I believe that I did a lot of steps correctly, firstly, I was able to correctly secure the float tube to my person. The whole time i was keeping contact and talking with the victim, however I couldn't correctly enter the water, as I sunk my head into the water upon entry. I pushed out my tube to the victim, and kicked while facing them. Finally, I got on the pool edge and pulled him up.

Putting in the moat was a huge mistake, the crickets drowned themselves in it, and it produced an unholy amount of mold. Surprisingly the plant is doing okay, the water seems to have benefited it rather than the insects. What was puzzling to me was one of our crickets were split in two and floating in the water, and given the lack of a height for them to fall off of, I don't know what could've forced the split.

This will be my third attempt at doing an Ecodome, as the others have lasted a bit but overall failed. This time we've added much more food, and we got a very tall plant, well tall relative to the size Ecodome we got, so I think that it's ample food, including the amount of lettuce we've scattered about, and we minimized the water this time to assure no mold and whatnought. Hopefully this Ecodome will last us over the break.

The first attempt was a failure. Here are some observations.


  • Dead Smell
  • Crickets both dead
  • Worms dead
  • Plants are wilting but alive
  • Lots of mold(From the moisture)

This time we've created a type of moat that's seperated by stones and rocks, so that there's enough water for all the crickets, and right in the middle of the little island that we've created I've put the plant that sort of just rests there.

We didn't do very well in keeping anything alive, except for a tiny mealworm which was barely keeping it together. Our plants we all dead, and had collected dust and mold around it, which I suspect due to the over moisturization. The two crickets were dead and already decomposing, I think that they died from a lack of oxygen, due to the fact that my plants were dead. I believe that the reason that my plant died out was because we severed it's roots, restricting it's ability to grow. In my next version, I'd have to go with a much bigger Ecodome, as mine was tiny and could barely hold anything, which caused me to cut plants off of their roots to fit. I'd also moisturize it much less, so mold wouldn't be able to grow. I'd also have to include more food, as I was putting in whatever I could instead of a steady food source, but to add one I'd need a bigger ecodome.

My plan was to have about a third of the container filled with soil and a plant in the middle going across the top, to get as much sunlight as possible. I put my idea in to reality and built my first prototype for the Ecodome. The actual Ecodome came out different from the plans, given that I didn't get the materials I wanted.

1st-ecodome-1Nov 2, 2016 11:40:08 AM.jpg

  • Half filled with soil(dry land for grasshopper and plants to grow on)
  • Rocks and sticks for decoration
  • Healthy, nutrient filled soil from the outside
  • Grass/plant for food and shelter

Changes Made:

Instead of using a rectangular box like I'd hoped, I got a cylindrical container, which was really small. Instead of a tall plant, we just used grass and vegetation along the soil. We also put an array of rocks and sticks about for decoration, and we put in a couple Meal Worms to help decompose things like a few leaves we scattered in the soil.

My newspaper article was a very good project for me, as I work great when I am presented with evidence, so I shouldn’t have had much trouble writing the article, and I didn’t. However while writing the article was not a problem, it was for me to collect the information. First of all, my subject for my article was gaming, and in District 7 there aren’t many hubs where I can go to collect real life information. So I had to put in the time to go out to District 1 to visit a Gaming Hub, and the next issue was gathering information on the game online. I was trying to find information on the hype of the game, and everyone was writing issues about the game, and it proved harder and harder to find information about the game’s hype and people’s expectations and the developer’s promises. 

I learned a lot from writing this article, but mainly I learned about gathering information. I learned a lot about searching in the right way for information and to plan out how to get your information if you are going to go out in real life to gather sources. I blindly just said that I’d be able to find any gaming hub to get information, but I should’ve planned and looked for easier access to more places that would get me better information or just information that’s more accessible. If I had done this, then I could've had extra time to really fine tune my article and add more evidence, which I was lacking in.

Quarter 1 was pretty good for me as a person. I really think I got a lot more responsible because of it. The quarter really kicked me into gear and I sat down and knew when it was time to work and how to really separate my time. This is mainly in part of because of this being 8th grade, and me going back to the States next year, so I knew that I really had to put in my effort. This is shown I think in my article because I sat down and spread it over the time we were given, and not last minute, and it is quality work that wasn't thrown together. I hope to grow like this over this next quarter.

Read my article here.

Look at the complete Zine here.

