Black Death spread very quickly through trade routes. In 1347, Black Death arrived in Venice and killed half of its population. Then the trade between Venice and Asia spread the plague to Asia. A Genoese fleet full of dead bodies of Black Death arrived in Sicily. The plague plague spread very quickly through Spain, France, and England. The infectious Black Death spread rapidly through crowded towns, and in 1330s, stories of the Far East of “Floods, famines, locusts, and a plague that killed two-thirds of the people”.

 Second pandemic of the Black Death in Europe. Photograph. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. Accessed 12 Feb 2017.

This unit, we worked on making a water filter. We had to make the pH level 7, reduce ppm level and salt, and lower turbidity. Our group had 2 attempts. On the first attempt, pH level was 4, ppm level decreased to 300 ppm from 600 ppm, turbidity was extremely low, and there was no change with the amount of salt. The result was close to being clear, but it worked poorly on the pH level, decreasing the ppm level and salt, and it took a lot of time to get the result.

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-2-29-51-pm <- This was our design for the first attempt. It has mashed charcoal, sand, rocks, and gravel.

On the second attempt, we changed out design and tried again. We added cotton to remove small sediments, parsley to reduce copper, and mashed the charcoal into smaller pieces. The pH level increased to 8 from 4, ppm level decreased to 100 ppm from 600 ppm, turbidity was low, and the amount of salt decreased. The pH level improved, and we brought down the ppm level, but we couldn't get rid of salt. We did better than the first attempt, but we didn't meet the requirements. If we worked on this project again, we would decrease the amount of baking soda in our water filter because it made the water murky, and find a way to reduce salt.

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-2-43-02-pm <- This is our water filter design for the second attempt. It contains cotton, sand, mashed charcoal, rock, gravel, and parsley.


1   Why did christianity take hold in the ancient world?

One of my favourite excerpt is that Christianity was a religion where everyone was equal in the system.

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My biggest take away is that many Christians were persecuted, but Christianity could take hold and now be a very popular religion for multiple reasons that attracted people to believe in Christianity.

3  VISUALIZING TEXT - sketchnoting

Sketchnoting helped me understand how Christianity spread because when I looked at them, I could visualize the information in my head. I realized that I am not very good at drawing at all, but that I can draw things.


I encountered that I don’t really fit well with vlogging and explain everything.

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One of my goals for social studies is to read the checklists carefully  and use them to improve my work before they get graded so that I can get a better grade. 

The difficulties that I faced during the Digital Poem Project was that I wasn't exactly sure how the poem should sound like when I read it aloud, so it took me time to record myself reading the poem. Sometimes I spoke to fast or I was too quiet, and I had to record myself several times.

If I did this project again, I would use my voice better to express the feelings of the poem, and spend more time on volume with my voice and background music. In addition, I can use more images that fit the poem.

In this project, I had to choose music and visuals that fit the mood and the content of the poem which made me think more about the mood of the poem, and help me improve in expressing my feelings with a poem.

What did you learn about poetry that you did not at the start of the year?

I learned how to use white space and line breaks in a poem to emphasise ideas.

Do you now consider yourself a poet? Why/why not?

I think that if you write a story, you're a writer, and if you write poems, you are a poet even though you don't publish them. So I consider myself as a poet.

Do you think you will continue writing poetry?

I don't think I am going to continue writing poems because I don't like writing stories in the first place, and I think that poetry doesn't really match with me.

What was you overall experience with poetry?

I think that I didn't fit poetry very well, but it will be a good experience with poetry.

How have you frown as a writer?

Now I use some more of onomatopoeia than before, and I think I improved at describing things like an animal or an object.


I think I have similarities with Anger because when I usually get mad, I explode and my personality gets sort of violent.


I thought that my characteristics look alike with him because I am also not that good at PE, and he's quiet and doesn't talk a lot in front of the class.


I think we have things in common because we both like animals and cute things.

The Parable of the Lost Son appealed to me most because I thought that it was very kind and generous that dad welcomed the younger son even though he was gone and came back after wasting all his money. Reading this parable made me think that I also want to be a person like the younger son’s dad, a person who can forgive people who are regretting their mistake for real and asks for forgiveness. I think our lives are successful if we have a person like the younger son’s dad around us. 

Parables are related to spreading ideas because ideas can be more easily spread between a lot of people using parables. They are short and easy to understand the moral, so it doesn’t take up a lot of time to be told to another. I think they played a big important role for spreading Christianity around the world. Parables were spread through the Roman road, and by the common language between Christians which was Latin. Paul and Peter also played a role in spreading Christianity because they told the parables to many people and Paul wrote letters. 

Christianity started to spread and Romans thought that it didn’t make sense not to believe in Roman religion, so they started to kill all people who believed in Christianity. Sometimes Christians were killed in very violent, cruel ways. I found this very shocking, that they were put into an arena with a big wild animal, like a lion, and people watched the Christian being killed by a wild animal. In addition, I found it was fascinating, that there were two types of the bible. I thought that there were only one bible, and over time, it was translated into many languages. Actually, there are two types of the bible, the old testament and the new testament. The new testament is split into 4 different types, and they are called the Holy Gospels. Not only that there were two types was fascinating to me, I also found the new testament having four different types also was interesting to me.