In class we learned about Persuasive, Expository, and Procedural writing. We made a diagram for all 3 of the types of writing. It was interesting learning about these 3 types of writing. I learned that all of these types of writing is factual and are non-fiction.

PERSUASIVE: For Persuasive it is emotional, convince others, pro and cons, opinions, and bais. Here is a link for an example of Persuasive writing (about sustainability):

EXPOSITORY: For Expository it is  informational, reasonable, and organization. Here is a link for an example of Expository writing (about sustainability):

PROCEDURAL: For Procedural it is to write it step-by-step, writing how to's (sequential (in order), and instructional.

This week we learned about the "ecosystem", and we also learned how to do "close reading", we read 3 sections. The 1st section is about asking question after we read the text, like what we wonder after reading the text. The 2nd section is about the most important words in the text and the what they mean (the definition). And, the 3rd section is about the main ideas and details of the text.

In my opinion I think that close reading means reading carefully and slowly. I read the text 3 times but I didn't really understand all three and that is why I struggled in section 3 because I didn't read the text carefully enough. I think that next time, whenever we do "close reading" again I will read more carefully. If we don't read the text carefully and slowly I think that we can't answer all of the questions because we might not understand the main idea and the details of the text.

I think that the main idea is the main part of the text and what the text is all about, and the details are the main thing about the details. I think that "close reading" helps us to improve our reading because we are not reading fast and not paying attention to the main ideas and details, but we are reading closely and carefully so we know what the text is all about, I notice that whenever we read the text again I noticed something new about it.


Today in class we learned about "Sustainability Practices". I did not know what was Sustainability Practices until now. Sustainability Practice is to save, take care of, or protect anything, for example: the environment, economics (money), culture, and politics (the law). We also made posters in group about Sustainability Practice, our group (Eliza, Hyunseong, Kimberly and I) did a Sustainability Practice poster about the amusement park, because Mrs. Johnson told every group what place to do a Sustainability Practice poster, for example the school, parks, and cities.

Sustainability Practices makes me think about how much money I wasted for random stuff that I don't really need and that is wasting economics. Also, sometimes I litter (not really but like sometimes I try to throw stuff in the trash can and I missed so that counts as littering too) and that is ruining the enviroment.

My partner, Eun Woo and I are doing 3D printing. And we are trying to make a "bookmark that has a fan on it", because sometimes the weather is hot and you need a fan to fan you, it can also be a bookmark. We are planning to put the fan on top of a bookmark and there will be a weather sensor so whenever it is hot the fan will turn on., there will also be a button to turn the fan on and off so that it won't turn on or off randomly.

Eun Woo and I decided to do this project because we think that this is convenient,  and it will fan us when the weather is hot and it can also be a bookmark so it is easy to take around. The hard thing about this project is that we don't know how to stick the fan on top of the bookmark and not make it fall out, and how to make the bookmark so that the fan and the cords can fit perfectly. I hope this project will go well, because it's a very hard project for me.

  1. This shape is a quadrilateral-true, because it has 4 sides.
  2. This shape is a trapezoid-false, because a trapezoid has 1 set of parallel sides but this shape has 2 sets of parallel sides.
  3. This shape is a rhombus-false, because rhombuses have equal sides but this shape doesn't.
  4. This shape is a parallelogram-true, because it follows all the rectangle's attributes, 2 sets of parallel sides...
  5. This shape is a rectangle, because it follows all the rectangle's attributes, 2 sets of parallel sides...

Currently in class, we are reading a book called "The lemonade war". It is about a boy named Evan and a girl named Jessie, they are siblings, Jessie is super smart so she skipped 3rd grade so she's in 4th grade, but Evan's in 4th grade. Evan is embarrass about Jessie being in the same grade as him because he might get tease. Evan changed so much, he used to like Jessie and play with her but now he acts like he hated Jessie so much, Jessie is a smart person but she doesn't know how people feel. Evan was the one that started "the lemonade war", and they are trying to get to sell lemonades to make $100, and the one that has the most money gets to keep the other person's money and their money.

Jessie was scared that Evan would win so she cheated a little bit, she added bugs, dirt, and other disgusting stuff into Evan's lemonade and he spent $40 for that. He was so made after he realized that Jessie did it he got so mad, so he wanted to revenge, he took Jessie's lemonade money and kept it, he is not going to steal he just kept it, because he would have his $60, but Jessie will have nothing.

