My Marco Polo Ship Play!!!?⚓?

What I really enjoyed about this project was building the ships and acting because I like crafts and also thinking of gestures was really fun to do.

Something that I learned witch was really interesting was scurvy. It was really gross to learn about but I some how found it interesting. I learned that scurvy was a sickness caused by the lack of vitamin C.

Anyways, here is my play that I performed. I really hope you enjoy it. Warning: You may feel an uncontrollable need to laugh. Well I have to go now. I will see you in my next post.BYE!!!

My Second Book ClubBook Review! ??

A few weeks ago in class we have started book clubs again. We were put in the same groups and had a book to read and some jobs to do. The book we were reading was The Million Dollar Kick by Dan Gutman.

I rate this book a 5 out of 5 because it got right into the action straight at the beginning so it wouldn’t be boring which I really like. It also was about sports witch I really like. I would really recommend this book to sport/soccer lovers. It really talks about soccer and rules. I feel like it is a how to, to soccer and a interesting story at the same time. It is really cool.

Our New Unit About Explorers! ?⛴

In class we have started our new unit in unit studies about explorers. We had to build a boat that an explorer sailed on. My group did Marco. The ship is pretty awesome if I might say so myself.

           I enjoyed building the ships because it will increase my creativity skills and I can get better at arts and crafts. I also enjoy working in a team that I choose. It makes me feel that I am working in an environment of friendly people. It makes me feel great.

            During this unit I have learned some interesting things.  For example, I learned that after storms blue things would appear. The crew used to think that this was to warn them that they were going to die but it turned out that it was a sign that the storm will end shortly. 

As always I hope you have enjoyed my blog post. Tune in to see what cool things happen next at school! See you in my next blog post. BYE!!!

My Book Club Book Review!???

 A few weeks ago in class we have started book clubs. We were put in groups and had a book to read and some jobs to do. We also had team names. My team name was The Pink Fluffy Unicorns group. The book we were reading was The Week In The Woods by Andrew Clements.

At the beginning it was just some story about a spoiled rich kid going to a different school. I was bored. Did not know what this had to do with a week in the woods. When you start going into the book you start to see what the book is all about. The spoiled rich kid, Mark, does not like to be the spoiled rich kid that he is and wants to blend in. It does not work. I think Mark has a powerful brain. He is also very brave. He has spend a night in a barn all by himself at the age of 11! He is also brave enough to go into the woods by himself! 

I would recommend this book to people who like a calm and chill was little action book. There is not much action that happens till the very end. I did not really enjoy this book because I like action and intense books. I would give this book a three out of five stars because again the action in it is quite boring in my opinion. I’m not intending any hate towards this book this is just my personal opinion. Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this book review. As always I will see you in my next blog post! BYE!!!