Renaissance Project

In this project, I was to research about Galileo, a physicist and astronomer of Renaissance time. He was the one who invented the improved telescope. He also was the one who discovered the four moons orbiting Jupiter. In the faire, I explained to the kids and the teacher about him. Also, I let them look inside the box to see the Venus’s phases, because the phases were a big evidence for Galileo to prove the heliocentric theory.



Role Playing Debrief

In the RPG, I was an Innkeeper in Florence, Renaissance time and I had to feed my people in the Inn. On a day, I went out to buy wine, I met the winekeeper and had a conflict with him and we end up fighting. We were brought to the court and I got to pay the winekeeper 23 gold piece. Then, I walked home, but then met this group of people that were trying to rebel Medici and asked me if I want to join, because I looked sad after the court. I said yes to them and I was a part. Next, I went to the Medici to report the problem and I struggled talking to him, because of class differences. I was trying to make a deal with him to tell him the information I got back for gold. We came up with a deal and then my role was over. All of the dramatic sequences gave me really interesting facts. I know feel the dramatic class differences that the lower class had been in and I know how the small group of people form into a community to rebel the government, because they feel that the government is mistreating them. Also, I got a hang of how Leo and his assistant worked together, how his assistant is too clumsy.

Tutorial Video

In this tutorial, I was explaining about how to have good communication between your group members. It was kind of fun making the video in the filming process, because we had to improvise on the process of filming, because we didn’t made a script yet. While making the video, we had some laughters where we made some parts funny and yet informative. Finally, it was kind of fun and interesting to create the video, because I like how we helped the grade 6 and the process of making the video.

Science Lab Reflection

In this class, we made a prototype of the aquifer and tested it. We basically, put a layer of sand at the bottom, then, cover 1/3 of it with clay and then put droplets on the clay. Next, but pebbles everywhere with a height of 2cm, but also make a slope. Lastly, pour water to the hole. We tested the contaminant on the slope to see if that was the pollution, what would happen. The result was it affected the aquifer.


Digital Story Poem

In this project, this was the best project in Writing class I have ever had. About this project, we were assigned to choose one of our poem from the beginning of the year until now. Then, you are to choose photos that are in Creative Commons and make a video or you can make an animation of it. The only challenge I faced was due time, because I chose to make an animation, but I managed to get through. I am really proud of my work, because this is my first frame animation that I drew by hands. This help me express my idea by my own drawing, because if I draw by my hands the more I could express my thoughts easier. At the last part, as you will or can see, I added music to it so it could sound better.

Art Class Blog Post (Passion Project)

Session 1

A passion project is a project that inspires you mostly or it could be a project where you choose what to do. I feel this is the best project in class, until now, because it allows me to express my ideas by this project.. My project is to draw a portrait of a anime or maybe I could imagine one and draw it with FireAlpaca, a drawing application that is free.I chose this project, because it is really interesting to use lots of techniques to put it in one piece of drawing. There are lots of steps, but the most important step to complete this project is to draw the tones. The reason why it is hard, is because you have to pay attention where the light goes, so that there are darker areas and brighter areas.

Session 2

In this class, I have achieve my first practice of drawing the shape of the head and the hair of the character. At first, I had lots of trouble fixing, erasing, fixing, and erasing, but as time goes, I managed to make it the way I wanted it. For my shape of the head, it was really hard, because the mouse keeps on moving and it makes an ugly shape that’s not the way I wanted it, but the more I fixed it, the more I learn. So, I drew the shape that was the best at that moment, but it wasn’t what I wanted it to be…This wasn’t all, I had to draw the hair, so that it would fit the shape of the head. The hair was easier than the shape of the head.The worst thing was that I didn’t have an idea of what hair should it be. So I just drew the hair in random. Drawing this was a tough task, but this project is really interesting and I wouldn’t want to give up!