After Jessie added disgusting things to Evan's lemonade, she went to the beach with Meghan (she helped Jessie sell the lemonade and has a crush on Evan), she felt so guilty after doing that to Evan. If I was Jessie I would say sorry to Evan for what I did and give him back his $40 dollars.

After that he went to a pool party with his friends, and Scott (Evan's fake friend) stole his money! If I was Evan I would come home and say sorry to Jessie, I would also tell her that Scott stole it, and team up with Jessie to tell on Scott.

This book is really good and I enjoy reading it. I am really excited for what Evan and Jessie are going to do. I hope they will solve the problem together.



This week have been learning about multiplying decimals. At first it was kind of complicated multiplying decimals seems so hard, because I didn't know how to multiply decimals, but when Mrs. Johnson taught us how to multiply decimals using the grids, it got so much easier, she also taught us different ways to multiply decimals, for example using the blocks and using the grid and more. We also did an activity with Mrs. Johnson using the blocks on the carpet.

Here is a picture:


Mrs. Johnson showed us a problem that she made up, for example ☞ 21 × 0.12. After that, we put the blocks together to make the answer for the problems. At first we all took the flats, but then I realized that we don't, because Mrs. Johnson told us that we don't need the flats and why we don't need it, so everyone only used the rods only, there was one problem that all of us got confused about, because the answer did not match the problem, so Mrs. Johnson fixed it with us and we finally got the correct answer.

My topic: Scenting stuff

1. Q? What have you learned so far in this inquiry journey?                                                                       A. I searched in the internet about how to make scented pencil, and I learned how to D.I.Y a scented pencil/how scented pencil was made.

2. Q? What has been a challenge so far?                                                                                                         A. It was hard finding a website about how scented pencils (stationaries) and it was even harder finding a book about that topic, because there is not a lot of website that talk about scented stuff and Wikihow (a famous website) showed me how to scent a pencil.                                       Here is the link: How to D.I.Y a scented pencil

3. Q? What are you excited about?                                                                                                                   A. I am excited about trying to make my own a scented pencil and I am excited to learn more about scenting stuff.

4. Q? What do you wonder?                                                                                                                                A. I wonder why all the scented pencil I have seen has a woody texture on the scented place (for example Smiggle's scented pencil and Smencil's scented pencils), but I don't think that the scented pencil that Wikihow showed us to D.I.Y will have a woody texture on the scented place.

I also think that the scented pencil that Wikihow showed us how to make will have the scent long, because it doesn't have a woody texture after that and I think the woody texture is what keeps the scent long.


Today we played a math decimal game, this game is similar to the game "21". Mrs. Johnson chose our group, I was in a group with Matthew, Kiwan, and Tina. This game was kind of hard because we had to do mental math and I am not good at doing mental so this game was hard for me.

I added the numbers together. My tip was just rounding the numbers, and it would be easier to add them. But when it was close to 1, I started to add the real number (no rounding) to be more exact. It was easier to estimate tenths because there were more numbers and they were easier to estimate, and the estimate was closer.

When I knew that I was close to 1 (for example 800-900) I stopped calling for more cards because I was scared that I will get more than 1, and I knew that it was hard to get more than 700 since there was a lot of cards that had a small number. I won only one round but it was ok. Once I got the answer 3 because I didn't add the number correctly.

We had the Amazing Race yesterday, it was so fun! There were 7 stations, but 6 challanges, and there were 12 teams, I was in a team with Bao Loc, Peggy, and Adrian. Our team got 10th place but it was fun, Bao Loc also piggy backs Adrian because Adrian's legs hurted, it was so funny seeing that. When we were in the buswe took DAB selfies and pictures.

My favorite station was the An Nam Gourmet Station, because it is in Takashimaya and Takashimaya is cold, but the problem was that Mr. Edwards was not in An Nam he was in Mc Donalds so it was hard for my team to find him, we ran around An Nam Gourmet a lot of times and Bao Loc finally find Mr. Edwards in Mc Donalds, Mrs. Brown station was hard because we had to spin 20 times and bring a tray with filled water, I got so dizzy while spinning but when I was bring the tray with filled water I just focused in one cup with filled water and after that I didn't feel dizzy anymore. In Ms. Rayle's station I learned about what to do when someone's leg is broken.

The point of The Amazing Race was to be self-reliant and there was only one parent, our parent was Eliza's mom, Mrs. Yesim Gandara, she was so nice to us literally the nicest parent ever, she ran with us because we were late and she was so active too. The Amazing Race was fun, I really enjoyed it. It was kind of challenging but overall I really really enjoyed it!!!