Medieval Europe

Healer is a very dangerous job to other people in the medieval time. Healer is feared by most people. A healer required a person with a skilled ability with herbs and is able to heal a lot of patients. In Medieval times most people believe that when a person got sick or ill it would be a punishment from gods or goddesses. Poor people can’t really afford to be heal by a doctor also because of the amount of doctor is left is very few in those conditions they would usually pray to saints and believe that they would be heal by their prayers. Women in Medieval times would usually have a lot of knowledgeable with herbs and folk remedies.  But whenever a healer become so skilled and have too much knowledge of herbs and folk remedies, then they would be accused of being a witch. People who were accused of being a witch were often being burned to death. Some people were accused for being a witch although they were innocent. If a person that is in a higher class than you they can accuse you for being a witch, and if the lords or priest supports them then you would be accused no matter what. A healer to the peasants/ people were a dangerous job and most people were scared of it. That’s why the percentage of healers were very few in the village.The Witch Hunt goes on for hundreds of years before it stop. No matter what gender you are if you’re skilled with plants, herbs or healing people you can still be accused of being a witch. When a person is accused of being a witch they would have to pass a test to prove their innocence, they were plunged under water if they drowned then they were innocent and if not they would be look as witches and would be burned to death. Finally King Kalman of Hungary reigned from 1095 to 1116 ended it and said that there’s no such thing as witches and he ordered that there were to be no more witch trails or anything that related to hunting witches are allowed in his country.


USA, witch trial, Salem 1692, lithograph. Photo. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. Accessed 15 Feb 2017.

Water Filter Design 🌊

The Water Filter Design was a challenge which required as  a group to come up with a design that can filter water and especially turning it to a drinkable source. The challenge requirements are

  • Completely remove all our contaminants, including salt, copper and sediment
  • Produce water with an acidity range between 6-8 ph
  • Generate at least 15 ml of water for testing. (ideally, more the better.)
  • Your NGO can provided solar panel system s with limited electricity to families.
  • Use materials that are available to people in rural Vietnamese villages, or within the limited budget

So in my group we decided first to build a model which required a beaker, a hot plate, a rubber band, and a pencil we decided to extract the water that evaporate into the cling wrap. Because when water  evaporate into the cling wrap it will filter out the bacteria, copper, and the turbidity level would be low. But the result didn’t turn out as we wanted because of the amount of water that we were able to get out of the cling wrap it isn’t enough to even test the ph level, turbidity and copper so we fail on the first test. Then we decided to change our prototype to filter and boil and we manage to collect water samples to test but the result isn’t that good the Ph level and the copper didn’t turn out as we expect it. So we change it again into a purifying system and filter system and the result have improved a lot from before but unfortunately, we didn’t get to boil it on the hot plate because it is occupied by another team instead we filtered it many times. In the last class we boiled it and add baking soda to our final result to neutralized the acid and we did it everything is in place the result finally turned out to be what we’ve expected.

My digital poem


Throughout the process of making this video what struggles me the most is uploading the video and the music/sound effects for the music and sound effects it must rise up and down to create the emotions toward the audience. It is very hard to get everything in time and where to insert the sound effect and where to cut it, the sound effect and the music took most of my time. All of the time and effort I put into it is worth it, I’m very proud of myself after finishing editing, cutting, extend and adding the sounds and music it sounded really good in time/beat, awesome. After finishing the video it comes to, the uploading stage it failed a couple of times almost to the point where I thought that I would never get that onto my drive. One of my classmates stepped up and helped me with uploading my video to my drive, everything is solved perfectly. The video helped the express my idea and theme more than my actual poem since with the poem, it’s just a bunch or words, but with the video I get to express my emotions by rising up my tone, music and sound effect to make it clearer to the reader on what I want to express about. I emphasize a lot on my voice and the music since those were the two big major things that can really capture the audience attention and emotions. If I have a chance to change something in my poem it would by the images I wanted to put in more images that the audience would think about after they’ve watched the video something that they could bring out of the video and thought to themselves about what does it means. Overall was pretty good I really enjoyed it. One advice I could give out of this project to the students who would do this assignment in the future is that do not waste your time on other stuff and don’t leave it to the last minute!

