This weekend I went to Highlands Coffee and attempted to try make a sphere out of the plastic straw covers and 2 of the drink's plastic lids and poke a hole and try to put it on a zip line and make it slide down. It was a success!

I felt happy and excited because it worked.

I thought it would fail but instead it worked! I think it worked because I added enough weight to it.

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first blog post, my name is Mimi, I'm new to SSIS, I'm in year 5 and next year I'm gonna be in MIDDLE SCHOOL. . .☹️😭. Although I'm very excited for my new school, SSIS. I hope as the year goes on I'll have a great time with everyone! 😆. . . How was YOUR first year at SSIS?

Don't forget to wear your seat belts while going through the rollercoaster of blogs ^_^ .

Goodbye everyone and have a great time!