The basics of chemical reaction

Prezi – The basics of chemical reaction

The link above leads to a presentation about the basics of Chemical Reaction.

Key points to remember when watching the Prezi:

– Chemical formula: the presented chemical reaction in chemical symbol form

– Chemical reaction: occurs when two or more substances react to form a new substance

– 4 signs that a chemical reaction occurs:

– Gas formation (bubble)

– Color change

– Change in energy (endothermic or exothermic)

– Formation of precipitation

– 5 types of chemical reaction:

– Synthesize reaction: occurs when two or more substances mix together to form a new substance

– Decomposition reaction: the opposite of synthesize reaction (a substance breaks down to elements or more basic substances)

– Single replacement: when an anion part with its original cation to bond with a new cation

– Double replacement: occurs when a pair of anion part with their respective original cations to bond with new cations

– Combustion: occurs when a carbohydrate substance reacts with oxygen and yield water and carbon dioxide (or in order words, burn)

– Reactant: the substances that are presented before the reaction takes place

– Product: the result of the chemical reaction

* Reactants yield product


Mandarin Story


有一个女人叫玛丽。 她是加拿大学院的清洁工,三十一岁和没有爱人。她有一点瘦,有长长的红头发。她不好看也不难看和不可爱也不讨厌。综上所述,她不是非常有趣。一天,玛丽失踪了。上次她在家,玛丽的邻居(索菲)说,她生病了。索菲记住那天玛丽去看医生因为她有嗓子疼和严重的肚子痛。玛丽的医生(里克)说她吃了一点怀苹果和香蕉




Yǒu yīgè nǚrén jiào mǎlì. Tā shì jiānádà xuéyuàn de qīngjié gōng, sānshíyī suì hé méiyǒu àirén. Tā yǒu yīdiǎn shòu, yǒu zhǎng zhǎng de hóng tóufǎ. Tā bù hǎokàn yě bù nánkàn hé bù kě’ài yě bù tǎoyàn. Zòng shàng suǒ shù, tā bùshì fēicháng yǒuqù. Yītiān, mǎlì shīzōngle. Shàng cì tā zàijiā, mǎlì de línjū (suǒ fēi) shuō, tā shēngbìngle. Suǒ fēi jì zhù nèitiān mǎlì qù kàn yīshēng yīnwèi tā yǒu sǎngzi téng hé yánzhòng de dùzi tòng. Mǎlì de yīshēng (lǐ kè) shuō tā chīle yīdiǎn huái píngguǒ hé xiāngjiāo

Rúcǐ tā gěi mǎlì yīdiǎn yào, gàosu mǎlì huí jiā, dànshì yǐhòu tā méi gěi yīshēng dǎ diànhuà. Nèitiān tiānqì hěn lěng hé guā fēng. Tiānqì xià yǔ de shíhou, suǒ fēi qù dào mǎlì de jiā kàn tā dànshì méiyǒu rén kāimén. Nà shì zuìjìn de shíhou tā kàn dào mǎlì.



There was a woman named Mary. She was the Canadian Academy’s cleaner, was 33 years old and had no lovers. She was a little lean, had red long hair. She wasn’t very pretty nor ugly and wasn’t cute or annoying. To sum up, she wasn’t very interesting. One day, Mary disappeared. The last time she was home, said Mary’s neighbor (Sophie), Mary was sick. Sophie remembered that that day she saw Mary went to the doctor because she had a sore throat and a really bad stomach-ache. Mary’s doctor (Rick) said that Mary ate a few rotten apples and bananas. He gave Mary some medicine and told Mary to go home, but didn’t give her a call later. That day it was very cold and windy. When it started to rain, Sophie went to visit Mary, but nobody answered the door. That was the last time she saw Mary.



Face torn, dry and old.

Yearning for another start,

And another life.


Drained of emotion,

No more hope, no more sorrow,

Nothing but the truth.

Sunny day

Necks glittered with sweat,

Sunscreen melted on our backs,

We were just burning.




         She was a small girl with a gloomy, morose atmosphere that prevented anyone from approaching her. Keilin was her name. I noticed her, she noticed me, and we both had a mutual respect for each other. Well at least I did, because there was nothing I could do during my endless leisure hours.

         My name is Catching Fire and I’m a member of the SSIS middle school library books. I’m an old copy with a red, dry hardcover. Last year I was stationed at the corner of the library, a place where no one bothered to check out, except Keilin. This aloof, distant girl had been the object of my observation a while ago. She had few friends and spent most of her break time occupying herself with homework and books. She was not very interesting, though, but I was glad to admit that she was my favorite reader.

