Charity Video

In our ELA class, we were asked to help out the 6th graders by making videos for charities that the money would go to at the end of the Dragons Apprentice. Whoever’s video  in the end have the top vote would be the charity all the money from this project goes to. In my group, we were responsible for making a video on the Catalyst Foundation and my group consisted of myself, Andrew and Dao. The objective of these videos were of course to make the viewer feel something and in the end hopefully vote for the video we made. My group decided to use a lot of pathos because we wanted to let the viewer see how the Catalyst Foundation would appreciate the help and how they would be saving lives by just donating a small amount of money. We also used strong images about the Catalyst Foundation that would give the viewer a better understanding of what is going on at this Charity and how their donation would be use to help the people this charity is working with. As a former Dragons Apprentice competitor, I know that any help I could recieve from anyone would be used at one point and this year the students in 6th grade are very fortunate to have both the 7th graders and 8th graders helping them. They also know a bit more about this project now as they saw what we did last year.

Tutorial Video Reflection

The 6th graders this year are doing a big project called the Dragon’s Apprentice. As veterans and sort of their mentor, we were asked to make a video including tips and maybe consequences and such to guide them through their journey and help them be successful. We made a video based on how to divide the time between your team and make sure each person has an equal and fair job. In the video, we showed what would happen if one person had to carry up all the jobs and what would happen to them at the very end of the project. It was devastating. They would carry stress with them everyday and would think more and this would drain their energy. This would also create hatred against the project and create a bad atmosphere between the carrier and their team. I could relate to this because last year, our team trusted one person to do most of the job because they think if they did the assignment they were supposed to do, it wouldn’t be that good and so they let the person with the most individual ability do most of the complex word. The problem was one of the things this person did was come up with the script and present it. But then he was sick on the presenting day so the team did not know what to do. They then risked calling him and texting him to make him come to school and present. He then in order to save his grades and his team members grade came to school and presented and stayed until the day ended. This is first of all not nice to the person who was sick and it created a sense that this person is more important than other people. Without them we were not good and wouldn’t do as much. To prevent this from happening, the team should first divide up all the work evenly and make sure the work amount is fair and fun for the person to do. Not every person on the team would have fun doing this but they should actually try before letting one person take over and manage. The people on the team in the who does not have anything to do would then slack-off and will somehow not or only partly participate in the team’s work. In the end they would say I did not get assigned any work and so they would have a good excuse for not doing anything. This project should be fun and full of experience you could use in the future. Don’t make someone take a grudge against this project just out of stress.

Science Blog post filter design cycle

During this project, we were supposed to make a filter that would filter the dirty contaminated water into drinkable and clean water. We only needed to produce 15ml of clean water in order to pass. The requirements of the project was to completely remove all the contaminants in the water including salt, copper and sediment. The produced water has to be in the pH range of between 6-8 pH. Our NGO will provide us solar panels with limited electricity to families. And we must use materials that are available to rural vietnamese villages, or within the limited budget or NGO provided.

At first, our group wanted to make a filter that was made out of a water bottle, coffee filter, large gravel, fine gravel, coarse sand, fine sand,activated charcoal and cotton. We would place it in order and somehow if we pour all the dirty water down, the water coming out at the end of the bottle would then be clean. Our first step was a half half failure. There was no copper, the water wasn’t salty, but the turbidity was blue and the water was still too acidic to drink. Our prototype then started to fall apart so we ended up getting rid of the idea. So then we moved on to use the collecting steam way of filtering dirty water.

We completely changed our first prototype, our group then brought in a hot plate and a pot and that was all we really needed for this filter. We poured in the dirty water and boiled it up and closed the lid. When our lid was closed, we waited until steam started to rise on the lid and so we opened it up and pour all the steam(which have become water) into our graduated cylinder. We kept doing this until it reached 15ml. This time, the results were much better. The turbidity was clear, there was no copper, and the pH range was between 6-8. (because we put in baking soda) This was only our 2nd attempt and we were very successful. I really liked doing this experiment because we got to know a bit better of how people in the rural areas lived and how they must go through all these steps in order to get clean water while we only have to turn on a tap and there it is. This project proved to me that even water can’t be wasted and must be kept precious just like how money is saved.

Digital Poem and Reflection

During the process of making this video, there were so many things that happened that went really good, and really bad. One of the good things that happened during this video was that all the pictures went perfectly well with the music somehow. The transitions during the video and the pace of the video was appropriate too. One of the things that was very hard for me was that my pacing when I read the text and my slide transitions were way off. So I had to cut clips into parts and it took me very long to finish.

In this video, I tried to hit the viewers with a sense they don’t usually notice. It’s the slow emotional pace that my video gave out. I felt that the theme of my video was shyness and scared so the slow pacing of the video was something I am very proud of.

Things that I was trying to emphasize during this video was the music change in the transitions and my voice change during each section of the poem. Some happy parts, I tried to raise my voice, some sad parts, I tried to go as low as possible and it ended up being pretty good.

Poetry Reflection (Exploratory Writing)

During this poetry unit, I have learned countless of things and most of them were something new for me to experience. We only focussed on free verse this course but this style of writing a poem is deeper then it really is. To me, the word free in free verse doesn’t mean that you can write anything you want. It literally means you got full control over the poem, write deep, think deep, make this the best quality piece of writing you’ve ever made. So in this unit, we learned how to use line breaks and white space effectively, and how to apply figurative language into our poems. White space is when you leave spaces that are white to emphasize a feeling or mood to the reader. And line break is when you spilt two lines leaving a break in the middle to create a new idea or feeling to your poem.

