Book Clubs

Book clubs was great my group read a book called Otis Spofford THis is a great book if you like kid theat are big trouble makers.  It is also a great book if you are a kid 7 to 9.  I love the book it is very funny and weird. I give it a 4 star It is a great book but I wish it was longer.

Cooking With Math

We made cookies are ingredients are  1/4 of butter, 1/4 of sugar, 1/4 of brown sugar,3/4 of vanilla, 3/4 of flour, 1/4of salt, 1/8 apple sauce,1/4 choco chips. The recipe was made for 3  we double it up to make it for 6. So if we messed up the calculations like if the 1/8 of apple sauce it will have to the little flavor. you can also do this with author stuff like pizza so you have 4 people and there are 8 slices so everyone gets 2 slices.