WeekWithoutWalls Bintan’14!

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Fun/most memorable activities:



The resort we stayed at is located in Bintan, Indonesia. For this activity, we jumped off at the center of the resort, near the canteen and soccer field.Skywalk was at least 10 m above the ground. We had to first walk to the center of a bamboo stick which connected two coconut trees, and then jump off. I find it very challenging both physically and mentally. My legs shaking was the easiest to overcome, the hardest was letting go of the ladders and walking to the center. Minutes passes and I still find myself hanging on to the ladder, not trusting the harness and myself at all. But my teammates were shouting my name, telling me to grab on to the harness. I told myself that the worst thing that could happen was falling off. I was going to jump off sooner or later, so there was no difference. “Jumping!” I shouted after finally getting to the center. “Okay!” the belayer would shout back, to him it might just be a notice to me but for me, it was also a encouragement. Thinking back, jumping off was probably the best part. It felt relieving and it was as if all my stresses were gone from that step I took. Before the trip, I had imagined that Changi Airport would be the best part of the trip, but this was.




In the trip we had some chances to help the community, not just by donating money, we actually got involved with building the waste water systems and giving mosquito nets for the local communities near Loola resort. During this project, we also learnt a lot about waste water systems, importance of having clean water and why its important for the locals to prevent themselves from getting mosquito related diseases with bed mosquito nets. It was a fun experience, we were able to learn about the water systems, how they work, learn Bahasa(local language) and most importantly learn that helping others is one of the best feelings in the world. Especially when we see the happy faces of the locals while they greet us, it made the hard work worth it.




We were able to experience the feeling of flying/gliding with the Flying Fox activity located at the side pool of the resort. platform of the activity was 14m above the ground. First we had to climb up a ladder that was wet and steep. After climbing up the ladders, making my first step was the most terrifying. It was stepping out my comfort zone and challenging myself. There was about a second where I felt like I had nothing to grab on once I stepped out, but later I smoothly glide towards the pool. It was an amazing experience, though I probably wouldn’t be brave enough to try again.



The Final Game


The Final Game


We stood in line staring at the blue sky.

Breathe in and then let it out, in and out.


There was confidence in all of our eyes,

we understood what the game was about.


The whistle trilled and we were all ready.

I put on my gloves, they stared at the ball.


Defense waiting for the ball, mind steady.

Strikers ready to score the final goal


The midfielders calling for the throw-in.

The offense pressured them, defense like walls.


Every player wanted the final win.

The opponents caught the ball, scored the goal.


Second, but we won more than just first place.

Next time, we’ll bring the trophy to the case.