Session 3

In this class, I have watch tutorials of how to shade. I have learned different ways of shading. I have really liked the video where they show the different parts of shading and it kinda helped me. I also watched another video about shading the hair and it really helped me, because now I know where I should shade when the light is here or there. Unluckily, I didn’t bring my mouse, so I didn’t have a chance to practice the hair shading, but for the next class, I would. For me, this class was the worst day ever, because I didn’t get to do any practices, except for watching tutorials.


Session 4

In this session, I have watch a tutorial about the details and I had a chance to test things out. It kinda work, but I had lots of trouble drawing the anime, because it was really hard still drawing the head of the character. This class, I didn’t really get a chance to go to deep of the shading, but I did it for some parts. This class, I didn’t really do much except for watching tutorials and practice on the drawing, because I think it is the hardest things. I am sure that next class, I will put a head that someone drew, then I will color in and shade it.

Session 5

In this class, I have worked on the final piece. This final piece was a lot of pressure, because I have to be really cautious about everything I do on that piece. The worse thing was I had to fix the piece a lot of time, because it wasn’t the way I wanted. Also, I spent a little bit of the part, watching 2 tutorials, so that I could clearly know the ways to draw the eyes and the hairstyle. The best thing was I got to do some of it at the last part of the class.img_0095




Quarter 2 Goals

In this next quarter, I have three goals. The first goal is to get good grades, because the more I get good grades, the more I will get a prize or present or gift from my parents. My second goal is to get to algebra, because I want to know what it is like to be in algebra. Also, I want to know the math in a harder level. My last goal is to play with more friends, just because it’s better to have someone to play with.

DBQ Blog Post

Why did Christianity take hold in the ancient world?

  1. Two of my favourite excerpts from my DBQ essay:

Excerpt #1: Document G presents a letter written by Pliny the Younger, a Roman judge who placed Christians on trial and ordered their execution. Pliny argues that Christians should be punished through execution, because they adhered to Jesus. According to Pliny the Younger: “I have no doubt that at last stubbornness and inflexible obstinacy ought to be punished.” Essentially, the letter from Pliny the Younger proves that loyalty in Christianity made it spread through the Empire.


Excerpt #2: From this document, the source is saying that Christian Ideology had more hope than the Roman Ideology. Marcus and John strongly states that Roman argues that there should be war and killing so there could be peace, but the Christians in the other hand says that there is peace when there is love and kindness. From that, we know that they had a very holy thinking.


DBQ Outline 


DBQ Final Draft



  2. Biggest Takeaway: 


The one piece of information that I will always remember is how loyal the Christians were at that time. They were facing death and they didn’t care. They told the judge that they were a Christian and they were brought to execution.

   3. Visualizing Text 

↪How did sketch noting help you understand how Christianity originated and spread?

Sketch noting helped me because when I sketch, it makes me know what I am learning, so making a sketch note about how Christianity originated and spread, would make me think deeper and visualize the text.

↪What did you learn about yourself as a visual notetaker?

I think I am not that good at sketch noting yet, because I still include lots of details that I shouldn’t, but I’m trying to get better at that.


What discoveries did you encounter as you were vlogging and exploring your thinking?

I don’t think I have ever discover anything, because I think vlogging is nothing to me, but it does help me with my thoughts to the text.

Evidence Vlog:

Reflection vlog:

DBQ vlog:



↪ What is ONE of your GOALS for social studies?

My goal is to get good grades in social studies so that I can get a gift from mom, but the thing I want to improve on is the sketchnoting.


Out of frame practice

In this assignment, we needed to draw four angles of our animal or insect. The first thing we had to do was made 4 boxes or 5 depending how many angles you want. I made 4 boxes with different line variations so that it would look nice. For this, I did really good on blending the color, because it contrasted with the insect. Also, for this, we were assessed on how we used the skills we learn in class and included it into the artwork. I think this practice was really interesting, because we had to include lots of skills to it.


In the final piece, we had to draw the animal overlapping the square in the middle of the picture and the things that overlap the square should be colored, but the outside should be uncolored. Except for the animal, it should be colored all the way. This project was really interesting, because we had to include lots of skills from the practice to the final. It was tough, but fun.


By the way, this is my reflection about the project (I went deeper in it) .