Mandarin SLC

My best success was that I was able to speak mandarin now more fluent without having to look. Learn and I felt that speaking is quite ok not too hard

I face some big challenges but mostly was the radicals of which I couldn’t remember, I had to overcome it by keep on writing it until i remember


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Blog Post Art Chair Sculture

What will be easy? What will be challenging? What ideas do you have already? Why do we use the design process and not just take our first idea? What are you looking forward to about this task? What topic are you thinking of? Why? ADD a photo of your design and briefly explain how you think you’ll make it.

This unit will be about chair sculpture and it is not easy at all, there will be challenges regarding the making which is shaping, modeling etc. Some ideas have pop up in my head and one that i’m interested in is heaven and hell. We all use the design process to help make the idea more real and remove the impossible and make it easier. As stated I have heaven and hell although my first thought was on death i change many things and the result made me more happy. I want to have 2 heaven and hell land also the hell has grim reaper and devil also there is the image of texture in nail and sharp vs feather

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Tutorial i’m planning to use this as a way to make my pot of oil of which i’m planning to do next and this would help out a lot and it would make my job get easier to complete.

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Time line

Day 2 : Making more men for the vase

Day 3 : Create a cotton bed

Day 4 : Painting the arms

Day 5: Spray paint the vase

Day 6: Break the disk

Day 7 : Putting on nails

Day 8:  Add the little details of rough

Day 9: Hang the ghost

Day 10: Add on the nails


Ecodome Day 21

Our second ecodome died of earlier this week, looking inside, there seems to be a lot of moist, the dead grasshopper had experience a thing that we had never foreseen, moisture. The air was too humid and it created a lot of moss, this killed of the breathing way of the grasshopper which is through skin. This was a crucial mistake and we fix it later on by having less water.

In conclusion, the water was too much and this was a mistake that both of the older ones had. Now, in particular, the moss was a new thing that we had to do some research and we found out something: “Moss forms from spores that are carried by wind currents and moving water. In most cases moss spores can not form in areas where healthy plants are already growing. ” This proved that our plant are growing weaker very fast.

We have the research so we decided to completely change all the plants.Furthermore as a more effective food we found that oatmeal is a great food for our grasshopper.

More ideas came to us to make the new ecodome. This time around, we put it 10 milliliters of water in a small cap and also we added 300 grams of oatmeal to the top as food for the first week. Around 10 grams of oatmeal was added to the soil as nutrition.



Debate 8F Invention debate

Statement: The light bulb had a more profound impact on human history than the atomic bomb

Pro: Christian; Karstan(Light bulb)

Con: Minh(me); Mosses(Atomic bomb)

Role matrix

Debate planning doc

Debate footage


  1. From the research, preparation and the debates themselves, what did you learn about the art of persuasion? Please explain.

The way you speak makes the audience more interested into your speech, there is also many ways to persuade people not just with solid facts but way of speaking as the voice.

  1. How do you establish credibility as a debater? Explain fully.

You could use many evidence and and cited credible source and talk in a loud confident tone to get credibility even if your source isn’t that good. Also many cite had already have trust and by using them your credibility will rise

  1. What surprised you the most about your debate and/or the debate experience?

The way it turned out and the energy sparked out and the dynamic of the speech and the rebuttal where the heat got the teams working. The way the teams work together and the argument was another very interesting thing that made be impressed

  1. What were you most proud of in your own debate?

I like my tone and the way I talked it was clear and confident . I like my rebuttal and the evidence that i found out which supported my idea. I was also proud the way I put together the last

  1. What would be your next steps? Or in other words, what would you have done differently?

I would have be more careful of my tactics and would not let out the effect in killing of the bomb. Also I would be more careful of the timing of my final rebuttal.





Language Art Blog Research Paper

There are many things that I did that is very successful is the research in finding of Jack the Ripper first motiven which is his early life which I  found many good source that would help me in writing my paragraph.

The world is not always so good and I ran into many trouble. The one that is most chalenging is the struggle for my third point and idea for the writing.

