Hundertwasser Model Art Work

April 17

What did you do today?

  • I fixed the umbrella seats
  • I painted the wall white
  • I drew the lips

What problems are there?

  • I think we work together well and we’re going to finish in time. But some people struggled with finding something to do.  

Did you work on the job you mentioned?

  • Yes, I worked on the wall with a few people

April 19

What did you achieve today?

  • I painted the wall to match Hundertwasser Style
  • I fixed the eyes and lips

How did the rest of the group do?

  • Everyone did well: Kampei worked on the inside of the building, Brandon helped paint the wall and Erik work on a few decorations.

What challenges did you face today?

  • I think everything went well but we had a little challenge picking the colors.

April 25

What did you do today?

  • I cut and painted the walls
  • I helped glued the roof and pillars


What problems are there?

  • I think we work together well and we’re going to finish in time. But now that everything is almost done, some of us struggle to find things to do.


Did you work on the job you mentioned?

  • No, I worked on the back walls instead of the front.hy

Gap Minder Activity

In Math, we watched a video about how in 15 years, we could end poverty around the world. In the video, the presenter showed us charts of the population from now and before and compared. We also watched people that were struggling with poverty around the world and how they are working to get themselves out of it.

Some interesting new things from the video was how the percentage of poor people decreased but the population first increased and the decreased again. I didn’t know that we could stop poverty so early and this video showed me the charts and predictions.

This video has made me want to help out the poor more, next time when I see a homeless person, I would offer some money. It also makes me want to donate to organizations that helps people who can’t afford the money for something. Sometimes, poor people work low jobs, if everyone gets out of poverty, are there still going to be enough people working lower class jobs?

My Video on Population and Wealth of the United States, Vietnam and China.

Dragon Apprentice Tutorial

Attracting Audiences


In product selling, attracting your audience is very important. This leads to a bigger audience and increases the amount of sells your product can make. To attract your audience you will need to spread the word, make your stands attractive and use your colors wisely. In this video, my team and I explained the 3 topics and showed how you could develope your audience by the techniques.


Starting of, How can we create an attractive poster? For the colors and texts of a poster, I talked about the importance of the posters and how using and choosing wise colors and text could affect the attraction of the posters or ads. I suggested the entrepreneurs pick a suiting color palette that really reflects on the product. For example, if they were to sell a minty spray then it is best to use fresher colors like mint greens and light blues. Last year, I use colorful colors for a stationary product instead of calm colors that shows the stationary product used in a work space on my poster. It would also help to use colors that are easy on the eyes. Text is also important, I suggest using contrasting colors that audiences can read easily. For example Black over White. For the message of the text, it should be bold, and easy to understand. Reflecting it to your targeted audience is important as well. If the product is targeted to teens, it should have less brighter colors that little kids would like.


But after designing a poster, how do we share it? My teammate, Jiwon talked about ways to attract your audience, it would help to spread the word. The internet is a great way to show your product. Last year, we learn to post our posters and ads on social media. For example, you can make a post on facebook sharing a sentence or two with your image poster attached. A brief sentence could also give the audience the main idea of the product. Sharing your product doesn’t have to be on the internet, you can share it by hanging your posters and ads on the hallways at school or the gate and pole of your neighborhood. This way you can attract more audience if you choose to. Another way is to mention your product is in conversations with others, if the person is interested, they will tell someone else about your product and the word about your product goes on. Spreading the word really grows a bigger audience and helps your product sell.


If some people are at the stands (selling area) and haven’t heard about your product, how would you attract them? Young Bean explains the ways you could attract audiences at your stand. When selling, the entrepreneurs should plan the layout of the table. For example, last year Young Bean’s team had their product placed on a brown, plain flaky box, next to their stands a group decorated their table so well the stand was crowded. Decorating your stand might attract audiences but be careful to use things that reflect your product like colors, shapes and you can even hang your poster. A warning would be to use relevant decorations, if you are selling candles and you have a picture of a robot on your stand, it’s not flattering at all. And if it doesn’t fit don’t use the excuse “It looks cool.”

Medieval Summary – Why were people accused of being witches?

In medieval times, people were accused of being witches and were put on trial which lead to death.

Victims of suspected witches were usually healers who were skilled at their job in medieval Europe. Healers were alternatives for doctors. Only the rich could afford doctors so healers would cure the poor instead. Some healers were very skilled at healing and remedies, because of this they were accused of being witches. The middle ages thought sickness was a punishment for a person’s sins. At this time, many people were Christian and they believed the remedies healers used went against Christianity. If a healer could cure the patient, it would mean they defeated the sinner’s punishment. Soon, people would suspect the healer’s skill as a witch’s ‘power’ and would accuse the healer of being witches out of fear. Also out of jealousy for the healer, some doctors would even accuse the healer as a witch so the doctors would get more patients.

