Yesterday all of fifth grade did a hackathon, you’re probably wondering what is a hackathon? Well it’s an event where people work together to brainstorm ideas to make something better! Fifth grade thought about how we can make SSIS a better place! We split into groups by interest and my group was interested in improving the cafeteria food. We had to make a STAR poster, S for situation, T for task, A for action and R for results. Our star was that kids don’t eat their lunches because there is a small variation of foods and drinks so they get bored of the food. Therefore our task is to create a larger variation of cultural meals. To do so, we need to ask volunteers to help and survey kids for their food likings. If all this works well we won’t have any more hungry kids! Sadly we didn’t get chosen to pitch, I think one reason the teachers didn’t choose us was because this isn’t really sustainable and it doesn’t really help the environment. Economically though I thought we could of done it because the school has a little bit of extra money and we could even raise our own livestock on campus. This is legal, and it does not break any rules of campus, and this will produce a lot of foods around the world and sometimes like fro example muslims can’t eat pork so this will solve their problem. So that was the Hackathon!


Cat Tien!

Recently we visited Cat Tien national park to work on our new unit Green Dragons. I wrote this blog post to write about the time I had in Cat Tien!

Hope you Enjoy the blog!

I thought the night hike was fascinating because before we started walking, I thought it was going to be really dark and scary but I could see pretty well. The hike was very fun but peaceful at the same time. I also really liked the night safari because we saw tons of animals such as, Deer families, Reindeer, Jack Rabbits, and we even a porcupine crossing the road. The ride was cool ( the cold kind of cool ), and when ever we looked up we saw the beautiful night sky and the bright stars. I think we would of spotted lots more animals if the students could use their flashlights, because the guide missed a lot of animals.

Ben is surprised about how the bears acted!

I learned a lot during the trip, but the most interesting thing was that female Golden Cheek Gibbons are golden and males are black. Actually, all Golden Cheek Gibbons are born golden but then at 2 years old they turn black. Then at 5 years old which is the age they are considered adults, the females turn back to golden but the males stay black. I bet you didn’t know that!

Ben taking pictures of the gibbons!

Cat Tien wasn’t very hard it was just fun, well most of it was fun. I think the hardest part was actually arriving and leaving it. When we left on the bus, my friends and I were all very tired but apparently the others weren’t, because they were really loud and hyper. We tried to sleep but we just couldn’t well, all but Ben, Ben slept perfectly fine throughout the ride. I would of died of boredom and exhaustion but luckily, Mr. Hale a teacher on the bus decided to play trivia, boys versus girls. It was pretty fun, at least for the boys because we destroyed the girls a million to thirty. I also learned plenty of facts during the trivia.

This is sleepy Ben! ( He’s not sleeping right now )

I think if we had more time for Cat Tien, I think we should have a bit more time in our cabins to hangout with friends and we should also have more time with animals, because we had a lot of time in the nature but not so much time with actual animals. I also think we should also have some contact with animals because we only got to observe the Moon Bears and Gibbons.

Last picture of BEN!!!


Creating and Publishing my Article!

My research project topic was about puppies! What to do when getting a new puppy, is a more precise answer. I wanted to show people how you can raise a perfect pup, and prevent any problems with you and your pup. I used websites, articles and books to get all the information I needed for my article. I searched for info that matched what I needed, and saw if it was the correct level of content. I thought most of the information might be too difficult, but it turned out it was actually quite easy. I learned how to pick out important information and words out of a pile of sentences. I also learned to write information in my own words. I think the way I formatted my article was really nice and organized. I chose to publish my article on Pages, because I am used to it and have used it a lot. I learned that in an article you have to have good text/info but it also has to look nice. I think the way I spaced the pictures from the text was pretty good on the first page, but on the second page I think the ratio between text and pictures are not very well balanced.

New Years Reading Resolution!

At the beginning of the year I made a reading goal for myself for the next 3 weeks. My goal was to complete the amazing book, Heroes of Olympus : The Son of Neptune! It sounded pretty easy, but in reality I only had 12 days to complete it. And guess what? I did it! Even though I planned to read 20 to 30 pages a day, I ended up reading only 10-15 pages a day, until the last few days, when I read a couple hundred pages! I really recommend reading this book. Of course, you should always start with the first book of the series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. If you’re into Greek or Roman mythology then you’ll LOVE this book, but if you’re not into it, the book is still a great Adventure/ Fantasy book!

Rocket Science Experiment

I learned in this experiment, that most science experiments, especially rocket science experiments fail. So you should find out what the problem is and improve your rocket. My favorite part of this experiment was funny everything went and how shocked and mad we all got. I think if we used bottles the fit a cork and have a cork than the experiment would of gone perfectly.

The real Amazing Race…

Right now you may be like, you already posted an Amazing race blog post. Well yes, and no. It’s technically the old amazing race but bigger and better. Instead of running around the school we ran around the whole district 1! We improved the stations, and since we used the whole district, we had to use a map to get around. Wait a minute do you even know what an amazing race is? If not then you’re about to. So an amazing race is when you and your group go to different locations and we have to complete a task there. Then you’ll receive an envelope that gives you a hint to where to go next. Then you’ll have to find that place and the cycle repeats all again.

My favourite station was, pit stop. It was a station where we had to stop for thirty minutes and eat our snacks, we could also use the money the school gave us to buy some stuff. We bought each of us an ice cream cone, and our adult who was supervising brought Doritos along. We sure were lucky! Plus our pit stop was right after Family Medical (another station) so we just walked right over to diamond plaza right next to Family Medical.

