Week Without Walls Malacca


It was the first time in my life that I want to go home after a trip. I was so exhausted. However, that means I had a productive week. I enjoy myself and play to fullest at the trip that I seek for rest. The schedule was fairly tight with all the activities, but they were fun.

I love the rainforest walk. Walking in the forest feels so much better than the humid city tour. The sun was trying to burn us in the city. However, in the forest, the trees provide us shades and moist air. It feels so fresh. Also, I got to see lots of different plants and their special characteristics. I saw some hideous roots and I mean it, hideous. One thing I can’t forget is the spectacular view of the crown shyness. It was like the sky was tore into fragments. The canopy walk was breath taking. It was beautiful from above. However, we need to take an awful long trip to go the top with only 15 minutes canopy walk.;(

Biking was also entertaining. I got to see Malaysia’s countryside. The most memorial experience for me is the rubber seed, how Malaysian kids play with them. It was fascinating when it get heated up after a few rubbing. A really cool and mean trick!

The thing that I was dissatisfied with was the work sheet. The questions were too vague which creates confusions. The guide said a thing but the host said another thing. Confusing!

Overall, the trip was entertaining. It is such a pity that this is my last WWW.