Suspects of witches were put on trial and persecution for this crime leading them to death. The suspect had to take this test when they were accused of being a witch and was reported. The trial started off by tying the victim to a ducking tool and dunk them into the river. If they survive, it meant they were proven guilty. If they drowned, they passed the test and were “innocent”. If the victim does not drown in the trial, they moved to the next punishment which took form in burning the suspect. When burning a “witch”, the people would tie her to a platform and proceed to burn her alive in front of the whole entire Kingdom while the audience watches. Even as recently as September 1944, a trial was held for a woman named Helen Duncan in England.

The idea of witches was feared and many hunters went hunting the witches in the medieval ages. London, Britain was one of the popular areas some of the witch hunters hunted. One popular witchfinder was Matthew Hopkins from Britain. He began to look for witches in the 1650s. His ruthless career started in 1644 and ended in 1647. In the previous 100 years, a number of victims increased and more witches had been hung because of Hopkins and his associates. People believed 300 woman’s death was caused by him between 1644 to 1646. The estimation of witch trials has been proven to be around 15th and 18th century in Britain. He has sent more suspects to trial than any other Britain witch hunter ever has. One of his most famous trials was the Lanchester in 1634, his purpose for witch hunting wasn’t to prove they had committed a crime but to prove the suspect had an agreement with the devil.

In the Medieval Times, being a healer was a dangerous job as it lead to being suspected as a witch. Witch Hunters would go find these suspects and punish them for the crime.

Witch trial / woodcut. Fine Art. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. Accessed 18 Feb 2017.


Science Water Filter Project

In this project in Science, each group has to build a design to filter a mystery unsanitary water with the limited supplies we had in a specific situation.

My group had many ideas, We started by Brainstorming the solutions, experiments and procedures that were possible. My group had many ideas, We started by Brainstorming the solutions, experiments and procedures that were possible. We started with the evaporation Idea. I drew out the design as my group threw in some ideas.

Trial 1: The first try failed, the breakers kept crashing into each other spilling the water everywhere leading us to end with no water collected.



Trial 2: We decided to test our same idea again, this time switching 2 small beakers with a medium beaker and placing clean rocks to not let it float. This time we actually got water but fail again, it was too basic.



Trial 3: After rethinking the ideas over again, we decide to go with a coal and cotton bottle filter. We planned everything out and tested it but, this time it was too acidic.


All the trials we had failed miserably, We weren’t prepared and should’ve planned out everything clearer. If I could change this experiment, I would do more research on the techniques and plans of filtering the water more. It will help us prepare and fit more work into a class.


Script: For this project, we had to find a way to filter out the unsanitary water that was given. The challenge was to design a filter that works and is easy to make for a specific location. I was lab partners with Peter and Sang In, we started to look at the challenge and research ideas for our filter. After we researched we found a few ways to filter water. We went with the idea of boiling the water to collect the clean water. We drew out the design and started to test the first prototype. It failed as we only got a little amount of the outcome and it was too basic. Then, we changed and fixed a few things, like position and place the breakers so we could get more results. Again, the results turned out to be basic. We researched a bit more and decided to change the idea and plan into a bottle filter. We tested it and it turned out to be acidic. If we had used our time correctly, we could’ve come up with a better filter. This project made me learn from my mistakes by using my time wisely and to research more about the project and the outcomes online before.

A Holographic Heart ❤️

Here is my video…


In Mr. Jardin’s Writing class, we wrote a poem and turned it into a video with images and music that connects to the poem. This project was really fun to make, I wrote my poem about Holographic, it’s a suface that reflects light in a way that creates rainbows that shift. I got to choose and draw pictures and read my poem outloud. I faced a lot of challenges on the way, one of the challenges was speed, I didn’t when to slow down, changed tone or speed up. Another problem I faced was images, some of them were just too literal, so I edited, drew or changed the images to make it more interesting. I think I’ve done well on the images and flow of the poem, I think it suits the poem well. To my suprise, the poem changed how I saw the words, after finding pictures, I saw a different wya of looking at the description in the poem. The poem was a happy, relaxed feel, so I put in some calm music to go with the flow of the poem. I used my voice to change tones and slow down a bit, but I could’ve done better on the pace of the poem. I think I would change the tone and speed of the voice, it is challenging to work with my specific poem but, I think it could work out better. Pick a poem where you can express your feelings more, mine was just happy all the time and it didn’t create a very interesting tone.

Striking and Fielding – End of Unit Reflection

In PE, we have been learning the Striking and Fielding unit. One of the important skills in Striking is your position.   For baseball, First, you have to step forward with your left foot. Second, Hold both arms on the bat. Third, place the bat beside your neck and above your right shoulder. Finally, Bend your knees to make your position sturdy. A great position will lead to a great hit on the ball.   I’ve had a great experience in the Striking and Fielding unit. One of my favorite game is Baseball. When I first started, I didn’t perfect my position with batting yet. I missed and sometimes would hit it with no control. With the position I learned. I felt like I had improved. I hit the ball with good control and I felt like I knew what I was doing. I stood facing sideways, both arms holding the bat. As I placed the bat on my right shoulder I bent my knees. The ball was pitched…I swung my bat and hit it to the left, far away as I ran for first base.