The hardest challenge wasn’t actually a station, it was getting to the stations. We had to use our map to get to the places we had to get to. I lead the way to all the stations so it was quite tiring. But the best part was the finish. We thought we first and ahead of everyone until, we saw the two groups in front of us and we ran up to them. We asked which station they were headed to next and they answered us back, finish line. At that moment we all realized. The real race had just come. We all started sprinting to the finish. But no one knew where it was, We started to spread out to find the finish line. Our group ran to the temple since on the hint card there was a picture of the temple. But no one was there, no teachers no adults no one. So we started to follow the other teams, suddenly everyone ran to the temple we were at a few minutes ago. The only difference is this time there was a teacher standing right there. All three groups came at the same time. First of we all agreed on a tie for first. Then one of our team mates said we came here first, but no one was there. And then all three teams started to argue, but at the end the other teams admitted that our team came first, and that was how we got first place!

Even though the amazing race was very challenging I think it could be even more difficult. I think there should be more stations and the stations should be farther from each other. Anyways I loved the race and I hope it will just keep improving over the years.



Bửu Long Adventure Trip

Recently we just visited Bửu Long Park to play some fun activities. The whole fifth grade split in two groups, group 1 did the outdoor games first while group 2 did the team building. I was group 2, therefore I played the team building first. We divided group 2 into three groups, I was group 3 in group 2. My two favourites were Blind Blocks and Star Wars. Blind Blocks is an activity when two people are in a circle with tons of lego pieces, one of them will be the grabber and the other will be the builder, but both of them, builder and grabber have to be blindfolded. The grabber has to pick lego blocks out of the pile and give it to the builder to build the structure. The rest of the people stand around the border of the circle and help coach the two blindfolded ones, but they on the other hand can’t talk. They clap once if it’s correct and twice if it’s incorrect. This wasn’t a very easy task. Everyone clapped at different times which confused the blinded people. At the end our group decided that only one person do the clapping, but the problem with that was the person that clapped answered a wrong answer every once in a while. At the end we switched blindfolds and barely finished the structure in time with 2 or 3 minutes to spare.

Another game we play was Star Wars. We played this with the whole group 2. So in Star Wars the are circles every where, big and small and every time the guide counts to three your two feet must be inside the circle. But the hard part was every round they took away one or more circles, and they took away every circle that was empty. And so we came up with a strategy to spread out and be in as much circles as possible so we have more circles to fit in. But that strategy didn’t work for long. At the end there were 2 or 3 circles left with over 20 students and including some adults. Then our principal doctor Keller thought of an idea while everyone was crowded and pushing each other he sat down and put his feet in the circle. After that everyone started to do it. There wasn’t a winner though since the guides only goal was for us to find the strategy.

After that we headed to the restaurant for lunch, but we had to wait an hour for group to to finish and walk over from their place to the restaurant. It was about a 15 minute walk. Then it was our turn to do the fun stuff! I have no idea how the other group took 1 whole hour to get to the restaurant, because we only took 10 minutes. My favourite activity during the outdoor activities was abseiling, I thought it was the most dangerous and the craziest. A lot of people were too scared to go but they made the wrong choice. It was great fun. It was about 1 or 2 minutes, and then I felt ground. I was thrilled, until I heard, “You’re half way there!” But the rest of the abseiling I went faster than the first half.

I also liked zip lining. I thought it was much scarier than what it really was. I thought we had to hang on something an if we let go we would fall. But we were attached to a harness so we didn’t need to hold on to anything, we even dabbed during the zip lining. But all good things had to come to an end, and that was our wonderful field trip! It was a blast!


Peer Pressure and Effects of Alcohol 2.0

Always decline a friend who offers you any type of alcohol. You should tell them, I’m too young for alcohol or my parents don’t allow that or alcohol isn’t good for our bodies. Plus it doesn’t taste that good to us children, but it does for adults. If you’re a grown up then you could probably drink a tiny bit just for fun. If you want to take a sip, you should ask your parents for permission. If someone is threatening you or your family then you should probably report to the cops, of black mail.

Peer Pressure and Effects of Alcohol

The third part of the amazing race rotation is about peer pressure. You probably are like, what on earth is Peer Pressure?! Well it’s quite simple, peer means people at around your own age. For example, if you’re a child your peers could be classmates, friends, siblings 1 or 2 age difference, and more… So therefore peer-pressure means people at your age pressuring or even threatening you to do something. We also learned about the effects of alcohol and wha they really are. There is beer, wine and liquor (vodka, rum, whiskey). All include yeast and another ingredient. For beer it’s grains, wine, grapes, liquor is any plant containing sugar. How much alcohol makes you drunk? It depends on how much you drink, what you drink and most of all it depends on your body. Beer contains the least alcohol, then wine and the most being liquor.

You shouldn’t drink under 18 or 21 depends on your country because your body isn’t fully grown yet. you can’t handle it and fun fact at your age you’ll hate, it’ll taste like bitter water. But as you grow your taste buds change and alcohol tastes good. Plus your liver can only take that much alcohol.

First Aid 2.0

Oh no! look! Fred just got burnt by the fire sparks. Quickly bring away from the fire and to the stream. We help Fred carefully to the stream. “Put your hand in the water, Fred, it might sting a little but you need to do this for atleast 10 minutes.” Someone, go back to the camp get an adult and a plastic bag. “Ok, sure i’ll do it.” volunteered Bob.

10 minutes later

Hey look it’s bob and his dad! Hand over the plastic bag we need to wrap Fred’s hand but not too tight. We won’t need to call the emergency since it not that big of a burn…