After exactly one month (Nov 14- Dec 14) the aquatic ecodome died. The fish has died with in the past 24 hours because the body sunk to the bottom of the jar. The jar has been overun with algae. Cause of death is unknown. It is possible that the fish died of old age or something else.


Today is also the day I finished off my attempt 3 and sealing it off for winter break. I added one grasshopper and one mealworm. I also put in a little more water and grass.

Aquatic Ecodome:

Fortunately the aquatic ecodome is still alive and doing just fine. The fish is alive as well as the thriving algae.

Ecodome Attempt 2:

The second land ecodome has also failed. There is a very strong oder coming from the jar because of the dead grasshopper and plants. It seems there might have been to much water. The plants are moldy and the ecodome is damp.

Research and Rebuild:

I have done some more research and have taken note on what doesn't work in an ecodome. I decided to move to a bigger container so that I would have more space to put in plants and soil. This third ecodome, has plants and soil but no grasshoppers yet. I will put in grasshoppers before the winter break. This is the finished ecodome without the grasshoppers.

Now its been about 10-12 days since the aquatic ecodome started. Since then, the ecodome has continued to survive. The algae is growing, and the fish is alive. Because of this success, I have decided to start another ecodome simultaneously. This ecodome would be a second attempt of a land ecodome. I have decided to use the same jar, but instead of having it lay on its side it would be standing upright. I put more care into arranging the plants, water, and soil.

First Design (horizontal)                                          Second Design (Vertical)






Second Design Specifications:

  •  1 Grasshopper
  • 30ml of water
  • Three Plants

It has been about one week and the aquatic ecodome is still alive and thriving. Over the past 5 days the water has become much more green with algae. The fish is still alive and and the ecodome is in good shape. There is a green layer of algae covering the rocks as well. This algae is the food source for the fish so the fact that it is growing is good. The fish is swimming at the very surface of the water which is a sign of oxygen deprivation so I am unsure of how much longer this system will last.

Day 7:

The first attempt was a complete failure. Here are some observations.

Observations of Ecodome:                                    

  • Extremely  bad smelling
  • Both worms dead
  • Cricket dead
  • Plants are still alive
  • Cause of death: presumably drowning
  • Very wet soil and walls

Death Toll: 3-4

My Ecodome failed epicly. All of the animals I put in died. It smelled awful. The cricket and one worm drowned, The grasshopper went MIA. Cause of second worm death can not be determined bet is believed to have died of suffocation from lack of oxygen, or died of the heat from the greenhouse effect.

Day 9:

Research and Rebuild:

After extensive research I decided to move to a completely new design. This new design was an aquatic ecodome. I used a new jar and filed it partially with substrate to grow algae. I put in some algae to start the process in the ecodome. I only put in one small fish about a cm long. Last time I believe I had an overcrowding problem so this should fix this.

Attempt 2 Day 9:


  • 300-350 ml of water
  • 1 unspecified cm long fish
  • 1-2 grams of algae


Day 5

Today I started putting my ideas in to actions and built my first ecodome. The actually ecodome came out different from the plans.

Ecodome Components:

    • Half filled with (dry land for grasshopper and plants to grow on)
    • Half filled with water  to keep soil moist and keep the plants alive
    • Tall plants for shade
    • Grass for food and shelter
    • Clear lid for sunlight and heat

Changes made on design day:

I changed a few things from the original design to the actual eco dome. I Made the container a cylinder jar, instead of a rectangular prism. I added two mealworms, one grasshopper, and one cricket. I also put less water than I thought I would use because the container was smaller.

First Attempt on Day 5:

Inhabitants: 1 Grasshopper, 1 Cricket, 2 Mealworms




In L.A. we recently finished our newspaper articles. I did mine on current space events. This unit went really well for me I feel. I was able to research a topic I was interested in, and actually kind of had fun doing the homework for this unit. Of course not to much fun. I found that our newspaper group worked well together and got everything done on time.

I feel like I actually learn a lot during this unit. I learned how to format your writing like a newspaper. More importantly, I learned how to quote sources, make my writing concise and to the point, and convey news in a way that keeps the reader's attention.  All these skills were very new to me, because I am very use to writing longer more “boring” essays.

Quarter one has gone pretty well for me. I met my goals of a 3.7 GPA or higher as well as managing my time wisely. Im also 9 weeks closer to summer, which is also very important to me. It’s amazing to think I’m already a quarter through 8th grade. It felt like we just started school yesterday.


Research Notes  

I conducted my research using a few different methods like paraphrasing and summarizing,  I spent a long time looking over 4-5 reliable resources that had good information about my topic. Then I would reread those sources and paraphrase or summarize those source paragraph by paragraph. Then I condensed my writing further to the most important information.

I learned that I have poor note taking skills. When it came to taking my notes and turning them into writing, I had a hard time. My notes were confusing. Because of that, I improved my note taking skills so that they were more specific and efficient at holding information.

Narrative Hooks

I realized how much of a difference it makes to have a strong narrative hook. I have used narrative hooks before in 7th grade. In 7th I did not have strong narrative hooks because I did not know some of the strategies and technique to making a good hook.

I experimented with a few different hooks in my writing. One of which would be using a very descriptive sentence to interest the reader to read more. I also enticed my reader by making the first sentence a preview of the best part of the paragraph.

Vlogging as a Metacognitive Strategy:

I had to change the wording in some of my sentences and paragraphs so they would sound better when being read aloud. Besides that issue, vlogging went pretty well for me. It really help me reflect.


My Biggest Take Away:

My biggest take away from the revolutionary thinker’s project was learning how to collaborate with a partner on a final project. I have done this before, but not for a big project like this.  It went really well and thought that we worked well together. I also improved my note taking skills.

Final Project Zine


We have accomplished a lot this year in social studies 7. The units we did this year in SS were: Christianity, Islam, The Black Plague, Byzantines, and the Renaissance. Some of the skills we have acquired and used this year are: writing DBQs, blog post, free writes, and reading.  We have used all these skills this year frequently. In total we did 3 DBQs. Some of the other projects we did this year were a pechakucha for our black plague unit and a fair for our renaissance unit.


This year in social studies, there were a lot of highlights. My favorite unit would be our renaissance unit. I liked this unit because of its content, as well as the final project which was a fair. The “fair” was a collection of student run booths/tables with interactive activities. The goal of the fair was to present your knowledge on topic in a fun way as well as learn about what others know. I also enjoyed our black plague unit. I found the content of the black plague unit to be quite interesting. I learned a lot about things  that i haven't learned before. At the end of the unit we paired up and worked in teams of two to research specific topics. I enjoyed being able to further my knowledge in a specific topic I was interested in.


Some of the not so fun, or lowlights of this year were the DBQs. We had to do 3 DBQs this year. DBQs stand for Document Based Question. To write a DBQ you must have a corresponding set of documents. You write an essay that answers a question. All information used for the essay must be from the documents and sighted. These are usually boring and stressful to wright because of the strict criteria. Another part of social studies that im not so keen about is… this blog. It's the end of the year and i just want final tests and projects to be over. Therefore, this blog is not helping the cause.