Smoking and tobacco

My topic today is about smoking and tobacco. You are probably wondering “what’s tobacco?” Well, tobacco is a plant it contains mostly nicotine, nicotine is a chemical that makes you feel addicted to something, tobacco is not good for your health. If you smoke cigarettes it will be very hard to stop, and if you smoke your trachea and your lungs will turn black because the tar that enters your lungs. The cillia on your lungs will also burn because of cigarettes.

I know some effects of smoking: Your teeth fall away, your gums will be ruined, you will have a bad breath, your skin will be wrinkled. These effects of smoking are pretty nasty so……         Don’t smoke!

physical fitness

Yesterday the whole 4th grade went to the HS gym to listen to a talk by Mr. Sylvester. When waiting for Ms. Sylvester’s class, we played a game called Toilet tag. When Ms. Sylvester’s class came, we played Octopus tag. The last game we played before Mr. Sylvester’s talk was People the people.

Mr. Sylvester’s talk was about physical fitness, one thing I learned about is that we need to have 1 hour of exercise everyday, and exercise actually makes you have more energy.It was really fun at the HS gym.


Unit 3: Understanding our environment ‘s Post on Friday, February 10, 2017

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I showed sense of self at the 100 day, in math the teacher gave us a hundred chart and and we needed to solve the hundred chart, I didn’t copy anyone and I solved the the work sheet. I learned that if you copy others it would be bad because you didn’t learn anything.

Unit 2: Understanding Others’s Post on Monday, January 23, 2017

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This week in school we did a two step problem. A two step problem is a realistic story problem that two steps.


I didn’t know how to solve two step problems, I thought hard on myself , I didn’t know what to do


I learned how to solve two step problems, It was so easy! Next time when I solve two step problems I will try to get better at my division and multiplication facts. Now that I learned how to solve two step problems, whenever their is a two step problem in the real world, I’ll try to solve it.