Late information blog post

Last year we had to choose a topic to right about. I pick asteroids because they are very mysterious and dangerous and unexpected. Of course now they can predict when to expect it. It also can be a threat to life on earth because if an asteroid crashes and kills everything or changes maybe something that stuff can’t adapt to. I mean didn’t dinosaurs died  because of a big meteorite crashed into earth and wipe out them. Also we had to follow through a progress and C.A.R.P rubric.  

Last week reflection

I did not go to Cat Tien like the other fifth graders because I was at somewhere else important. I was at home for a day. Then I went to Mua Ne by car, it took 3-4 hours. There was a wedding that I went to with my brother, sister, mom, grandma, my aunt on my dad’s side and her daughter . We stayed at my aunt’s house in Mua Ne in Sealing because we were renting ours. My dad wasn’t there because he had work to do. The wedding was at the beach. I was wearing a suit so I could jump into the water no matter how much I wanted to. There was a drone that took pictures. They made a show called “find wife”! when the husband was blind folded and they had to see who his wife is by feeling and touching them. At night they opened a bottle wine🍾🍷, and my mom’s friend went and danced together in the pool. They probably rehearsed it before. Then my mom’s friend’s kids jumped in the pool too and water was splashing. I forgot but I think they poured wine into the pool. I had to jumped into the pool. Luckily one of my mom’s friend was staying at the resort where the wedding was. So I put on a different pair of pants and shirt from someone and waited for my suit to dry. After that we just went back to Sealing and we stayed there for a couple of days. I swam at the pool in Sealing and fed little pieces of bread to the fishes. Then after that we just went back. It was fun especially the jumping into the pool part that was the highlight of the party for me. The water was cold because it was at night and at the beach it was very windy and after that I had cold. I didn’t regret jumping into to pool. There was nothing bad about it. So overall it was pretty fun, entertaining to watch and the decorations was great too.


Reading goal progress final


I completed most of my goals except For: Reading more challenging books! All the other ones are complete because I read 1 or 2 mystery book 3 realistic fiction and 1 fantasy book and read more than 20 minutes. Here was reading goal action plan: Read different types of genres like mystery, realistic fiction and fantasy book. Read more than 20 minutes. Read more challenging books. I could find really challenging mystery, fantasy or realistic fiction book that I like or didn’t get bored on the first page of three book.

Reading goal Action plan


My goals are to read different types of Genres like Mystery, Fantasy and Realistic fiction. My other goal is to read more like from 30 mins above. I also want to read more challenging books like chapter books.

Action plan

I will complete my goals by getting mystery, fantasy and realistic fiction books from the library or buy it. I will read 30 minutes and up each night  I’ll get more challenging books.  


Jan 12: The Progress I’ve made is that I’ve read a mystery book I read it for about 30 mins but it was not a challenging book.                                                                                                                                                                                                             




Science reflection

During the experiment I learned That only baking soda and Red bull had a chemical reaction. Coca cola with baking soda it didn’t fizz well kind of fizzed in the inside a little bit it had bubbles going up from the bottom corner of the bag but milk with baking soda also didn’t work at all.

The most interesting part of this experiment was when we just poured the baking soda into the red bull and it like change color from left to right because we poured baking soda on the left and the top turned white and it fizzed out bubbles like when you shake a soda drink.

I think to make it better we should Pour all milk, baking soda, coca cola and red bull all in one bag instead of doing them one by one. Then we should see how much the bag expand .


This week we worked on our Writing projects we choose a topic that we like. We’ve been paraphrasing so it’s in our words, our information and doing it on google Docs. We leave our conclusion and introduction for later and when we’re done with everything we will write it like essay. We’ve been also working on our science Experiment like how we made a chemical reaction with calcium chloride and baking soda. The 2 chemical made into chalk powder which is called calcium carbonate but only when the powder is then it looks more like chalk powder . Also this week we’ve had a music concert on December 1. The 4 grade preformed first then it was us(5 grade). 

The SSIS Junior Amazing race


Tuesday, October 11, 2016 that was the day our 5 grade amazing race🏁 . There were 12 teams each of the teams had there own color and flag Our team was orange Our first challenge was to run to the orange cone and solve the puzzle to find out where to go.

We were already tired of all the running. Our team got in the first bus🚌 but we had to wait for the team that was there before to reach there first spot. We were stuck in traffic so we were only moving little by little but the bus no.2  (A.K.A  TEAM GREEN) was passing us even though we were in the first bus! During the amazing race we made smart choices by waiting for cars to passed otherwise you could seriously get hurt!

We walked for more than miles that was 100% my least favorite part of  the race. My favorite station was the drunk waiter station and the one that took the longest for us was the 30 minute break. We kept running into the Stripped blue team (I think) like more than 5 times they were pretty behind.  My team and I thought that we would make it to 1, 2, 3 or 4 place but we were 8th place better than last time because on the test one we were Last place we were disappointed.

The team that took first place was the GREEN TEAM. Second was the DARK blue team. Then we had lunch. We were all tired when we got on the bus and went back to SSIS. After that Dr.Keller brought us yogurt ice cream.