In PE recently we have been doing archery. We picked partners so that one person would be watching and one person would be holding a bow. The person with the bow would stand in front of the saftey zone and behind the cones where the arrows were. We waited until Mrs. Liz told us to load our bows. When she did we all with bows loaded our bows with metal arrows. Then she blew the whistle and then we fired.

Targeting is a person or a rock or a shooting board/dart board and you try to hit it with a frisbee or any kind of thing like an arrow or a rock or a gun.

In archery, we stand in front of the small cones which are the saftey zone. Our legs are facing directly to the right side.

We hold the string by having 1 finger on the top of the arrow and 2 fingers below and we do not hold on really tight. We hold it so that our fingers are wrapped around.

Grouping in archery is a result of one person shooting multiple arrows at a target.

This is my grouping picture.

This is my shooting




In social studies today we used gummy bears and put the bears to make it look like democracy, tyranny, monarchy, oligarchy.

In this picture 4 people are ruling which means its oligarchy and everyone is bowing down to them.

In this picture, Donald Trump is on the platform and people are voting for him. This is democracy.

This is monarchy. A king or queen that is ruling.

Ruler that is illegal. They usually rule with an army.


My slogan for our groups product (Headphone Wrappers) is "Tangle Free = Happiness". I chose this because i'm trying to promote that tangle free headphones are much easier to untangle than just wrapping it up and it makes the person less frustrated. I feel like this achieves this because I have experienced it myself. I try to untangle them and it takes 5 mins and I just wasted 5 mins of my life so if I use my product it will keep me from having to untangle my headphones every time I use my headphones. Buy our product!!!!

In social studies, we have been mummifying vegetables. We cut out all the seeds of the vegetable then we put the vegetable in salt and baking soda. Then we took the vegetable out. We wrapped the vegetables in tissue paper. Then we left it in the plastic bag for 1 week. When we came back to school on Monday we unwrapped the vegetables and this is what we found.........


This term my favorite things we did were

  1. Minecraft ancient Egypt project.                                                                                                          In that, we made the Nile river, kush and Cannan in Minecraft. We had to show the benefits of the body of water.
  2. pharaoh news.                                                                                                                                        We had to make news about an ancient Egyptian fact.
  3.  crossed and uncrossed                                                                                                                        It's a game where there are 2 pencils that we have to guess if it was crossed or uncrossed

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Lit circles was ok because my group only had 1 person prepared and the other was not prepared. I realised that in a book discussion I need to get deep into the book and talk about the plot of the story and other stuff like that. For next time I think i should have more deeper thoughts about the book not just simple things like "why did Oz do that?"

The top 3 things I learned about human settlement is

  1. They to have fresh water source around.
  2. I could understand life of an ancient egyptian
  3. I learned that humans lived near a place where there was vegitation and fresh water

The 2 parts of my project that i am proud of is my nile river because it was hard to make and the mediterranean sea.

The thing i would do differently next time is put more effort into this project because I rushed though it.

PAF stands for purpose audience and format. purpose means what is the main idea, what is the author trying to tell you. audience  is who are you talking to? are you talking to yourself, a friend, a teacher? last of all is format. format is what are you writing on? are you writing on a piece of paper, macbook, phone? that is the three words of PAF.