A poet is someone who writes poem for fun or for a living. Its’s their specialty and they can pop a random poem into their mind on demand. For me, it has to be on a specific day, in a specific mood, or in a specific place in order for my mind to be able to generate ideas for writing a poem. If something happens to one of these requirements, no matter how long i sit there trying to think and staring at a white piece of paper, it won’t work. So i don’t qualify to be a poet.

Writing is one of the main subjects in school. Poems is a category in this subject and it’s actually a big category to be honest. So I will continue writing poems as long as I’m in school. When I’m out of school and not forced or told to write poems anymore, I got the choice of to keep writing or not care anymore. My answer would be to get out of this topic forever. Whenever I have to sit down and write a poem, there’s this unpleasant feeling and mood that it won’t be good. What’s the point of writing it then. I tend to do things I’m good at instead of working on something I’m bad at and focus on that. If i’m not very good or not good at all at something, I don’t do it.

The experience with this unit was actually really fun even though my grades for each poem sucks. I enjoyed the things the teacher taught in class but everything ends up with writing a poem. So the experience was fun, but writing the poem kind if ruined the fun feeling.

As a writer I have grown to become a super good essay writer, and from an average poem writer who can’t even write a proper poem now. I feel like I somehow matured a bit more in writing now.

Describe me as three characterssss!

goofy spiderman movie_papa_smurf


The first fictional character that I thinks represent me very clearly is goofy. Goofy is this character in no matter situation, still keeps his temper cool and plays it well. His sense of humour is one of a kind and many people told me this but no matter when I’m happy, upset, crying or whatever my mood is, I still smile all the time and somehow they say we without a smile on my face is very rare. I’m smiling right now writing this !


The second character that would represent me very well would be Papa smurf. Papa smurf cares for his villagers and everyone around him except for Gargamel and his cat of course. He is very caring and he loves nature and loves to explore. My character traits are very similar to his. I care for my friends a lot, I like to explore into new things like new math equations, new math concepts, new math skills, MATH IS LIFE. ELA is also fun though so you don’t have to worry Ms.Beals.

And finally, the last fictional character that I think represents me very well not exactly but very well is spider man. In the amazing Spider man, Peter Parker hid his identity as spider man and he only let Gwen, found out later in the movie. This trait of hiding things and revealing it at the very last minute is me whenever I have something to hide. For example, I told people there was going to be a big surprise coming tomorrow, they wanted to know but I did not tell them. Like how spiderman started saving people but did not reveal his identity. Then, I would tell one person about it just like spiderman when he told Gwen that he was spiderman. Then lastly when the surprise come, everyone finds out what the surprise was just like spiderman when Gwen’s dad AKA the cop took of his mask and his whole crew found out Peter Parker was the spider man.

Theme poem Life card Reflection


There were  alot of processes into making this Theme Poem Lifecard. from editing my picture in wordfoto, to making the layout on the app Lifecard. Now it looks like the picture above. The hardest step for me in all of this very tiering steps was actually writing the poem down. I knew my topic would be shyness and the theme would be “You will not be able to see the other half of your life if you don’t overcome the emotion of shyness” but I did not know what I was going to write about. Then it hit me like a lightning bolt, I should write about how long I actually waited until the day I asked a girl out. It was five months by the way if anyone is curious.

We were required to choose an image for our life card and edit it on wordfoto. The picture that I thought would 100% match my theme and topic was an empty hallway. Thinking about the first day of a new school. Everything was new and scary and you can’t blame yourself for being shy. Well I was really shy on my first day of school here at SSIS and the first word I actually said to anyone was “Do you know where is the toilet” The scariest moment on my first day of school was lunch time. We were walked by our teachers to the cafeteria so it wasn’t a big problem but there were so many weird faces and I did not know anyone so the hallway looked like a path to death. So thinking back about it made me put in a picture of an empty hallway. Not full because you’re usually scared not shy when you see a hallway with tons of people in it. This image to me definitely enhanced the message of overcoming the emotion of shyness because i edited this picture so that the other side of this hallway would be a flash of white which represents in this case light. Light stands for a new start and something good so basically if you overcome shyness, it is equivalent to walking through the hallway and seeing the other side.



Social Studies 7: Parable Movies Project

During the Parable carousel, we read five parable in total and summarized what happened and what was the moral in each one. There was one Parable that I knew I was going to do from the first look of it and that parable was The Lost Sheep. The Lost Sheep is a parable where the moral is very strong and deep. People use the moral and understand the moral from this story and they apply it to their own life everyday. One of the billions of people who use the moral of “Ask for forgiveness and you will be forgiven” is me. Of Course i have made mistakes, probably every human on earth makes mistakes. Well, if you did not ever made a mistake, then you’re not human, or, your time to make mistakes is bound to be close. I ask for forgiveness very often because I am a person who makes mistakes very often. When I ask for forgiveness, I get forgiven, which is a good thing and it makes everyone happy. Then my mistake will be forgotten. But if i did not ask for forgiveness, the mistake I made will still be there. The way this parable helped Christianity spread was because the moral was realistic and people saw it happen. The moral from these parables are not “scams” and they do actually work so people trusted it and followed Christianity.

Reading Log 7

Book Title: The Big Field

Book Genre: Realistic Fiction Sport

Day 1:

Something that I learned today: Something that I learned today was that at the beginning of a book, the author tends to use a character’s full name instead of just calling them by their first name. And when the story progresses, they start to call the character’s name only by their first names and not the last name.

Day One: Make a text-to-text connection as you read tonight. Include evidence from the text to support this connection. When Hutch saw Darryl and his dad play baseball together, his inside was burning and he was so jealous because Hutch’s dream was literally his dad actually