G4 Film Festival🎥

Hi people. Yesterday was the Film Festival, it was awesome! I will tell you all about it. So we came to school around 6:15 but before that I told my mom to go sit in the audience. We waited for a long time then we got called up to the stage for pictures in our groups. After that we started the documentaries. I was also M.C so that made it even better. My documentary was about Fish sauce, my group members were Miso, Quang and Son. During the Film Festival intermission they set up stands of different types spring rolls, rice noodles, tea and other things but I forgot. Over all it was amazing.


Most Epic Birthday Party

Hello People! Today I am going to tell you about the most epic birthday party! I thought it was a pretty cool musical because they didn’t mess up. I also think everybody at least got to say something so it was fair. I like the songs they sang! because they are pretty addicting. I think all the parts were pretty funny but one part I can recall was when Tony instructed everyone on how to tie a water balloon.

Unit 4 Blog Post 🤔

In Unit 4 we learned about adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions. The test wasn’t really hard apart from the fact that I accidentally did addition instead of subtraction, I also accidentally turned fractions in to whole numbers!😡 I think adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions are easy because we don’t need to change the denominators!!!!!







Lee Tracy : River Artist Trip🦄

Today the whole fourth grade went with Lee Tracy to the Phu My Hung Rainbow bridge (We walked😫 ) We did experiments to see how clean the river is. We went on the rainbow bridge and put a cloth in the river with a rope then we pulled it up. The cloth was probably longer than 30 meters. We also dropped a bucket and pulled it back up, Ms. Fox then put it in to test tubes to take back to the school the test what was in the water. After that we sat in the shade and ate lunch. We made short poems but beware!!!! my sucks!

The trees move and sway

people lie under and rest

as children run by

We also made sketches of what we saw.



My Fantasy Story

This is my reflection on our Fantasy Unit! 🙂 This is the Fantasy story I wrote and it is about a normal human world and a………… A Banana World! The main characters are Elma and Tom. Most of the story is about bananas which is pretty weird. I think these are one of the best books I have ever written because it has a pretty clear structure and all the elements a fantasy story should have. I think it could have improved if I put how the characters felt instead of using punctuation.



I like art because we get to do a lot of artistic things. Sometimes what we make looks really hard but actually when you do it, it is really easy. when we are in art we get to talk a lot when we do something. At the end of the year we always get to take our art work home. When I am at home I look at my art work for an hour. My favorite art work I made was when I was in third grade we sewed hand bags and I was kind of proud of mines, they took about a month to make but the teacher gave us a lot of time so we didn’t need to rush. This year we get an extra 45 minutes so we can do more things! I love art.


I love PE because it is very fun! PE is my favorite subject. I like PE because we can play games and sports the teachers try to make it as fun as possible. Sometimes we fight after the games but the teachers try to calm us down and we try to have good sportsmanship, The games make us active and hyper like we can not stop playing even after PE is over. In my opinion PE is too short! it is only 35 minutes sometime we swim and it takes us 10 minutes just to change. When we think some game or sport is not fun when we play it, it always is fun. I’ve never played a game in PE that is not fun or doesn’t make me active or hyper. I really really love PE!

Unit 3! Equivalent Fractions!

During math unit 3 we learned about equivalent fractions, comparing fractions and greater or smaller fractions. I liked this unit because we got to learn a lot about fractions. I think fractions are easy to understand even  though I am not a fan of fractions. During this unit our parents came in to play fraction games and it was fun but the games didn’t take much time so we played it over and over gain.


2017 Sports Day!

I enjoyed this year’s Sports Day a lot because there was a lot of AWESOME and fun gamesThe first station I went to was station 14, you try to knock down down the 6 cup stacks with 3 beanbags you get 3 turns. The best part at that station was the first time I tried I knocked down all the cups. My favorite station was station 1 because at the end everybody jumped into the pool and relaxed. I also liked the snack station because we got to drink cc lemon. 2 worst moments at Sports Day was when I fell on my back really hard and the second worst moment was when I played Tug of War I pulled so hard that my hand bled in different areas! But all in all Sports Day was GREAT!