           On a Tuesday morning at the end of August, I finally got to leave my shelf. My new reader, Melissa, was pretty. She had blond hair with a light girly strawberry scent on her hands. Coincidentally, it appeared that Melissa was associated with Keilin, since they frequently conversed whenever they bumped into each other. I thought they were friends until after lunch, three weeks after my departure from the library, I saw Melissa shove Keilin at a wall. Keilin fought her tears as she placed her left arm on her right shoulder to prevent the pain and adjusted her position. However, she tripped and fell down. Melissa stared disdainfully at the small figure on the floor before she gripped Keilin’s hair and continued the violence. I was utterly shocked.

             From that day on, I saw the incident occur repeatedly, sometimes after school and sometimes during lunch time. It turned out Melissa was a bully, but not just any bully. She bullied with a pack and used physical harassment when she felt like it. Accompanied with Melissa, I could take several glimpses of her dirty talks, contagious rumors about Keilin, and her violence. I didn’t know the reason that led up to this and probably never would. The whole thing rapidly grew my resentment towards my reader, and yet I couldn’t do anything. I was just an old book with a cover that could hardly keep my pages together.

             As November marched closer, Keilin stopped coming to the library. I felt lonely without her and almost vacant when a blond girl walked towards me and pulled me out of my shelf. It was a while since Melissa returned me to the library, but what she did to Keilin had glued permanently to my memory. It was because of her that Keilin had to be so gloomy. It was her doing that ruined Keilin’s school life. It was all her fault that Keilin had to suffer for no reason.

From what I heard from my previous reader on a cold January morning, it turned out that Keilin has moved during winter break. At first I didn’t accept the news and couldn’t stop expecting Keilin whenever a girl passed by. But Keilin had moved and that’s a fact. She isn’t here and probably will never be. Now I’m back to my old irritatingly quiet days in the old-book shelf. It isn’t the same without Keilin sitting in front of me. But yet, I just want to say goodbye and wish the one reader that I like good luck before she departs.


The Newton Vehicle Reflection

The Newton Vehicle Reflection


In my science class, I and my classmates were required to build a vehicle operating based on three Newton’s laws of motion, or in short, the Newton Vehicle. This project is suppose to be our utilitarian implementation of the three Newton’s laws. The instructor tested our vehicle’s functions and knowledge by organizing a mandatory race and obliging us to establish a commercial. I and my partner Cherry named ours CK Rider. We take turns in the process of the commercial and received pretty good results.

The materials that is required to build CK Rider consisted of four bottle caps, a sheet of paper, lots of bander tapes, a balloon, a rubber band, and four kebab sticks. The purpose of using paper for the vehicle’s body is to reduce weight and therefore, enable the vehicle to travel faster. The kebab sticks hold the wheels together and stabilize the structure of the vehicle. The bander tapes are used to glue the straws onto the body of the vehicle and keep the kebab sticks stationary. To glue the bottle caps into the tips of the kebab sticks, a glue gun will be used. The balloon and the straw is kept in place by a rubber band. Although our vehicle doesn’t look at all desirable, it has an unexpected disadvantage in speed.

CK Rider and so do all other Newton vehicle was constructed based on three Newton’s law of motion. The first Newton’s law of motion states that an object is in a constant state of motion unless it is acted upon by an external force. In this case, the object is the vehicle and the external force is the air outside the balloon that’s pushing the vehicle. When the balloon deflates and the air comes out, it pushes against the outside air, which make an opposite and equal reaction (Newton’s third law of motion). The action is the air in the balloon pushing the air outside of the balloon and the reaction is the outside air pushes back. Since the vehicle is made of paper, its mass is small. Therefore, there’s no need to blow the balloon up too big because as Newton’s second law of motion states that mass is directly proportional to the force, the smaller the mass, the smaller the amount of force needed to make the mass accelerate.

During the race day, unfortunately, Treasure was the vehicle that won. This vehicle was first place in distant, intermediate at speed, and had no disqualifications. Treasure won because its design was simple, the wheels and body were light, and the structure was very stable. Treasure’s wheels has a very small interaction surface and therefore, friction is reduced and allows the vehicle to travel faster and longer. The vehicle’s body is made of a plastic bottle, a smooth surface, which has an advantage against air resistance. Treasure’s balloon is raised high up to avoid adding unnecessary weight to the vehicle. In brief, Treasure was the most neat, stable, and best-designed vehicle, and consequently, earned the title of the winner of the race.

This project definitely helped me to review and to understand the Newton’s three laws of motion. Observing my friends’ vehicles also helps me extracting valuable information related to my vehicle. In conclusion, I feel like I and my partner have done a great job and learnt so much from this project.