Most epic birthday party ever

When I saw the most epic birthday party It was really fun long so that my feet felt numb and the governments was not so good at their job Charlenia was the medieval government with kings and queens but it was cruel.But Skymerica was also a bad government because there were no laws but just freedom. And they could have just jumped over the fence to escape. This is my reflection of the most epic birthday party.

Unit 4 math reflection

In unit 4 of math I learned alot about having to really read the question correctly, in this unit I knew what to do so it wasn’t hard at all really so that is why I and some friends got really high scores.During so I got to understand more of the language of math and how to show it in different ways so that is my Unit 4 reflection.

Lee tracy field trip

Today I went on a field trip with Lee tracy to discover about the dirty waters in Vietnam, and in it we got to see the germs inside the water and how dirty it was and when we pulled up the cloth it was so dirty,I couldn’t believe that the river that surrounds us is so polluted.

Later we made sketches and poems about nature my poem is a haiku so here it is

Trees surround us all                                                                                                      with their air and their shelter                                                                                                       but we cut then down.

Also the definition of sustainability is to maintain a certain level of something.


My fantasy story

This is my fantasy story and I learned alot.

I learned that having dialogue is really hard to put in because it takes so much space and also I learned that using tab it makes it alot easier to write.

My first plan was only 1 characters going through different worlds trying to find artefacts to destroy the Gyrox, but then it would be too simple so I decided to add another character  and the book would be really long but we had short time so I made the story very short.




Hi so far I think vietnamese class is really fun.

When we celebrated tet in vietnamese I played a vietnamese version of bingo, hit a pinhata and gamble,on that day at the last bet,i bet all my money on the deer and it worked I got 256 dollars and I was so rich.

In vietnamese we do tasks like writing stories and doing our projects in vietnamese,

So so far I really like vietnamese class


In art I think I am pretty good at drawing and painting.

In art I kind of am bad at keeping on track of things like doing the graffiti on the canvas I started of but then I got a little crazy and just ruined it.The second one was letters I did O H and I thought of it better but when I finished I still was going crazy.

I started to draw a figure but I couldn’t really do it because I suck at drawing and I really hate coloring because 1 takes a long time 2 it can really easily be ruined and 3 it is boring and the same thing in painting too if you do something wrong then it messes up the entire painting.


In P.E we are doing the relays and testing our skill,I enjoy doing chuk ball and hand ball, chuk ball is a game where you cant defend the ball and you have to throw it at the chuk and the other team cant defend it so you throw the ball into the chuk and the other team has to catch it.

Handball is a game like soccer but you use your hands to throw the ball into the goal and playing it was really fun because i score a lot along with my teammates and we have to  catch the ball.

So far I really like P.E.

Energy saving prototypes

Hi me and my friends had finished a project about energy saving and this blog post is about what we did.

We made this project because people are putting chargers in the sockets even though it is unused,when it is in the socket it still transfers energy which is wasting energy. So how it works is when the computer is full it waits 15 seconds and then makes a sound that tells you to unplug.

We used a Hummingbird,servo,tricolor led light,led light,paint,cardboard and hot glue.

Special subjects:Drama

In drama I learned that acting isn’t so hard and most of the time it is really fun because when you watch yourself act on screen it is funny and also the scenarios are funny.

The last time I did an act was tony was the guard and we were electro and ice wizard trying to steal the legendary cards from the bank quang just grabbed a card and went but I stayed back and kept taking cards when tony was getting slowed down by quang.

In it i also did a game where you sell things that you cant see I sold rifles to people and so many people bought my rifles and i got I dollars,the second round I bought a macbook from mr alan and i saw so many people go to christine because she was selling money also in there minh was bankrupt cause nobody bought his cars.