Freestyle: While I was watching the video I saw that my arms were pretty good I went to high bent elbows to following through. And when my arm reaches the water I don't splash which makes it easier to go under the water. When I go to breathe and look up I rotate my shoulder so it makes it easier to swim. When I look up I also bend my elbow and also lift it up to make the rotation successful. When my arm is underwater I straighten my fingers to make it slide and when I want to rotate it my arm touches my waist. In the video when I go for a breath I turn my head sideways and don't lift my ears.

Backstroke: When I was swimming I saw my feet and they weren't actually boiling they were sort of like a motorboat. And my head was back and my chin was up. When I wanted to turn my arm i rotated my shoulder and pointed my thumb out and my pinkie going down.

When I'm swimming breaststroke my legs become like a frog and it closes and when I release it it goes out open wide and then come back like a frog. With my hands when I pull them to my chest it’s like a namaste position and when I extend my arms i reach and then pull back to namaste. When I want to breathe I put my head up take a deep breathe and then come back out.


  • So in the past few weeks in my science class, we had a Water Filter Project where we collect resources to create a filter to filter out all the dirty things from the dirty water.       Some of the materials that we used were .
  • Big water bottle (To put all the sediment and dirty water and filter it out)                  screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-4-20-37-pm
  • Pot (To boil the water after it's filtered out)
  • Cloth (To cover the lid and let water go through)
  • Gravel (Sediment)
  • Sand (Sediment)
  • Charcoal (Sediment)
  • So my group's first idea was to put a whole lot of charcoal sand and pebbles and put a little bit of dirty water and then with the filtered water we put it in the oven. and get the sand. As you guys all know in a project the first prototype won't always succeed and this is how our one looked like.
  • The changes we needed to make on our design was a lot first we had to reduce the amount of sediment we had in there. Then we had to change the prototype then we're going to have to find a way where when we boil the water clean water will come one. This was how our second prototype looked like as you can see the water that was filtered out was cleaner and now we just have to boil it. So our idea was to get a pot and then put thescreen-shot-2016-12-07-at-5-13-03-pm filtered water in the pot and then boil it. And then we collect the water from the lid because most of the water will end up there.
    screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-5-22-39-pmSo my group and I ended up with amazing results because we have gone through some up and downs and the project was really hard but we did it. So our final results were:
  • Acidity (PH): 7 which is neutral
  • Copper (PPM): 0 which means it's clear
  • Turbidity: 0 Which means our water is clean

So my overall impressions about this project were that it's really fun and challenging because you don't know when you will get the perfect score and it would be harder if your teammates aren't focusing. But it was fun because we had to make things and experiment with it and see if it worked well. One of the most challenging parts of this project was changing the prototype because, my group at first we were stuck with that prototype and we had no idea until we decided to take it slowly and then we did it.






Link to Vid

What challenges you the most?

Well, the thing that challenges me the most was all the people that were walking by and interrupting me and forcing me to start recording again.

What are you proud of?

I'm proud of all my pictures and music because without them the audience wouldn't understand how to feel about my poem.

how has the video changed/helped you to express the ideas and theme(s) of your poem?

The video helped me express the idea by the music because the idea of my poem is intensity and my music is really intense and makes the listener want to listen more and know what will happen.

What did you attempt to emphasize through your use of visuals, music, and reading (how you used your voice)?

I attempt to emphasize the intensity through the pictures and music because as I said my music was pretty intense and the pictures actually show what's happening and it's like a tight situation.

What would you change if you did this over again?

I would change my recording because most of the time I sound like a robot and I had a monotone which isn't good because my poem was supposed to be intense but without any good voice I couldn't emphasize the intensity.

Do you have any advice for students who do this assignment in the future?

I do have advice and one of them is that make sure all the picture you get from creative commons has attributions because without attributions you won't get full credit.


1   Why did Christianity take hold in the ancient world?


↪ Excerpt #1 the way that the Roman Ideology of making peace is through `Violence then Victory then peace. But they don’t make peace with other countries they probably take the leftover people and use them as slaves. But Christianity's way of making peace is way different than the Roman Ideology, through Nonviolence then Justice then Peace.

