Explorers blog post

Ok lets get started, I was he only man on the team, so to grab attention did what I was good at, making people laugh, thats what I based my play on, also the play was about ¬†Ferdinand Magellan. Im no proud of my script because I didn’t speak carefully.

If i did it again I would want more people in my team so that there are more roles for the play.

I would give myself a three out of 5 because my play was decent.

I did the part when they traveled around the world, even though Magellan died in the phillippine, one of his ships still made it back to spain with a bunch of spices.



Dance class reflection

When we were learning from the high schoolers I knew that all of them wanted good grades I knew that so I tested to see how far they can go until they start raging.

It was boring, the entire learning experience was boring, only when I remembered about cooties did I have fun, I told a friend that all girls had cooties so we freaked out.

I am kind of sorry for the 9-10th graders because I gave them a hard time, when we were practicing we stayed away from the girls and said cooties, but then the other guy touched her, so we ran.

My feelings were that the dance were boring so we just pranced around in the gym for a while until it was over.


Ship building

When I started my solo ship building I didn’t have a full idea of the ship so when I built it looked like the titanic, seriously it looked like the titanic.

But then I realized the end was more wedged so I broke one end and fixed it, even though I burned my hand with the glue gun I still managed to make the ship, I used an Iphone 5s box and made it the iphone 5s ship.

But then I had to paint it and the Iphone 5s ship was no more, it looked like this.

Book Review

Near the beginning of April our class formed a book club, the book that we chose was the bridge to Terrabithia, we thought it was interesting but it was boring. My thoughts of the book were that it was very boring so I didn’t really know the characters that much.

Example in Harry Potter you can connect to him and really know him as a character but in this book it doesn’t introduce so much about the characters.

After I finished the book I connected it to my own book but a little different, in my story I didn’t make the book long but I have a clear understanding of my character but in this book it is long and written well but it doesn’t show a very clear understanding of the characters because of 3rd person view.

I think the book is great but if it shows the story in the characters shoes it would make the book more interesting.

This is my Book Review

Unit 5 reflection

In unit 5 I got a high test score so I went in a special group to do harder problems the first one was simple but we thought outside the box and all of us were wrong but the answer was simple. The second one was so raging it took forever to answer so when my friend knew the answer he told everyone what it was so I passed even though the others were so mad. The third one was really simple and I did it in a few minutes but number 4 and 5 were so hard.


Film festival reflection

In the film festival I saw all the documentaries that we made and most of them were about food, I felt that the documentaries were very funny because there were videos of people eating and funny gestures so that we all laugh.I thought that the documentaries had alot of pictures and videos both from real life and the internet.

Most epic birthday party ever

When I saw the most epic birthday party It was really fun long so that my feet felt numb and the governments was not so good at their job Charlenia was the medieval government with kings and queens but it was cruel.But Skymerica was also a bad government because there were no laws but just freedom. And they could have just jumped over the fence to escape. This is my reflection of the most epic birthday party.