The learning journey we had!

Our learning journey was awesome. If you’re wondering what Learning journey is, it’s when you get to share ALL the things you did in the year to your parents. We made a video about that. That video has images, voiceover and texts. Now you know what learning journey is, I’m going to show the video I made.

The Film Festival we had!!!!

Today, I am going to tell you about what we did and what we had to make that thing happened  in the Film Festival. It took about 1 month to finish the Documentary we made. It was very hard. First, Mr Papaseit told us how to use iMovie. Some of us even took the weekends to do it! In our Documentary, we had images, videos, interviews, texts and voiceover. On March 28th 2017, we made sure all of us had our documentary on Youtube. This is the Documentary we made and uploaded to youtube.




The awesome eco artist!

Today, we walked to the bridge in front of the crescent mall and had a lot of fun! First, our class got some water of the river with a bucket. After that, we sketched things we saw. Then, we wrote some haikus and poem. Then, ate lunch. Finally, we took the fabric to the river. the first one was for the eco artist (Lee Tracy). The second one was for our school.

Before we went to crescent mall, Lee Tracy told a lot to us. She told us what sustainability is. Sustainability means to not be harmful to the environment/nature.

This is a photo of the pond.

This is my sketch of the lily pad and the lotus flower.

This is a photo of the Haiku i wrote.

The field trip we had!

Today, I am going tell you about the awesome field trip we had. The first day, we went to watch the water puppet show. After that we went to the food market for lunch. It was yummy. The second day, we went to two place. It’s the Aó Daì and the medicine museum. The third day, we went to the Farm. We made a piggy bank and also caught fishes. It was fun! The fourth day, we ate some Vietnamese food. It was very yummy!

Here is the video of the Field trip!

The Awesome Field Trip To Aó Dài Museum And Fito Vietnamese Medicine Museum!

Today, I will tell you about the awesome field trip to two museum! First, we went to the Fito Vietnamese Medicine Museum. We learned a lot in there. There was two famous Herbal Doctors. From outside, it look like it was so small but, inside was so big. After that, we went to a  Aó Dài Museum. It was the third floor of a restaurant. We designed a Aó Dài that we liked in a collection they had. We also ate lunch in that restaurant. It was yummy!

Here are some photos:


Our Field Trip To The Water Puppet Show!

Today, we went to a water puppet show! When the show was done, the manager of the water puppet show who was a performer told a lot of things about water puppet show. After that, we walked to a park for snack then, we interview some people in the park. We went to a food market where there was a lot of little restaurant. Most of the kids went to the same place. I ate pork with fish sauce. I had to wait a lot because so many people were also there. It was fun.

How we made our good fantasy story!

When we made our story, we had to do many things. We created a drawing of a setting for one of the parts in our story. We needed to check so we had all things on an elements of fantasy checklist. We made a story arch that had a beginning, middle, end, climax and struggle. We typed our story directly on to our computer. We had to revise and edit our story. We  made a All About The Author page that had information about us and a picture of me. We drew a cover for our story and printed pages.

Our Showcase Day!

Today, I’m going to tell you about our showcase day we had with our parents and teachers. We had been working very hard to finish all of our things.  First, we had to finish our coding game. We were working with a program called scratch. Also, we finished our fantasy story, which took a lot of time. Lastly, our prototype was the hardest because first, we had to learn to code. Then, we had to also learn the humming bird, which was very hard. After that, we planned our prototype. Our parents came to see all three of these. When I was going to school, I felt so nervous but, when I did it I wasn’t nervous.

Here are some pictures.


The Games we made with coding!

We had been working on a game we showed to our parents on a program called ‘Scratch’. It is a coding website where lots of people code and share projects. First, our teachers told us basic coding then, they told us the hard coding. It took a lot of time to think what our game will be like and also learn hard coding.

This is a picture of my game.