Chinese End of Semester blog post

One of my biggest success in  Chinese this semester is when we work collaboratively on the restaurant menu because we have to learn the food, make the menu as well as writing a script and record a scene in a typical restaurant. We achieve this success because my group are working hard and cor operating in making this project as well as we have a lot of food choice. One thing in Mandarin that I need to work on is the writing of characters because in quizzes I often forget the characters so that is the main reason why my grade got lowered. My overall grade is an A- which is very good however I think that I can do better.

History Industrial Revolution CSI

CSI: It stands for Color, Symbol and Image. Basically we have to create a montage representing the word that we are describing. My word is “Industrial Revolution” so the color pallet that represent the Industrial Revolution. For me the color pallet is red, yellow and blue because these colors deeply represent human labor and factories. This symbol shows the Industrial Revolution in a unique way. The symbol is inspire by District 6 in The Hunger Games. The roundel of a train and the word Industrial Revolution really said it all. The image is a Yellow factory decorated in Yellow with blue windows. To add realism, yellow smoke is added. Factory is the backbone that fuel the Industrial Revolution and without factories, we will still be wearing ancient clothing living in houses with no light bulbs and you won’t be driving a car. Please comment! 🙂

The KTTM X1 Newton Vehicle is ready for launch!!!

What I learn about the design process that it is actually a bit more challenging to make than it looks. We must glue wooden sticks together and we have to carved the cardboard out so that it can fit into the car chassis. On top of that we must find a spot to mount the balloon in with the straws. If I would do this project again I will add a more slippery or slick wheels in order for the car to move more efficiently. I would consider a wooden axile across the chassis in the middle that is capable of steering the vehicle by a motor. I learn that there are 3 Newton Laws of Motion. the first law stated that if an object stays at rest, it will stays at rest. If an object move, it will continue on moving unless an unbalance net force at on it. The second law stated that the more mass is on the object, the more force will be required to move it. The third law is that when an object moves, there will be an opposite reaction force. Newton said that if an object moves there must be an equally opposite reaction force. When you blow the balloon, the balloon wall’s will try to push the air out of the balloon. The opposite reaction force will be is the air outside the vehicle, together with the release air will propelled the vehicle forward. All 3 of Newton’s Laws of Motion have been incorporated into my group vehicle design. I would add a flying balloon that will make it fly across instead of moving on the ground. I will probably add a motor that power a fly wheel to spin the blade lifting the vehicle of the ground. Another idea I would do is to make a wind propelled boat. It will be made from cardboard and wooden sticks, and their will be a big balloon unleashing nitrogen gas propelling the boat to over 1.5 meters. I think my vehicle should be stronger however lighter, so next time, I would consider using aluminium foil as the main body covered by wooden chopsticks as the chassis. For the wheels, maybe it can be lego wheels.


Science Blog Post #2 design       IMG_20141216_090157

Newton Vehicle Blog Post #2

Refering to Newton’s first law of motion is that an object at rest, stays at rest and an object moving will keep moving unless an unbalance net force act on the object. To make my group Newton’s vehicle move, we will be using a big balloon that will be pumped to size. To make our vehicle move, we will be releasing the force that will push the vehicle, in this case it will be air power. Our vehicle is land base so we will be adding wheels to make the vehicle easier to move. And next we have Newton’s second law of motion. The second law is that the more mass an object have, the more force will be required to move the object. We figured out to make our vehicle go the farthest distance, out vehicle must be ultralight. I figured out that the chassis of the vehicle will be make from wooden chopsticks and the main body will be made from paper. We calculated that if the prototype is light enough and the balloon provide enough air power, the vehicle will probably hit the 1.5 meters target. Some cardboard will be use to make our vehicle go in a straight line and improve streamline. Newton’s third law stated that when an object have a reaction force for example it have been pushed forward, their must be an opposite reaction force. Since our vehicle have wheels so that it can be moved on the ground by the balloon however when it is pushed, the opposite reaction force will be friction slowing the car down. To reduce friction, we suggested a small wheel so that it take up less friction, increasing the distance and speed.


Science Blog Post #2 design

Newton Vehicle Project #1 post

In this unit that we are studying about Physics, our project is to make a Newton Vehicle that moves using what we learn from Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion. However we cannot physically move the vehicle in any way. So we can’t push, pull slide or even use gravity to move our vehicle. The rule also stated that our vehicle must move in a straight line and should be able to travel at least a distance of 1.5 meters or 150 centimeters. Facing with the odds to this challenge, my group (includes Kyle, Thao and Tony) started brainstorming for any possible ideas to make our vehicle move. In the discovery stage, we suggested to use air power to propelled our vehicle. The reason why we are not allow to physically move the vehicle so that we can demonstrate Newton’s 3 Law of Motion. Our idea is to put a sail for our vehicle so that the vehicle can move through air power instead of pushing force power.  With the air power pushing the vehicle their will be an opposite reaction. This is known as “Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion” where when an object is push by a force, their will be an opposite reaction force. In this case, the action force is air power while the opposite reaction force is friction. Newton 2nd Law of Motion said that the more mass an object has, the more force will be required to move the object. During the interpretation mass, our group decided that lightweight is the key to performance. To maximize the distance travel to our vehicle, we need to make the vehicle light with less mass so it have less inertia. Materials make can be make from stick wood, plastic or aluminium foil for the body of the vehicle. We also decided to add in a steering mechanism to keep the vehicle running from a straight line. As well as that mechanism, I come up with the ideas of adding a spoiler and a diffuser to generate down force to our vehicle hence, improving performance through streamlines as well as improve steering. We put the sail at the front of the vehicle and the rear will be balance with the spoiler made from cardboard. The 1st Law of Motion said that an object must move at a constant speed when push by an outside force unless if a net force at on the object to make it unbalance. Once our vehicle is finished we will blow on the sail to move the vehicle. If all goes well than we can make the vehicle move to at least 1.5 meters and it must be in a straight line.



