In this project on Human Rights, we focused on learning about Human Rights. This is an important skill because we can put ourselves in the shoes of these people. One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to think about how other people don't have some of their rights. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

What did you learn from visiting other exhibits?

I learnt about the other organizations. There were many other organizations that we didn't have a chance to research, so going to the other stations I learnt more about them. I learnt more about other issues as well. My exhibit was about human trafficking so there were some where they were talking about health issues and so on.

What helped me stay organized?

Something that helped me stay organized was working on the online planning document. We wrote down what needed to be done and what we have to do to finish that. This document kept the team on track.

How can you continue your involvement with this group or social issue?

Putting up the posters. I made a poster to raise awareness about the group, but I haven't put it anywhere yet. That would be my next step to help.

A poster I created to raise awareness
A poster I created to raise awareness
Picture of my group's display.
Picture of my group's display.

This unit is Social Studies we learnt about human rights. Then a whole bunch of organizations came to a panel to talk about what they do. We then proceeded to choose which organization to help. We created a presentation to talk about Blue Dragon Children's Foundation and we also made poster. With this we were trying to attract people who were willing to donate money to help others.

What are the most difficult and most satisfying parts of the service you are performing? Why?

For us it was really a pain because we would have to get together and then talk about what we were going to do, but if we could help them by doing this then it is totally worth it. Whenever we overcame an obstacle in our work we would just take a moment to congratulate ourselves. I think that even if we had to work really hard it is still worth doing because there are people that need help and aren't getting any.

How do you motivate yourself to to do this type of service?

When I look at people like that, I think to myself "I'm so much more privileged than them." This is what I keep on telling myself to get myself to do work for them.

Has the experience affected your worldview? How?

For me it is just a reminder that the world isn't perfect and that some people aren't as lucky as others. This really hasn't affected my worldview because I already know about these things.

Help Blue Dragon at:

Up Before Daybreak - Deborah Hopkinson - Published in 2006

  1. A lot of slavery was based around cotton because working in the fields for it was very hard and tiring. Working there was extremely hard so people bought slaves to do the work for them.
  2. Some slaves didn't know who their parents were because they might have been sold to different people from a young age.


Here is my Resume

Q: What are your best professional qualities?

A: My best professional quality would probably have to be understanding a little bit about investing. As in investing in a company. For example there is a small company, so you invest in them (give them money). And then when they grow bigger they will pay you back more money. I also know the basics to managing a hotel because my parents own a hotel, and I learn a thing or two from them. I can work well in teams, and I also enjoy it.

Q: What are your worst professional qualities?

A: I would say my worst professional quality would be working alone because I like working with people because it is more fun, and working alone is hard for me to do because I'm very social. I sometimes procrastinate without knowing. I just stare of into space or start walking around my room for no reason.


In this project on imperialism in Africa, we focused on learning about why Europeans wanted to conquer Africa. One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to revise essays. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

What helped me stay organised?

The DBQ outline helped me put my essay in order and made it easier for me to create my essay.

A strength I showed was my ability to give lots of background.

Something I should work on in in my next essay is giving an insight at the end. 

My Writing:

Technology: The Reason Why Europe Wanted Africa

During the 19th century almost the whole of Africa were colonies of European countries. From 1500 to 1800 Europe were trading slaves in Africa. Then during 1880 King Leopold from Belgium changed everything by taking land in Africa. Not long afterwards Africa was colonized by the Europeans. They were severely mistreated and were used by the Europeans as slaves. The Europeans then proceeded to export goods such as natural resources, metals and other goods. The driving force for imperialism in Africa was technology. Some may argue that Nationalism was the main driving force, but it doesn’t help the country develop.

The main driving force of imperialism in Africa was technology. A lot of the inventions that were made in Africa were very useful.The way to remove quinine from the bark of a tree is still used today, and still proves to be very useful (Doc. C). This method helped cure malaria, one of the deadliest disease in Africa and Asia. Even though some inventions were made a long time ago, they are still used today. This shows that the main driving for imperialism in Africa was technology. The electric telegraph let people communicate from far away. (Doc. C). It lead to the telephone which people use today. It made communication easier than before because they didn’t need to send anyone. This is another reason that the main driving force for imperialism in Africa was technology. These inventions helped shaped the world that is today, without them things could be very different.

Some may say that national pride is the main driving force for imperialism in Africa. For a country to be great it has to conquer other places (Doc. B). This gives benefits to both countries because the colonies get to have seapower and the usually bring education to the people there. Although this might be true colonising countries for fame doesn’t help the country develop. National pride does not help countries become stronger. The reason why this isn't the main driving force is because inventions that were made back then lead to controversial thinking and some are still used today (Doc. C). This shows that technology is much more important, and was clearly the driving force for imperialism in Africa. To conclude the main reason Europe wanted to colonize Africa was not because of national pride, but because they get to have a technological advantage.

The main reason Europe wanted to colonize Africa was because they wanted to gain resources  for technology. For example medicine, weapons, and transportation. Even though some say that national pride is the reason for the colonization of Africa, it doesn’t help the country develop in any sort of way. Africa has a lot of natural resources so the Europeans want to conquer it so they can use those resources to invent new things and also sell things that they already know about. To wrap it up, the reason why European countries wanted to conquer and colonize Africa was because they get to advance technology-wise. Was colonizing Africa worthy of the risks?

What went well?

My parents didn't ask me a lot of questions. Also I showed them a lot of my work which they found cool.

What did you learn about yourself?

I learnt that I am an unorganised student which I already knew before. I also learnt that I am taller than mom 😀

What work/growth are you most proud of? Why?

My Spanish videos. I have improved in them a lot since the start of the year. I showed them to my parents and they agreed.

What learning goals do you have now?

To turn all my grades into at least a B.