Gummy Bear Government

 – This photo represents monarchy because as you can see there is a gummy bear on a throne and his people bowing down to him.  – This scene represents Oligarchy because there is a group of people and the rest are the just normal citizens. That gummy bear in the -corner is a peasant         – This scene represents tyranny because there’s a tyrant on the lego block and the guards right next to him. While the rest are citizens and peasants on their knees to the tyrant. – last but not least is democracy. This is democracy because you can see the gummy bears that are standing up are canidates. and the guys that are down are voters.

I knew almost all of the government forms except tyranny. I knew what democracy was, because I’m in to politics and like most of the countries are democratic.

It is important to learn about forms of governments, so that you can tell what your country’s form of government is. And if you want to be a politician when you grow up you have to know what types of governments other countries run.

I think democracy is the best way, because it is the most fair way and most of the countries use that form of government. In democracy people get to vote who their leader is. They also get to vote in all of the situations (In ancient Greece).

Slogan for Dragon’s Apprentice

Our product is Recycled Bottle Bracelet (Bracelet made out of plastic bottle). My slogan is “Break the Meta” because Bracelets are sometimes made out of rubber, metal, gold, yarn and wires. While ours are made out of plastic which makes our product unique. So the meta right now is the rubber,metal bracelets. We want ours to be something unique and upcycling. So I think “break the meta” as a slogan would be good.

Social Studies Reflection

I was proud about how I made my topography, vegetations and water in my minecraft. I made the mountains by blowing up the ground with TNT. I used lava for the Sea of Galilee, because if I used water it would look similar to the Jordan river. I was also proud of how fast I got my project done. The project helped me understand by knowing what the ancient Israelites use to get water, or get food. It also helped me know why the Ancient Israelites chose Cannan of all places. It also helped me know what they used for vegetation like they had the olive trees. If I would do something differently it would be use a better version of minecraft, because I used the EDU version so it was 1.7.10.

Lit Circles Vlog ReflectionI

For my reflection I didn’t do well in some areas, because I didn’t get a quote from the book. I was swinging around with my chair. I said “stuff” maybe once or twice.  I did well in some areas like doing the summary of the book without spoiling it.  I described the conflict pretty well, but I didn’t say at least 1 quote from the book.  I was successful with characterization, but I didn’t used 1 quote from the book. I need to work on at least saying 1 quote from the book.

Canva Tutorial

We took basic  tutorials from Canva. The tutorials were easy for me, because I used my dad’s photoshop before. I’ve had past experiences with graphic designs before. I mess with people’s facebook photos and I would add like a crying Jordan face and add other random photos. I found it easy, because I would photoshop other photos like Justin Beiber photos and make fun of it.