 Screenshot from 2014-12-08 14:19:57                                  Screenshot from 2014-12-08 14:39:16

My racing game on Scratch

This semester in Robotics and Coding, our main assignment is to create any game that inspires us using Scratch 2. I decided to create a racing game and racing tracks because i am one of those guys that are into cars. so in my game you get to control 2 cars, the McLaren P1 and the Ferrari LaFerrari. The cars will race on a 3 stages racing on 3 circuits. The Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the Spa-Francorchamps in Spain and Silverstone in the UK. In the game you need to do 5 laps around each circuit in a time of 60 seconds. If you touch the red line boundaries, you must restart the game again. After 305 seconds, the game will change into a different track. You will also have points for your race however points will decreased by 10 if you touch the red boundary lines. This game is complicated to play however it is easy to make. I got the script from a useful tutorial site from YouTube. I think the game is appropriate for kids and for those who like gaming as well as car racing. Below are the embedded final version of my racing game: Enjoy!!!

Overall I find this game programing experience very fun and enjoyable because this is the first time that I can create my game through coding and programing on Scratch. Then I can send it to the outside world where people can really enjoy my game and people can write reviews about it. It is a true fun experience because I used to buy games that are already created like Call of Duty or Assasin’s Creed and Forza Motorsport. To create my own version of the racing game can open many doors for me in the future as a video game maker or programer for big companies like Microsoft or EA.

The E.T in Germany- Der Außerirdische in Deutschland

7th June 1585

Dear whoever is reading this manuscript….

The year was 1585 AD, my name is Arnold Augusta, I’m a German teenager and I’m 14 years old. One day while walking to school, I found a saucer like shape, a huge saucer and it’s flying!!! How was that supposed to happen? Anyway, that flying disk/frisbee was hovering not far from where I’m standing “ Oh my God, that’s black magic, that is the devil’s creation!” I screeched. The weird fact was that the saucer lands in the field, opened in half, smoke rises and a weird looking alien stepped out.

It probably wanna kill me!-I thought.


The alien stepped out, surprisingly it speaks perfect English but was hopeless with German.“Greetings, earthlings, my name is Doppelkupplungsgetriebe, that is double clutch in German, you must be Arnold Augusta, tell me Arnold, why are your parents Protestant but your grandparents are Catholic?”

Ok first of all, how on earth does this alien knows all of that?

Stalker probably. “You landed near the town of Hamburg, join me in a nearby pub, I will talk to you all about it.”




At a nearby pub in the town of Hamburg, I started to deliver my speech to this alien, the pub was empty because everybody screamed and got a stroke where they later had to go to the infirmary. Here’s goes: “ Before the Protestant Reformation, all people in Western Europe are Catholic, we believe in God and the Pope teachings. The problem was that corruption within the Church make people very upset about something called indulgences. Indulgences are payments to the Church to have your sins (mistake) pardoned in life or the afterlife. That was the corruption within the church. The Pope was having too much political power and tensions with the monarchs. One man was particularly upset about it, Martin Luther that was. He was a German priest who died 39 years ago on February 18th 1546. He was upset about the church practices of selling indulgences so he posted NINETY-Five theses or complaints on Castle Church in Wittenberg. 95 theses was a lot of complaints for just one reason!!! Guess what happened next? A bunch of people who yesterday called themselves Catholic diverted into Protestant. This revolution became so popular that the Catholic Church became weak to the point that the Pope have to followed the old rules. Many former Catholic nations made the switch to Protestant. Your original question is that why is my parents Protestant but my grandparents are Catholic. Let’s just say that my grandparents are elderly and not that wise as well as they believe in the old teachings of Catholicism. My parents have heard of the Reformation so they made the switch to Protestant, they are the next generation. I’m personally Protestant. It’s up to your choice to see which is best.”

“I see Arnold, well looks like I’m going back to planet Alpha Centauri 3, you humans won’t even discovered it until the year 1981 AD. Farewell earthlings.”

I wave back at him and in a nanosecond he disappeared into his flying disk and set course for Alpha Centauri 3. Wherever that is.

7 minute challenge

The 7 minute challenge is very challenging because it push me to the limit. With every run trials that I did I improve gradualy, I started at 875 m on my first trial and my most recent trial I got 1.6 Km. Y goals for the 7 minute challenge is to improve every 100 meters per trial, Luckily on my last trail I push over my 100 meter per trial improvement. I overextended my goal, so I’m very happy because I never achieve such a high goal before. Overall I run 6.41 Km total. I have the challenge is that on one course, their is a lot of terrain so I slowed down. Overall I’m very happy that I have a great success. I like it a lot.


P.E bolg post 7 minute challenge

Awesome Basketball Video Handling Skills!!!


Above is my P.E video about me and my group, in this video, we’re showing 6 of the basketball unique drills and how to do it in a group. There the 2 ball passing, the figure-eight leg move, overhead hand to hand past, v shape, fast dribbles and the 2 ball under and overhead past. The video is around 2 minutes long so it’s reasonable timing and we did each drill ten times.

At first, we are trying to work together because, one of my group members got distracted easily so we have to get him to pay attention but after that, we get a long well and produce a video nicely after around 4 tries. A success is that the video is in the time limit and have all the 6 drills, along side that, 2 of our drills are imaginative passing that I think that only our group have that unique skill. So hop you enjoy our video. Thanks.