We learned about math. The math we learned was decimal and fraction. I learned how decimal and fractions were alike. For example 0.5 = 1/2,0.3 =3/10 and so on. I learned a lot of things in this unit. Before we started I didn't even no know what decimal mean't but I now  know what it means.

FLASH! CLICK the lights swung around the light were bright as the sun.The people were dressed like as if it was the an Academy Awards. The crowd was loud as a lion. The photo booth station was decorated like a jungle. Everyone was nervous so much their face was almost red.

It was the film FESTIVAL  and it was AWSOME!!!! WE had so much fun showing our films (Documentary) to our parents. It was so much fun (at least I think so...) they had some Vietnamese  food. It  was so good. The next day we did a reflection.


Here are some photos


Last week our school (SSIS) had a musical/drama called ....


It was a musical drama about   Skyler's  birthday  .It was in her backyard . All the adults were GONE so everyone  became crazy .

There was 1 girl  getting stuck in the bathroom () but  nobody recognized .

One group was excitedly  playing games on the phone then the battery died they found out things would never be the same again. Later , there was only one slice of pizza left .Charlie said that he could cut that slice and  shared with everyone. So they voted  him to be their King!(Uh oh) .First of all ,there were all of them followed him .Doing whatever he said but  he became  really really  bossy. So some of them left him and joined to Skyler's group.Skyler was unhappy at that time.She felt lonely in her birthday.She thought every one forgot her ..( ).

With some friends  Skyler felt better .Her group played joyfully under the tree .Then Charlie's group came and figured out now there were two groups it meant two countries in a place .So he commanded his citizens had to fight Skyler's group.They were ready for the war .Suddenly,it rained heavily .They stopped fighting.The war was over.Charlie gave back the birthday crown to Skyler.They came back in peace and cheered for her birthday .Then Skyler's mom came and everything was over. The unlucky girl escaped from the bathroom.It was a HAPPY and WEIRD Birthday forever.

Here is some photos!:



Hi! Today I am going to blog about the ... SUPER UNIT 4!!!In this unit we are learning about  operations  with fraction! 🤓

Here is some photos !

⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇                            ⬇ ⬇ ⬇                   ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇                            ⬇ ⬇ ⬇


Hello everybody TODAY we had a artist Lee Tracy!!!

We went on a trip!!!!!!

I learned about sustainability It means : Habits that restore our environment 🌍

We drew the nature🖼 , wrote poems 📖& dipped a curtains in the river 🌊!

The sketch i drew :

The poem i wrote :

Near the river:

the fish are swimming and the birds are singing  near the river

And this is here link :




I was really fun writing this story!

This a story about 2 girls and a dog they are stuck in magical island! All they have is a magical candy that makes you fly and a dog collar that makes your dog talk! How will they get back home read and find out!! 📖


Today it was sport day at our school!

My favorite thing was...

1.tug of war because my team won the whole round!

2.My 2nd favorite  was the musical  chair!

The  thing i hated about sports day was that

1.there was only 2 girls in my team !( 🙁 )

2. it was so cold when came out of water!

3. it was so cold when we finished the water activities!

So I think that the Sport day was really  fun and I hope that  next time we have some girls in my team! Bye! 😉

HELLO AGAIN EVERY BODY! And i am sorry that I have no PHOTO Because my computer is lazy and keep saying ERROR Sorry  Please try again Sorry we can not upload that photo ! SORRY!Any ways  i am reviewing my X and ➗ YAYS! So i started bad and then to good I only made 1 mistake and it was so stupid !😿 Any ways  I learned a lot Like re checking and looking at the answer ! I also found out that i wasn't trying my best in the test so I got 95%If i Try better i could have got 100% ! So next time i will recheck more often !Both ways BYE !