if you don’t sleep then  your brain will not get clean’d. you need to sleep because your glymphatic system won’t cleqn your brain. Children under 11 years have to get form 12 to 9 hours of sleep.Sleeping gives you energy for tomorrow.Sleeping will help you learn better because your brain is refreshed so you can learn. All of the things you put in your brain your glymphatic system cleans your brain and put the things you learn in the memory box in your head. sleeping will make you feel better when wake up because your brain is refreshed ready for tomorrow. You shoulden’t do screen time alot at night because the brightness of the screen make you hard ti sleep.


I know that smoking is very bad for your lungs because all of the tabacoo,tar  make your lungs black so you will die faster. Because it is harder to breath when you smoke. In side the smoke there are allot of carbon dioxide but your lungs are trying to get ride of carbon dioxide your you can live a longer life but if your lungs are black and dirty it will be harder to breath.


Unit 3 Understanding Our Environment ‘s Post on Thursday, February 9, 2017

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I showed academic excellence by my team is working on the word biodiversity and my team is searching for wheat thus biodiversity and me and my team figure out that biodiversity means the variety of life because bio means life diversity means variety biodiversity means variety of life

Unit 2:Understanding Others’s Post on Sunday, January 22, 2017

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This week we learn how to solve 2 step problems and this is the problem. Minh received 23 $ in lucky money for test his friend thu received twice that how much lucky money did they received all together?

Here is how I solve my problems

This is a 2 step problem

When my teacher gave me a to step problem and I had no idea what I so pose to do so I was not smart

After I learned how to do 2 step problems now if my teacher gave me a 2step problem i can do it

If next time my teacher gave me a 2 step problem I can do it faster