Film Festival!

What I liked about the film festival is the videos because some people felt really proud of them selves! I was proud of our video because it shows that we really tried our best!  I would let everybody have each of a idea for there lines and that I could add more photos to it. I was the MC and when i went up to talk my lines i was sort of scared!


The river artist visitor!!

Today Tracy Lee a river artist came to our school and showed us a little about herself and how she became a river artist. Then we walked to the rainbow bridge for about 10 – 15 minutes, then when we got there we would be in each station my first station was sketching. After about 30 minutes we ate lunch for about 15 minutes. Then we would dip the water in the river to see if it was clean or not, we saw that it was dirty. we did it again and our second fabric rip, then we went back home and we were so tired!


Vietnamese water puppet show!

Today we went to the water puppet show and we rode the bus there. We watched the show for about 10 minutes and we also get to ask question to the manger so he could answer  them. we also get to find out how they move the fish and people and we also get to move it around too! They were so heavy! after the water puppet show we went to have snack near a park and after snack we interview some people about Vietnam. Lastly we went to eat lunch at Binh Tanh market and the food there was  so good!  After we ate we Interview more people and then the bus came and we had to go back to school.




Thinking out side the box!

Thinking out side the box is a big thing for me to think like my self more and learn about technology  and writing about stories i would like to share with my friend and family.  We do coding on scratch, it is a program to learn how technology works and make it is also a program to teach you how robots move . And we made prototypes and they are about not wasting electricity. And I learned a lot more than i use to and I  wish I could study more about scratch because I still don’t really know much about scratch. We went to the maker space to work on it and we did our best!!!





About not turning off your light wen you don’t need it!



Field trip to RMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today i went RMIT! And we went there to learn about our energy, we also learn about batteries and we also get to make them! What i like the most is wen we worked with robots! someone teaches us about how robots work and how it can be helpful. There was also a robot that can do what we want it to do! it is called Baxter! He can also record want you want him to do! we learn so much about energy. Wen we try to make batteries we needed aluminum foil, copper, tissue paper and salt water and we really like it Wen we went to the library and then we ate lunch! i wish i can come back to RMIT!maxresdefault

My first Amazing G4 talk!!!!!!!

wen i first did my G4 talk i was so scared and nervous! but i still felt happy and exited!         After my talk i felt brave because I felt like i was a important person!                                     I was most proud of how i spoke in a clear voice and how i memorized the script because i thought i would just forget everything. And i would just speak softly  but i talk in a clear voice!  I wish that i should just not move my shoulder because it looks not good.                  I want to experience more about my google slides and memorizing it.

hope you like it!

My math test!!!!

I did my first math test and it was HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But i tried my best to do good on the test, I think that we should have made it easer because some of them we don’t know it. But i thought i did good on the test cause it way harder than i thought it would be! I wanted to do  good in the test i tried to finish all of it but i needed more time.I strongly agree that the test should not be to easy and to hard because the teacher could see what level we are on so everyone can get a different test so the teacher could see if you improve or you are the same.

SO i hope your test is easier than our test!



Today we are going to talk about netiquette. netiquette means a set of rules and behavior for when we are online.It means being nice online on purpose. People can also be bully online. It is not the same like cyber bulling, it means posting bad stuff about people. so if someone bully you you can not do it alone, you should tell a grown up about it.


Eat healthy food! not junk food!

Today we are learning about eating healthy food. Eating healthy food can help you stay strong and can help you grow. But junk food makes you fat, unhealthy and weak, people want you to buy there food but you make your choice. When you need food choose something healthy that makes you grow and stay strong!


Stay Away from smoking and tobacco!

Hi, today we are going to talk about smoking. Smoking has something in it called tobacco, tobacco is something that makes your teeth yellow and if you smoke to much your lungs get black and it makes you hard to breath. Tobacco has something in it called nicotine, nicotine is something that makes you addicted to smoke. There are more than 4,000 chemicals and 60 of the chemicals can kill you and can cause cancer. It can cause hair loss, weakness and bad breath. You can die by breathing in smoke too. DO NOT SMOKE!imgresimgres