earth week!

This week Is earth week.I mostly hate earth meatless Monday because I love to eat meat but we were not aloud to eat so I was sad.I think I will have a hard time on no trash day because I almost  every day I throw trash on the floor.I think lights off day will be pretty easy because I have habit of turning off the light.I am looking forward to Friday to do the gallery walk.

Unit 5 Math

Today I finished unit 5.Unit5 was about fraction and decimals.I kind of found out this unit easy when I started to learn.I was proud of myself because I learned how to change a fraction to a decimal.I really wish If I could work my work carefully because I made a silly mistake again.

Learning journey

In my learning journey I had a very good time!I like sharing stuff with my parents.I think MY mom was very interesting In my plot line because When I showed my teams plotline she asked me a lot of questions so I think she was very interested.

Film Festival!

When the sunsets the 4th graders comes to SSIS.As Mr.Ross started each group enters and smiles.The MC enters and speaks.As first 5 documentary were  shown on the large huge screen.Then there were 5 more documentary. Then there was a intermission with delicious Vietnam food. Then we had 9 more epic documentary and the film festival was over.I wish I can do the film festival one more time.

Field trip!!!

In my field trip I enjoyed the tree farm.I like d the tree farm because I got to plant the rice and we got to catch the fish.I enjoyed the farm the most because I had a lot of fun.I think I should go to the field trip again.I did not really like the áo dài museum because they tried to scam me.a


In the most epic birthday party ever I was Reese.I felt the drama production fun.I was sad when it finished because I felt like all the work I did was gone.I think I should join the drama show next year again because in my opinion I think It was fun!I wish the next one topic Is about sport.I wish my friends join too.

Lee Tracy field trip!

HI my name is Kwan mo.Today I went to the Lee Tracy field trip!We today put the white cloth in the Crescent Mall river.I enjoyed the trip because I had a little time like me feeling like a friend of a nature.

This is my poem

Streaming Streaming breathing river

The river is asking for no more litter

now lets help the river so the river can get clean


My fantasy story

In this story I learned how to write a long story! I enjoyed the time when I was almost finished because I almost risked my life to write the story.It was challenging when I was almost done because I was almost out of ideas😞!I think I had a fun time.