This is showing earth layers. It is important to know about the earth layers because it is what makes up the place that we are living in. There are four main layers inside the earth. Inner core, outer core, mantle and the crust.  The white block is the inner core. The inner core is about 7000c. It is solid and is made out of iron. You can also see it as the center of the earth. It is a sphere like shape.  The green layer is the outer core. The outer core is about 3700c.This layer has about the same thickness as the inner core. It is made out of liquid iron. When the liquid iron rotates (because the earth rotates) it makes a magnetic field. Without the outer core we would have all been dead because without the magnetic field we would have no protection from the sun. The red block is the mantle. The mantle is the thickest layer of earth and that is why I have put in 2 blocks in to build it. There is the upper mantle and the mantle. The upper mantle is about 1000c and the mantle is about 3700c. The mantle is semisolid. The crust, which is the thinnest layer of earth is the blue block. This is where we live on and that is why there is a human standing on the blue block. The crust is clearly solid since if it wasn't, we wouldn't be standing on it.

This is democracy. The paper says vote for him! The little people on the lego are the people that can vote and the red headed people are the candidates.

This is monarchy. The middle red headed person is the king. On the sides, there are two guards. The other people are bowing to the king.


This is tyranny. The middle person is the tyrant and the other small people are the other people who help the tyrant. All the other people are watching the tyrant while he is getting carried out.

I think it's important to learn about different types of government because than we can know what is happening and what we have to do in different type of situations. We can also know the history of government and how people use to live and what type of government they trusted and different stories of why types of government is not a good government to use.  I think democracy is the best government because everybody get's a fair choice of voting and rights.

In writing we brainstormed about 2 to 5 slogans for our product. My product is shower jellies. These are the two slogans. 1- Have fun, feel fresh- in this slogan we're trying to say that it is fun to play with and cleans well. 2- pluto shower jelly- since our group name is Pluto i'm trying to say that it is as mysterious as a planet in space. I think have fun, feel fresh is better because it is more catchy but if we changed pluto shower jelly in to something more catchy it think it would mean more.

photo-on-12-5-16-at-10-41-amHELLOO! 😝 We mummified some fruits for an experiment. We put in baking soda and salt and took out the organs of the fruit (the seeds.) We mummified tomatoes and apples.🍏🍅Than we wrapped it around with tissue paper. After about a week, we took it out and this is what came out.😬 The TOP 3 things that I liked in Social Studies is review test because it helped me study for the test. The other thing is the mummification because it was a fun experiment to do in social studies! Another one is the timeline because I got to share about what I did my whole life! Thank you for reading 😃

I learned that lakes could be such a big source of everything and I also learned that Ancient Egyptians had a lot of deserts too. The coolest thing was the new plant that I learned which is papyrus. Two things that I think that I did good is that I explained the benefits of the things and the other one is that I made good labels that were easy to read. If I did this project again I really want to make my world better so it is easier for me to move around freely. Another thing that I want to do better is that I want to is to have better sound because I did a voice over and The sound want very good.

First of all PAF stands for Purpose Audience Format. It should be in one of the paragraph or story that we write. For example let's say that we are writing an email to a friend about a food fight that broke in school today and your friend was absent. The purpose is about the way that you are explaining to someone. So the purpose would be to describe, explain and inform. Next, audience. It's who you are writing to. So in this case the audience would be your friend. The format is what we use to deliver our message. So the format would be email. To have more paragraphs that makes sense, you should use PAF. It helps the reader understand more about the message you want to deliver.

In Canva design school there is a getting started step.  It's the very first step. Just like the title it's something for beginners. They teach us things like contrast, how to change colors in canva and how to search things in canva. They generally teach us how to make good designs in posters, essays and more. Canva can really help you with designing.