Last week we researched about explorers(My explorer was Lewis and Clark). Then we turned them into plays and performed then in the flex room. Since Lewis and Clark( Me and Chelsea) and Sacagawea( An and Manabi) were related, we decided to do a play together. Here is our play(VERY CRINGY)!!!!. We first wrote our skit then we decided what props we needed and who would bring it, I am proud of bringing enough props because some groups didn’t really have enough props. I think we should have stayed in character more because at some parts we were laughing and smiling. I give my play a 3 because I think our play had a lot of details, props, facts and more. I liked some other skits that had funny parts in it to make us laugh.

ME: Lewis, CHELSEA: Clark and Kidnapper, Manabi: narrator, AN: Sacagawea

HS Dance!

Yesterday my class went to the high school gym. The 9th and 10th graders were teaching us how to dance to a song called Its Good To Be Alive, Right About Now!. I think the high schoolers did a good job teaching us the dance because they were being enthusiastic and they made it easy for us to dance. 2 things I think they should improve on is letting everyone talk because in my group only the girls were talking and the boys kept quiet and followed along. The 2nd thing is at some parts they forgot the movement so it made it harder for us to dance. 

Ship Building!⚓️?

Starting last week we started building ships in the makerspace. We were building ships of different explorers from 950 until the year 1700. My explorers were Lewis and my other explorer was Clark, they went exploring together. Lewis and Clark didn’t go by ship but instead they went by foot, starting in the west and then exploring the east side of the United States. They crossed rivers by a barge(A ship that takes you across the river). So thats whats me and my partner Chelsea are building.

First we started building the sides of the ship and the bottom and the top of the ship. Then we built the room, the third step was building the sail and gluing the flag on. The last step was painting the ship.


Book Club Book Reviews

This month we started book clubs! We read the book The Bridge To Terabithia. My group members are Manabi, Tim and Son. Here is my review on this book.

The Bridge To Terabithia

This book is not a really good book because it is about this boy(Jesse)’s life. Even the sad part was only ok. This book happened a long time ago because it gave hints like what life was like in the 1980’s. I like the part that Leslie(Jesse’s best friend) died because it made the book more intresting.


Unit 5 Reflection? ❤️?

In unit 5 we studied about fractions and decimals. In the pre test I got 82% but in the post test I got 100% so I was pretty happy. I actually in the pretest already knew most the things but they were kind of written in a different way so I got it wrong. One of my silly mistakes in my pretest was I wrote 0.2< 0.20.But overall I was pretty happy with this unit!  Bye!✌?

G4 Film Festival?

Hi people. Yesterday was the Film Festival, it was awesome! I will tell you all about it. So we came to school around 6:15 but before that I told my mom to go sit in the audience. We waited for a long time then we got called up to the stage for pictures in our groups. After that we started the documentaries. I was also M.C so that made it even better. My documentary was about Fish sauce, my group members were Miso, Quang and Son. During the Film Festival intermission they set up stands of different types spring rolls, rice noodles, tea and other things but I forgot. Over all it was amazing.


Most Epic Birthday Party

Hello People! Today I am going to tell you about the most epic birthday party! I thought it was a pretty cool musical because they didn’t mess up. I also think everybody at least got to say something so it was fair. I like the songs they sang! because they are pretty addicting. I think all the parts were pretty funny but one part I can recall was when Tony instructed everyone on how to tie a water balloon.

Unit 4 Blog Post ?

In Unit 4 we learned about adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions. The test wasn’t really hard apart from the fact that I accidentally did addition instead of subtraction, I also accidentally turned fractions in to whole numbers!? I think adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions are easy because we don’t need to change the denominators!!!!!