Today, I'm gonna explain what I think Apple's slogan " Think Different " means.  I think Apple's slogan " Think Different " means that their products make you think different, the company would take risk to try new things and hence the slogan think differently. The way this slogan relates to the product is that every time they come up with a new product it would be different or the technology might of been thought of differently.

In Social Studies we were making mummified fruits and vegetables. The foods we used were cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and apples. First, we had to find a partner and get a spot to make the mummified foods on and get a bag and write out names after that fill half of the bag with salt and baking soda then we get the foods and get the insides out after that we stuff baking soda and salt in it then put it in the bag and the last step is to put the bag into the cupboards and wait ten days for it to mummify. After Week Without Walls we went back to school and got our bags of mummified food, and took out all the foods to write this blog, and take this picture.


Social Studies in semester 1 is about to end but we still have our amazing social studies teacher in the next semester but in this semester we had a lot oh task/activities that were fantastic but my favorites were Kahoot, Quizlet and Jeopardy. I like Kahoot because it gives me a review before the assessments, I also like Quizlet because it has more review games and a learning/test system which also gives me a review before the assessments, the final and last activity I like is jeopardy because its a review but you have to cooperate with your team and be quick, and precise.

This helped me learn about water, vegetation and topography because . . .

I has to research about this and build it so I think my researching helped me build up my knowledge about this 3 environmental factors.

Two things I'm proud of is . . .

One thing I'm proud of is finding a perfect place to film and do my work.

One thing I would do differently is not build the boat of traders to far away because if I do I can't show the viewers the awesome boat I built.

On the second tutorial of canva we learned how to use fonts correctly. For example you know those very inspirational pictures with really big letters we learned how to fix the font so everything fits in and looks good. They also told us that using only 2 fonts keeps it simple and cool. Instead of using tons of fonts just use 2 fonts but sometimes I don't even bother changing the font so it's not a big problem with me.