If I were to do it different I would consider making the story and writing more closed.

Ecodome Day 7


All the crickets died one starve to death or got eaten the other one committed suicide. All the plants are good, they grew to a better level  there is enough oxygen for them to survive but not the correct food so they starve

We would want to say the plants are good so there would so they will continue on all of the crickets are dead so they would be many trouble they survived for 1 week which is good but we would change it up to get a better time that they survive

We researched what they eat and found out some interesting food that they might like also we would decrease the amount of water we would put in the eco-dome so that the crickets can get out even if they fall into the water.

Also now we will put 1 grasshopper into the eco-dome so that there are more  20161108_14301720161108_14302920161110_114209

Ecodome Day 1

  • We want to have 3 types of soil ,

some sand which is 25% some normal soil and soil with dead plants. We want 2 crickets is we want some worm in to fertilize the plants and soil. We want three big plant to give oxygen and and small ones for food when they grow. We want a lake for water with around 50 milliliters Then with some care we will leave some fresh cut veggies in it so the crickets can survive the first day or two.

Language Arts blog

1.  What did you do well or bad?

I think I did well on the design and location of each of my paragraph. I also think I have all the extra information done correctly to help people understand my article. furthermore, I think that the construct of my news paper article was correct and easy to follow by many people I also had some power words to express the situation. Still I had some problem regarding the writing. I felt like my 5W were out of place and didn’t all be in the first paragraph of the text.

2. What did you learn?

Through the writing I learned many new skill and technique to write a good text. One thing that I value the most is the skill to research and find informations to support and introduce people to the topic. There was also a skill that made me better which is to include power word and make descriptive sentences to help people visualize the scene and all the things that happened. They were very valuable skills that I learned which will help me in the future.

3. How was Q1 for you

Quarter 1 was very interesting, I learned some new things and skill in the whole quarter I was also a great start for me into this new school year. Quarter ! was a great chance for me to get used to the new school year and the new things and projects surrounding it.

The journalism article:

Phu My Hung the changes through the years

 Phu My Hung is a developed area in Ho Chi Minh city the story of this region wasn’t the same in the past.


 This year in the 23 memorial of Phu My Hung Corporation. We came and interviewed a year-long employee and found out more about the start of this area.

 In 1999 two men, Mr. Peiser and Chen had hope in the area of Phu My Hung today. They changed the muddy ground and place into a very popular and advance zone. The start was rough this place was a mud land and was worth nothing.Through the years now this mud swamp is an urban area with new housing project being released every year.

According to their own website, Phu My Hung have a total area of 750 hectare and with the Nguyen Van Linh Parkway of 17.5km which leads you to Long An.

 On June 26th, 2008, The Minister of Construction Nguyen Hong Quan and Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Chairman Le Hoang Quan presented Phu My Hung the Certificate to recognize Phu My Hung “A new model city” .

Interviewing Ms. Hoai Thuong, there was more information that came up. She has been working in Phu My Hung for over 20 years and is one of the first generation employees.

What was Phu My Hung like before? “ When this place was in the start we have to travel by boat in order to get here, now it’s just great with all the roads.”

 According to Ms. Thuong, there were many changes that had occurred some more notable than others like better road, away from a lot of traffic jam, made good from the start. houses being made, having synchronized planning having clean roads, less dirt.

“ These changes defy and from Phu My Hung also separating it from a variety of other new urban cities.”

Who was the first man to thought of the changes?. Sir Lawrence S.Ting was the answer to the question.

 What was the vision of Sir Lawrence S.Ting at the time? “ He wanted to bring Taiwan to Vietnam and make Vietnam better not take from Vietnam.”

  Are there any changes that you are unsatisfied of? The new opening of the Phu My bridge is good but also has let much large trucks get to Phu my hung very easy. This  makes the worries for accidents.

 Phu My Hung has been through many rough changes in the past and despite the past Phu My Hung is and will be one of the best new urban town in Vietnam like it is now.