Week Reflection Sep 18-22, 2017! 🏫😜📜💻

Hi guys! It’s me again. Today I will share with you guys my week.

On Thursday I celebrated my friend’s birthday. It was so much fun! Also on Wednesday I went to my first basketball game and my team won! I was overly happy but I think I could have made a little poster to support my team even more. 

On Friday I saw my test results. I was quite happy because I improved my order of operation skills. I really improved on my explain skills of how I did it. I also really improved doing math while using P.E.M.D.A.S. 

Anyway, that was my reflection for the week. As always I will see you in next blog post. BYE!!!

Week Reflection For Sep 11-15 2017!📃📜😋😎

Hey guys! It’s me again. Today I am going to give a reflection of my whole week. 

On Tuesday I brought some cupcakes that I baked for my 20 hour project. I also gave them comment cards to fill out. The majority of people loved them. I was really happy. 

I also went to my first ever basket ball practice on Wednesday in the gym at school. To be real it was a challenge for me to  keep up with badminton and basketball and P.E at the same time! 

I think this week I pursued excellence this week when I let every one taste my cupcakes and let everyone give me feedback. I think that was pursuing excellence.

Anyway, that was my reflection for the week. As always I will see you in next blog post. BYE!!!

Explaining Expressions and Equations➕➖➗✖️!😊😋

HI guys! I am back and today I am going to explain to you about expressions and equations. Lets start with expressions.

 An expression is a mathematical phrase that combines variables using mathematical operations. It can be evaluated but not solved. 

With equations it is a little different. With equations it has to have an equal sign and something on the other side of the equal sign. For example I do 2+2= and but nothing after the equal sign it is still a expression. But if I do 2+2=a it is now an equation.

So that is my expiation for the difference between expression and equations! It is amazing writing for you guys. As always I will see you in my next blog post. Bye and peace! ✌️😜


My Super Unit Homework! – August 28, 2017 📖📓📚✏️🍎

Last Sunday, I built a bakery in Minecraft.
The day before I started building I thought of a structure and the materials to build my bakery out of. After dinner, I evaluated my idea. I sketched a rough drawing to see what it would look like and if it would fit in the tight space I had planned for it. I changed the roof from flat to some layers so it would look more like frosting on a cake. After that, I made a quick plan. I took some scrap paper and did a detailed drawing and since I had nothing to do, I did a replica drawing of the of the first one and drew diagrams on it too. The next day I finally built my bakery. It was so much fun!
 And as always i’ll see you in my next blog post. BYE!!! ✌️

My First 5th Grade Blog Post! 🎉🎊

Hi guys! I know I have not posted in a while because it was SUMMER! But now it’s back to school and I am in grade five! I am so excited! This year my teacher is Mr. Johnson and Mr. Binh. So now until the end of the school year I will be posting more regularly.

At the beginning of this year I really want to set some goals for myself. 

-I really want to read and learn more complicated words.

-Learn more fractions.

-Learn to write more interesting stories in a short amount of time.

So that is my first post of the school year. I hope you enjoy! And as always i’ll see you in my next blog post. BYE✌️

My Marco Polo Ship Play!!!?⚓🚢🛳️⛵

What I really enjoyed about this project was building the ships and acting because I like crafts and also thinking of gestures was really fun to do.

Something that I learned witch was really interesting was scurvy. It was really gross to learn about but I some how found it interesting. I learned that scurvy was a sickness caused by the lack of vitamin C.

Anyways, here is my play that I performed. I really hope you enjoy it. Warning: You may feel an uncontrollable need to laugh. Well I have to go now. I will see you in my next post.BYE!!!

My Second Book ClubBook Review! ??

A few weeks ago in class we have started book clubs again. We were put in the same groups and had a book to read and some jobs to do. The book we were reading was The Million Dollar Kick by Dan Gutman.

I rate this book a 5 out of 5 because it got right into the action straight at the beginning so it wouldn’t be boring which I really like. It also was about sports witch I really like. I would really recommend this book to sport/soccer lovers. It really talks about soccer and rules. I feel like it is a how to, to soccer and a interesting story at the same time. It is really cool.

Our New Unit About Explorers! ?⛴

In class we have started our new unit in unit studies about explorers. We had to build a boat that an explorer sailed on. My group did Marco. The ship is pretty awesome if I might say so myself.

           I enjoyed building the ships because it will increase my creativity skills and I can get better at arts and crafts. I also enjoy working in a team that I choose. It makes me feel that I am working in an environment of friendly people. It makes me feel great.

            During this unit I have learned some interesting things.  For example, I learned that after storms blue things would appear. The crew used to think that this was to warn them that they were going to die but it turned out that it was a sign that the storm will end shortly. 

As always I hope you have enjoyed my blog post. Tune in to see what cool things happen next at school! See you in my next blog post. BYE!!!