Energy Challenges

Our group did a little activity and we discovered that we can make batteries by our selves. I our group, we had Min Soo (Tony), Chelsea, Hiroki, Veronica, and me. We had different materials and there was vinegar too. Vinegar smelled terrible. Our group made a battery and it did light up a light bulb. We needed wires to light up the light bulbs. We used foil and other stuff to make the battery and light up the light bulb. We needed to touch the vinegar to make the battery but I could not touch that stinky vinegar. We found out that we needed enough layers of batteries to make something do something. If we had one or two or three, we could not light up a lightbulb because the energy is not enough.img_0103

There is one more thing that we did for energy. Our teacher gave us a challenge about energy. We needed to light op a lightbulb with out any hints in 25 mins. This is easy right now but it was hard when we didn’t know anything about energy. But me and my partner figured it out and so did the other groups. Christine was with Min Soo (Tony) and they just did silly things because they didn’t have a little hint what they are doing. My partner was Quang. After 25mins, we drew a diagram about the project and then we studied more about energy.img_0105

My Reading Update

In my reading log, I noticed that I haven’t written comments while logging the book. Also, most of my books were realistic fiction and fantasy and mysteries. I think I’m stuck to a genre. I think I need to read more non-fiction books because I don’t read non-fiction books very well. My reading stamina is very very strong I can read for hours and hours. Even my mom needs to stop me from reading. I don’t think I need to work on the way for choosing books but I do need to read more non-fiction books.


G4 Talks


We went on stage fore the G4 Talks. Me and my partner did well and it did go great. It was the SSIS’s first G4 Talks. All grades had a new unit. Our unit was ‘Independent  Me.’ We learned about influences and peer bulling. How something influence us and what is cyberbullying and about peer bulling. It was hard to go back and choose a topic. We had many lessons on speaking and writing our script. We wrote thesis, we wrote reasons, we edited, we researched, and we memorized or script. It was a hard work. This went on for 8 weeks. With these hard work, me and my partner, Ian(Sieun), was able to go on stage. I was proud of my self. I thought G4 Talks was important because we learned a lot of things and when we have to perform again, it would be easier for me to perform.

Independent Me Rotations

We have been inquiring into external influences in our lives.
First of all, we started with Netiquette and cyberbullying.
This reminded me of my grand father being sad because my uncle didn’t do very well at the first time so people cyberbullied  us at that time.

Secondly, we learned about Nutrition.
I have a personal connection to this topic. An example is one of my family didn’t ate much healthy food.

Thirdly, we learned about Tobacco.
This interested me because one of my family keeps on smoking and I wanted to tell him good reasons why he should not smoke.

Some questions I had were ‘what wiil happen if we eat to much good things?’ , ‘Why did we envent sugar?’ , ‘ Why can’t we make sugar a helthy food?’
I really want to learn more about Nutrition.

All About Me

Hi~! My name is Jun Hee! I am in fourth grade now. We are now setting up our  fourth grade blog.  I think this year will be great. I hope our teachers are kind as much as Ms. Helen. In fourth grade, we are using computers instead of i-pads.

                   Our class is learning about blogs with Mr. Papaset. We learned many things about blogs like “Think Before You Post.” We made a poster for that. We are using many time for the computer such as learning and typing games.

In fourth grade, we are using computers instead of I-Pads. In third grade, we used I-Pads and in fourth grade, we are using computers. We made blogs with I-Pads and in forth grade,we are making it with Ms. Sylvester.

I had this wonderful teacher called Ms. Helen. She was the nicest teacher I ever had. She was very very very nice and she was kind to me a-lot. She thought me lot of new stuff. She was wonderful. I think Ms. Sylvester will be a good teacher for me like Ms.Helen said.

                                                This Is All About Me

Unit Studies ‘s Post on Friday, April 29, 2016

Easy Blog Photo
.The Green House ( The Better Together) Reflection.👍

In third grade, We have been studying about the local community and its environment affecting each other. The local community and its environment affect each other because if the environment doesn’t have clean water, we can’t drink, wash, and much more. Also, if we don’t have trees we don’t have furnitures and houses and more.We also wondered about our local natural environment and looked for answers that is connected with the environment. I made the model of a green-house because I thought this might be helpful by teaching how plants are important.