Taking Notes :

A lot of trouble was finding reliable resources to use, as a lot were unreliable or just using plain wrong information, so after I ran out of resources in the School Databases, I was looking around Google to hopefully find something reliable. But I was lucky enough to find a few reliable websites that had links to OTHER reliable websites which helped me out a lot. I learned that I can be very impatient because I got very angry with myself when half of the results I got were lies or spouting nonsense. Mostly I was doing paraphrasing because It was easy to do for me to transfer it into the final draft because paraphrasing already puts the evidence in paragraph form, and too much direct quoting can seem lazy, so I just included a few direct quotes, look at the notes here

Final Draft :

I learned that narrative hooks are so essential to getting readers wanting to read because sparking the curiosity about your topic is useful to get them to want to finish reading your piece. I mostly experimented with very vague starts, and in the body paragraphs, I would be able to further go into what I was saying in the hook because they’re the best for getting people to read the rest of the article, look at the final draft here

Vlog :

I really saw the cracks in my writing, like sentences that didn’t go together, or just grammar mistakes I could only find by speaking it out to myself because saying things out loud can really give you insight on what you’ve been writing. I get really carried away when I write and don’t take a moment to really see what I’ve been writing and if it makes sense. I got to learn a lot about interpreting evidence, as I needed to really assess it myself, not just for what it said, but to assess its legitimacy and how trustworthy it was. Of course, there were times when I had to just inspect the evidence to see what they said about William Harvey. I found out if a source was trustworthy by inspecting its layout, the kind of language they were using and if they cited their sources. I will remember this because of the sheer amount of times I’ve had to remember to do this, that it’s been engraved in my mind to remember to inspect all evidence you come across.


In this project about the Renissance, we focused on learning about Dante Alighieri. He was an Italian poet who was able to shape Italy with his writing, and changed the way people wrote in general. The essential question we paired with him was, "What was Dante's drive to write?" We had to go through many of the sources and find good main ideas and information that could help us explain the answer to the question.

An infographic I created that was presented during the Faire

What trouble did I have and why?

An issue that I had was trying to make my project presentable, as mine was an easel with a book on it. We could find an easel, but we needed to create the book out of cardboard and make it look desirable to the eye. This was hard to do, as we were pretty stripped for time and needed to be quick, so a lot of drawing and sharpies were needed to make it look nice. I think the content was pretty good, and we were able to explain our topic pretty well, but it was hard for people to really enjoy the actual display, but we tried to spend a lot of time on the cover picture, giving it some detail and make it look bold and pop out from the book.


My poster is pretty simple, it’s just a hand, holding up a silver platter with canned foods, kind of to show how you shouldn’t take things for granted. It has a bunch of information to the left. In the video I was kind of the main spokes person that gave all the info. The most fun part was definitely filming, and if we could, I’d show what takes we didn’t include because they were really funny. The hardest part would be the editing, because sometimes what we saw was much different than what we wanted on the screen. I think that after doing this, my new way to convince less to get them to appeal to you, but to instead try and appeal to them, this kind of thing can easier sway them to your side, because when you better get them to like your idea more, when you try and pose a completely different one to them. This works especially well on more stubborn people, as appealing can really get them to join your argument rather than trying to sway them.

While I don't have the most extensive wardrobe, I think that I still have a lot of clothes, which now that I think about it, isn't really that healthy for Earth, seeing as how it costs about 400 gallons for a regular cotton t-shirt, which makes up a lot of what I wear. I have a few pairs of jeans, but they're even more costly, with about 1,800 gallons just for a pair.

The whole week was pretty varied, with each day having it's own kind of theme and activity, Tuesday was pretty easy, you just had to bring a plastic bag, and each trash can has been turned upside down, and at the end of the day, you just have to count up the trash you made. I was really good on that day, the only trash that I made was a single paper towel, I used it to dry my hands.  Wednesday was about water, there wasn't really an objective or challenge, it was just to realize what we were consuming and how much it water it costed. There was also thermostat Thursday, where you would have to set your A/C a lot higher, and whenever you left the room, you would have to turn off all of the lights and A/C, also, you could bring an old article of clothing, and it would get recycled into a new piece, I didn't bring anything because I still use all of my clothes, and I don't really need that much extra. That was kind of it for what we did, today we didn't really do much we're just reflecting now. I've really learned that everything is so much more expensive, not really money wise, but a huge cost on the environment that we do just to get our clothes or just to eat a hamburger. To continue to try and help out to try and save the Earth, we can try and be a bit more careful of our things, and remember to recycle, because to just fix the little things would be a huge step in the right direction.