Art 6

My favorite task was doing the selfies for my registry name because I got to go wild and I love the pitchers that I picked.  When completing this task I learned that you can make gravity art but it does not need to be a wall and flaming orange is a lot like pink, DON’T USE LITE BLUE!! I was really happy with my gravity art and it going on my face because I think that I look really pretty.

Archery in PE

In archery, we were shooting arrows at a target. Targeting is when you have a target and we shoot at that target. We stand with our feet shoulder width apart and our body is facing to the left side of the target. When we are holding the string we have one finger abuse the arrow and to below the arrow. Grouping is when the arrows are in the target or in a cluster.

My Slogan for Dragons Apprentice

My slogan for Dragons Apprentice is ‘Live With Phonederz.‘ When I think of live I think of bing relaxed and being active. I picked this slogan because phonederz are reusable and easy to make and you can make this with toilet paper rolls, paper mache, paint, tape or glue. Phonederz is a phone holder that you can use while you are having a bath. This can help you when you get bored while having a bath and then you can take it out and use it to watch movies and youtube. You can also use this while you are doing your work out and then your workouts can be more amazing. while doing your work out you can have your phone right next to you and get to watch your favored TV show or series that is why you should have Phonederz.

Gummy Government

 Monarchy is when a King or Queen rules over everyone.

 Oligarchy is when a Group of people rules over everyone.

 Tyranny is when one person rules over everyone.

 Democracy is when everyone gets to have a vote.

I think that learning about the different types of government is important because if there was no government there would not be anybody governing the U.S.A. I think that a democracy is the most used and I like have a democracy because that is the method that we use.


Striking and Fielding – End of Unit Reflection

My feet are parallel and shoulder width apart.

My hands should be on the sides of my body until throwing.

My head/eyes are on the ball and batter the whole time.

The ball is in your dominant hand when the ball is released your body moves to the side and when you end your hand should be in front of you and your body should be facing the batter.

In the invasion unit, I liked how we always were moving and creeping our heart rate up. I also liked all the games we played. In the striking/fielding unit. I liked how we always got sweaty and hot. I also liked did laps around cones and how I was always got lapped about 20 times by different people.



Minecraft Project – Ancient Egypt

It helped me learn all the different tips of plants in Ancient Egypt and the different bodies of water and the different tips of topography.

One of the things that I was proud of was the building part of it and my second thing I was proud of was the video because  think that I explained the project very well.

I think that had difficulty with was the video because I had said so many um’s and u’s and it got so frustrating.