very exciting.
We did many activities and had some special events
Here are 3 of my favorite events.

The first thing I really liked was we went to the ice skating field trip. We learned about friction. We also skated on the ice and we did science on the field trip.

The second thing I enjoyed was doing the ping pong ball team challenge. We had to make the thing move by blowing the vehicle. I worked with Brooke, Jayden, and Sangeun.

The third thing I liked was doing the tug of war because we made lots of teams. We learned about the forces of pull and push. I liked when we pulled the rope against the other team.

Unit 2: Understanding Others’s Post on Friday, October 28, 2016

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Today ‘s Topic : Where Are The Desks?

Today’s Artifact : classroom photo

This week, our classroom went through many changes! We got some sofas, we moved some desks, and we brought in some cushions. A yoga mat was donated, and we have some tables that are different heights. I get the choice to sit where I want to be comfortable so I can Do My Best Work!!!!

I think my new seating is a good because my sit is soft. I think my sit is very good I also think my sit is quiet

I wonder I could put more sofas. I wonder I could put more cushions.