SS Year Review

Throughout the year in social studies, I have learned a lot of topics and have shown what I learn through the effort that I put in my projects. The first topic that I studied is Timeline and Chronological Order. I really like that topic it is fun interesting and just awesome. The project that we have to do on that topic is to make a timeline which shows the remarks in our life. I enjoy it because we get to draw out the scenes and pictures that represent that time period. And I am a pretty artistic person so I really like to draw and to craft stuff. Another topic that I’ve learned in the social study semester is the government topic, that topic was insane it was obviously harder than the timeline. Since you have to remember every single type of government and the definition of it, it is challenging right especially to those who have no idea of what government is I think that is me. Well, I know government but has no idea of the type of government such as dictator, republic, and theocracy. Through that, we had a test on government it went out really good. Another topic that we’ve studied that most people like is the Ancient Egypt because we get to build a model of it in Minecraft. Which is a game where you built stuff out of blocks,  and the two most recent topic is the Sparta and Athens and the Ancient Rome. We learned about their cultures politics and government. It was really interesting and  for those two topics, we did the same project which is to write a long piece that talks about those topics.

The project that I like the most is the timeline as I have said I am an artistic person so I really like something that has to do with arts and crafts. And the topic that I find challenging and also that I didn’t really enjoy is the Government. I found it in my opinion boring. That’s just my opinion on that project.

Poetry Reflection

At first, before starting this poem unit I didn’t know what line breaks is I have no clue about it. And I also thought that there’s only 1 way to write poem, which is rhyme, but now as I started this unit and go deep into it. I realize that my thought was incorrect, poems can be written in many ways I also learned that line breaks are used to separate lines of poetry  to emphasize a certain word or phrase to make that word pop out to the reader. I wouldn’t consider myself as a poet, a poet is a person who really feel poem as their life they write poems no matter where they are they’ll write poems even if they don’t have to. To me I don’t have that ability, poem isn’t what I call my interest. And I don’t think that I’ll continue writing poem after this unit out of class anymore. So that’s why I wouldn’t consider myself a poet. My experience in this unit is positive. It is great to learn how to make poetry appealing to the audience and how can we improve it to make it better. I really have shown improvement throughout the unit at first I have my poem written in one stanza and very minimum figurative language in it. But as I go deeper in the unit I start to improve on my figurative language figurative, stanzas, white space and line breaks. I have used it effectively to enhance my poem. This topic unit of poetry really pushes my writing to another level!

My Characters

alice-in-wonderland molly-moonkatniss

These three characters describe me the most. Why? Well first of we have Alice, in Alice In Wonderland she is a girl that is very curious of her surroundings and one day she bumps into this white talking rabbit and it took her to another world. A world full of adventure and magic. Well, I’m a pretty curious person too! I always wonder about my surroundings and want to find out more about something that I am curious about. The second character is Molly Moon, she is an orphan that is be raised in this terrible orphanage with this awful woman that gave out tons of rules. She loves books and will read all day long, one day she found a book and that is the only book in this world teaches how to hypnotize a person or a group of people to do whatever you told them too. and her first attempt will be the mean old lady in the orphanage. One thing that makes me and Molly Moon similar is that we both love to read, I would literally spend my whole day on a book that I like in one space no matter how long it will take. The last one is Katniss Everdeen, She is a tribute in the Hunger Game, it is a game where people get picked to fight in the arena and there will only be one last survivor in the game that will come out safe and get to life a happy life after that. But Katniss wasn’t being chosen she volunteer as tribute for her sister and risk her life to the deadly battle. I would also risk my life saving the ones that I love.

