Time 4 Unit 4!

As you know I have finished unit 3 in math, “Now we have started unit 4!” (That was me talking). Anyhoo, It is Fractions and decimals! Fact: this number, 3.47 is said as, 3 and 47 hundredths. I learned that in our first lesson. Yay me! I already know stuff! I thought decimals were hard at first but so far, they are mostly easy. I am proud of my last test score (which was high) but am really going to try to get 100% and check my work… well!  Decimals are new to me but fractions aren’t. That’s all I have to say. Bye Bye! Comment!

The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever

Hello! There was an elementary play that was called The Most Epic Birthday Party EverMy friends were in it, Including An and Manabi! It was so great and I am definitely joining next year! 

It was about a war over peace or slavery. The main characters were Skyler and Charlie (Isobel and Davie). I almost jumped out of my seat at the end! I watched it twice and my friends and I sang along.

SuperUnit No.4

Hey, guys! How ya doin’?! I’m starting a NEW, FUN, SUPERUNIT! It’s called Viable Vietnam. It used to be called VIBRANT, but they changed it to VIABLE. This unit is super fun! We learn about a subject that is important to VN. My topic is coffee. Did you know that Vietnam is the 2cnd biggest coffee producer in the world? My group members are, Siena Kaya (a.k.a. me, the awesome kid 😍 )Manabi (a.k.a. the funny kid 😎 )Tony (a.k.a. the tech kid 💻 ) and Minh (a.k.a. sporty kid ⚽️ ). Great group right?! (Even though you don’t know who they are) you should check out their blogs too! We have learned a lot about VN coffee and we have planned an interview with the owner of Highlands coffee! “Oh Yeah! Go Us! Go Me! Go Coffee!” I have taken some videos and pictures of ca phé sũa đa. (Vietnamese iced milk coffee) Bye! and comment!

River Artist

Today we had a field trip with an eco-artist named Lee Tracy. It was a very hot day to walk far but we did it anyway. We put white fabric in the murky river. I got water all over me ’cause someone was pulling too hard. Once it was in there for about 10 seconds, we took it out to see how dirty it was and what had got on it. I also made a poem and drew a picture. My poem is just random rhyming words, this is my poem:

 The grass was very green, Just like a  jellybean, The flavor is pear, It looks like green hair, The trees above me as green as the grass and the jellybean. We got here on our feet, friends I’m here to meet. Here is the picture I drew:



My Fantasy Story!

HEY, GUYS! This is my fantasy story.🦄 I really hope you like it because I worked really hard on it guys, really hard. Everybody has different opinions but I really like my book. I am proud of myself for accomplishing it before the deadline! If I had more time I would make the end longer and more intense with more description. Comment on what you think about the book.


The library!

In the library, we check out books, get books read to us and learn about different genres of books. We also sometimes take tasks to put the books back to help. The librarian is Ms.Mandy and she is really nice. Library is very fun because we get to pick out our own books and read them. We have 2 weeks to read the books.


🇻🇳 I have to study Vietnamese because it is part of the school curriculum and because I want to be fluent at it to talk to other people around my neighborhood. Vietnamese class is special because it is learning a whole other language! Many people don’t have this experience so I am lucky. Vietnamese is a great language to learn. 

Musical Music!

In music, we only play games sometimes. Our teacher is Mr.Thompson and the teaching assistant is Ms.Thy. The music classroom is on the lowest floor, under ground floor, where the auditorium is. Sometimes we get to use the instruments but usually, we are just making musical patterns. We always sing songs that none of us have ever heard of. Bye guys!

Dramatic Drama!

😀 I like drama a lot and I am glad to have it as a double block! We learn how to mime, make things more dramatic than they are and we learn how to describe a person without speaking, but acting. We also play fun warm up games like Woosh, Zombie in the middle and Kapow! The teacher is Mr.Alan and the T.A. is Ms.Ngan. We have drama on Mondays and in the morning when I am getting ready for school I always look forward to it!