Smoking is not is a very bad thing , you can get killed by smoking . I know that a lot people have cancer because of smoking . when 1 person smoke 10 people around will be distract by it like getting the bad effects from the one person smokes . Here’s an story from my friend Ni yeon , Ni yeon’s dad is addicted to smoking , he’s smoke a -lot around, Ni yeon told me that she have had very bad from her dad’s addict smoking , now she has asthma because her dad have smoked a lot . So through  this story smokers will stop smoking for a healthy and a happy life .

Cyber Bullying

I have been learning about Cyber Bullying , Cyber Bullying is about Bullying and hacking on the internet ,  As you know many people are having their accounts on the internet hacked  and having trash messages to there account . if you are having this problem , then do all of these steps . First your password have to be hard like you favorite character and make sure to also have numbers in it . People that are asking you for you private information , being rude to you , sending black mails to you , you feel like your account is hacked my someone then block that person account or make your account private.

Unit 1 – Understanding Ourselves ‘s Post on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Easy Blog Photo
We have been learning about simple machines and they make work easier .
Just for fun we have built Rube Goldberg machines are the opposite of a simple machines . They are complicated machines that do a simple task .
My Rube Goldberg machines is made of three simple machines the pulley , lever and ramp here in action