Theme poem (Life Card)

This is my theme poem that I made:

So in our class, we have made this theme poem and we are supposed to take our poem and make a life card out of it in the app with the same name “Life Card”. The struggles that I’ve faced is uploading this picture because at first, I would drag the picture from my desktop to this blog post. But, it turned out to be in bad quality/ blurry.  So I thought of screen shot it and then post it but it didn’t work too, so I have to think of another way to do it. Suddenly I thought of my social studies project where I also have to upload a video into my blog and it turned out really good in quality and sound. So I did the same thing which is uploading it to my doc first instead of my blog. Then, I take the embed code and put it on my blog and it turned out as I expect it would, clear quality. My other struggle must be coming up with a poem and writing it making sure that I include everything on the checklist. And also it must have a theme/message to it.

The image that I chose is fireworks because it links to my main topic which is Tet. And in Vietnam, we celebrate it by gazing up at the night  sky enjoying the dinner with our family. Then stories would come with it and the red envelopes too! That’s like a tradition for us in Vietnam so I put that in because it represents a lot of the image of Tet and I want that topic to stand out that’s why I chose it. It also matches with my Theme as in the message that you should come back home and enjoy Tet fully with your family. You might think how does the firework represent that? Well it links back to the tradition so in my family if the firework starts every family members must come together to enjoy the dinner and enjoy the colorfulness of the fireworks being released to the sky at 12:00pm.

🎂🎉 The Dinner Party 🎉🎂

For me the parable that appeals to me the most is The Dinner Party.The story is about this  man, he’s very rich and he host this party and he invited 3 wealthy man to come in the last minute. All of them refuse,by saying that they are busy that they have problem issues, so they can’t come. The man was so mad that he told his servants to go out and invite all of the deaf and blinded people to join his party. So the servant did what he said. He invited every single deaf  and blinded people that he can see on the road to join the party. But there is still place, so the rich man told his servant to go out and  invite every single person that he sees on the road. So he did what he was told again, and invite every single person on the road to join the party. And now the tables are filled.

So that means that the rich men that host the party represent god and it gives a message that everybody in the society is invited to join god, no matter which class you’re in. And the message really hooked me that’s why I chose this parable.

First, you have to now what is a parable. Well, a parable is a short story that is being told to people that have a moral in it. A message that the speaker want his or her audience to know. Parables is easy to spread than any other speech because it is a story, and most importantly it is short. Think of it like any normal moral story that you’ve heard from your friends, mom or dad. Such as The Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs and so on. Those get in your mind really quick right? Even if you’ve heard it for one time you can talk about it to other people.

Parables have spread in a very long time since Jesus time. He have spread the parables to his audience to teach them about love and hope and how Christianity accept everybody and forgives them. Paul a man that has a vision of  Jesus and from that day on he starts to spread the word even when he’s in prison. He spreads by writing letters and sending it out to the public. There are many ways for it to spread too, such as spreading it by telling a big group of audience about it.And from that it spreads further and further on.

And this is what I draw as a poster to my story. Using as limited image as possible:



Quick Write

The Roman Empire wasn’t unfriendly to Christianity but because they refuse to worship the Romans god and they wouldn’t consider the emperor was a god and the romans found that as an insulting to them. Quite surprising, in 380 C.E Christianity was the official religion of the Roman Empire. And one more thing that really fascinate me Abraham is a man that heard the voice of the god telling him to tell everybody to just worship one god which is him by doing that Abraham will be rich and his son and grand child so and so will be rich and wealthy. So he did what the god said and he did get what the god said that he’ll have but one thing that he wishes to have the most is a son so he ask the god to give him a son. The god did give him a son and on one day  the god tested Abraham’s loyalty by telling him to kill his son to prove that he is really showing his loyalty to the god. And he did it as he pull his sword out the god saves his son in the last minute. Those were the most juiciest information that I could provided that I found stands out to me the most.