Excerpt #2 So when one dies one was met by Mercury, and taken to the river Styx where they were received and judge. But if the Roman also believed in immortality, then why did people wanted to join the Christian community if they both believed in immortality?

 DBQ OUTLINE: Why Did Christianity Take Hold in the Ancient World?



What is your BIGGEST TAKEAWAY (BIGGEST LEARNING) from our STUDY OF THE ORIGINS & SPREAD OF CHRISTIANITY?  One of my biggest takeaways from our “study of the Origins and Spread of Christianity” was Paul dedicated all his life of spreading the word of God and Christianity and it was even inside of Rome. Also how he traveled the world to share the word of God which is AMAZING

3  VISUALIZING TEXT -sketchnoting

How did sketch noting help you understand how Christianity originated and spread? 

Sketchnothing helped my understand how Christianity originated and spread by the way sketchnoting is used. Because I can’t understand anything if it only works so sometimes I need like a demonstration to help me understand words.

↪What did you learn about yourself as a visual notetaker?

I learned that it was easy and the drawing doesn’t have to be really complicated so that's what make visual notetaking fast and easy. I also learned that it was more helpful than just writing words for notes


What discoveries did you encounter as you were vlogging and exploring your thinking?  

Evidence & Analysis VLOG

Reflection VLOG

DBQ final draft VLOG


When I first got into poetry I learned a lot about poetry. For example, I realized that the paragraph in the poems is actually called stanzas and it's actually really hard to think of a poem and ideas. When we first started the poetry unit I thought "well this is going to be really easy". But after I saw the first rubric. I was surprised and I knew this is what a poem needs. I also didn't know what extended metaphor was but now I understand. An extended metaphor is when you make a metaphor like a paragraph or a sentence. I don't consider myself as a poet because I don't usually write poems all the time, but when I do I consider myself as a poet. I think I will continue writing poems if it's an assignment or if I am asked to do so. My overall experience with poetry is great because I actually really like to write a poem because it's a lot of fun to express what I'm thinking. I have grown as a writer by being a guy who only writes 2-4 sentences to a guy who writes poems.


My first character is Eren Jaeger, he is from an anime called "Attack on Titan" or in Japanese "Shingeki no Kyojin". I think he matches with my character because he's the type of guy that easily gets mad and I also get mad easily.

My second character is "Joy", and she is from a movie name "inside out" and I think she matches with my character because I smile every time and i'm always happy. I also think she matches with me because even if something bad happens she finds a way to make it happy.

Image result for patrick

My third character is "Patrick" from sponge bob, and after watching sponge bob for a long time I realize that Patrick is clueless and makes no sense at all. And that's exactly like me, because I'm usually clueless and don't even know what to do and sometimes when I speak, random things just comes out of my mouth without even thinking which makes no sense.

Which of the parables appealed to you most, and why? One of the parables that appealed to me the most was “The Dinner Party”. Because that is sometimes like me, because when I have a birthday party I think that like “what’s the point of inviting people they won’t even come”. This parable also appealed to me because a lot of people made excuses, and that reminded me of me because I usually make a lot of excuses to not do something. This also appealed to me by on how much the man really wanted people to come to his dinner party. I mean why don’t you just accept the fact that no ones wants to go to your dinner party.

How do parables relate to the spreading of ideas? I think parables relate to the spreading ideas of Christianity because, every parable has a small meaning to Christianity and the idea of it. For example one of the parable “The Lost Sheep” tells us about one sheep getting lost from the rest of one hundred of sheep's. But the shepherd thought that it was better to save all the sheep. So when the shepherd found the sheep, he called all his friends to celebrate and rejoice. The moral of this parable was that it was better to save a life then to let one die, because one life is very important. So the parable spread the word of christianity, because they were roman roads, they had common language (latin), Paul and Peter was preaching, there was Christian networks, and they spread through trade routes.