Ship Building

as you may know, I am on my explorers unit so we had different groups and I chose Marco polo ( Marco popo 😉 and this is the picture of my ship and my group.

I am with my group = Sue, Amber, Tayla, And ME!!!I HOPE U ENJOYED!!!






jk, I learned that people in those days, if you find a picture of a ship in those days then it is probably fake.and Marco popo is parentless!!! okay now i hope u enjoyed




1 day later…



hi im back and the ship is pretty much finished so here it is.

it is pretty bad compared to the others but im still proud of it.i learned that it is pretty hard to do but i think i did okay (not okay). anyways i hope you enjoyed this.


Tonight is my film festival and I am very scared.I am feeling a bit nervous and a bit excited.This film festival is about my documentary and I am the MC!!!  I’m excited to see u there and I’m scared if I messed up!well, see ya there!!



River Artist

today we went out with an  artist on a field trip her name was lee Tracy (artist)

First, we wrote poems and then we went to the bridge to get water to test.then we ate lunch at the park . . .

After that, we went to the bridge to drop fabric into the water  . . . 

this is the fabric when it came out . . .

I think we did this to show people to clean the water because as you can see there are lots of mud stains wich means the water is dirty and not safe to drink.after this we went out to the park to sketch some pictures of nature . . . 

I hope you enjoyed my adventure with lee Tracy (artist)  and with my class    😀