Unit Five Reflection

March 7 2017 we did a unit called Fraction and decimal it was fun unit. First i didn’t know a thing about fractions or decimal but now i know how to do fractions and decimals  so i’m proud of myself. So today we saw our pre and post test our pre is the first test we did and the pre test works by in math class we just come in do the math with no knowledge about the unit we are working so we just do it. The post test is the math test that we have knowledge in then we do it I was so proud of my score. Can you guess what is it?comment  down below.


Viable Vietnam Unit Reflection

This year we have a unit called Viable Vietnam this unit we got to go to 3 field trips in a row. We even made documentaries about the subject we like my group was the water puppets and it was really fun.When we were doing the documentaries it was really frustrated because sometime we got stuck  some parts which was hard but mostly we had fun.  After we made we were done with the documentaries we had something called the Film festival the film festival was really fun. After the film festival ended I got to                  eat ice cream at Baskin Robin for my reward.                                                                   


Me and Hung Yu

My family



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Math Unit 4 Reflection

At Unit 4 we learned add and subtract fraction. There were 4 target the first target  is, I can add and subtract fraction like denominators,,including those in number stories. Ex: 9/12+ 3/12= 12/12= 1. the second target is I can show more  than one way yo break apart( decompose) a fraction into the sum of two or more fraction. The third target is I can add and  subtract mixed number with like  denominator including those in number stories.

The most epic birthday ever

At school we had a drama performance call the most epic birthday ever it was the best. The story is about a girl name Skylar and it’s her birthday but all the pizza are eaten except one slice but her brother who has a lot of ideas and thats so they made a land call charlenia. But Charleina was a sad place and Charile Skyalr’s brother gets anything he wants. So Skylar was super sad and people start joining Skymarica and they ended with but then Charlenia and Skymarica has peace together.  

Lee Tracy: River Artist Trip

My Sceach,

Today we went on a field trip for the eco artist Ms Lee Tracy. We went to the rainbow bridge at crescent mall at Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City District 7. What went on 3 stations that are station 1 is Fabric down the water that means we put fabric down the lake at the rainbow bridge. 2nd station is poem writing we sit there and see what nature inspire us to write about this is my poem . Whistling though the woods,giving me oxygen, sounds coming left and right,unlimited discoveries.bugs ant enjoying life peacefull time to be come here people be with me.

Tim’s Fantasy Story

This is my fantasy story I worked so hard on this fantasy story.The hardest part of creating the story is the writing it is hard because you have to write a lot.The funnest part of creating the story is the planning we got to draw maps the settings of our story. The story is about this boy named Misha who really wants to be a knight but he couldn’t afford it. After he got  enough money to be a knight his first quest  is defeat  the strongest dragon Drago is he going to fail or is he going to a true knight read to see the Answer of the story. 

RMIT field trip

Thursday December 1 2016 my class went to RMIT and got a tour around RMIT. When we first arrived at RMIT we were like wow this place is so big and we were all except for one of us because they already went there. when we got in to our room and start learning. I thought that are going to learn right away but we didn’t. A man introduce RMIT to us and it was Maya’s dad he introduce the teachers to us. After that we learned how to make a battery with salt water.I think it was kind of successful but i didn’t win though but at least we got 566 volts.The next part of RMIT was that we get to play with robots the one I like was the ev3 mindstorm robot my favorite part is when my friend Kwan mo got shot by the robot but every one laughed.After we were done with the ev3 mindstorm we learned about the baxter robot and it was awesome!!! so I hope you enjoy this blog post. Bye!!!!!









Energy Challenges

We have been learning about energy we are learning different types of energy like(electric energy, nuclear energy, sound energy e.t.c) Here some of the challenges we did. Note: these challenges we did is not perfect so don’t judge please.

 Energy Car Challenge :-o

This challenge is that we have to make a car with these materials we had to use :  a battery, 2 wires, 1 motor, 3 bottle caps, 1 dowel, a roll of tape,1 straw,1 binder clip and 2 wood sticks. the challenge was hard but we failed it was hard because we had to make it moving by it’s self it is hard to build the motor because we had to make sure the wire sticks to the battery after that we had to build the car which is super hard but we ran out of time!! so we failed. but her is a picture of what we did. please do not judge it is not perfect .



Lighting a lightbulb 


This challenge we have to make a light bulb work by using a battery ,2 wires, 2 paper clips and a lightbulb the things we have to do are light the light bulb it may sound easy but it is very hard. We did it in pairs  my partner Manabi our whole class took like 5 minutes before someone figure out, but the teacher won’t let us see how they did it so we had to figure out our self. When the time was finish only 2 groups were done so we got an extra 10 minute and we got  a clue from the teacher and he took o 1 minute because we asked for a clue.At the last second me and my partner did it and we were proud even though we took 18 minute and 59 seconds.img_0103