HS Dance

I thought that the dance was fun and I liked it. My favorite part about the dance was the DAB!!!. I thought that the High Schoolers taught this dace very well and they gave as specific instructions such as how many beats or how many times. We practiced a lot of times and then we did a dance of! I think that the dance was very creative. I also liked it when we did Just Dance because I like dancing and it is very fun. Here’s the link:


Unit 5🏳️‍🌈

In Unit 5 I leaned a lot of things, such as 8/10=0.8 and how fractions and decimals are related.This unit was not too hard.this unit was about decimals and fractions.Before this unit I did not know the relationship between decimals and fractions.I also did not know that how to add a decimal to another decimal.

The Film Festival

Yesterday, was the Film Festival it was really exciting and FUN.In this unit Viable Vietnam I learned a lot of things such as what the name of the different shots are.I also learned a lot about the country Vietnam it’s self.Me and my group’s documentary was about the Traditional Medicine of Vietnam.After the Film Festival me and my friends went to eat ice cream.

me and my group

me and my friends dabbing

me and friends giving the cards


my reflection


The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever

The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever was a great play.I wasn’t in it but it was really good.My friends were in the play and I am really proud of them.It was about a kids birthday party and they decided to make a country but then someone makes another country and then they decide to have war but then it started to rain and then they become friends again.Here are some pictures:

Unit 4 End

In unit 4 I have learned a lot of things about fractions.First of all I learned how to multiply fractions.second of all I learned how to add and subtract fractions.I also learned some new words like decompose and some other words.I have really enjoyed this unit.

Lee Tracy:River Artist Trip🕊

today,was the river artist trip for 4th grade.We did a bunch of activities.the walk to the rainbow brigde was really long.The first activity we did was putting a long piece of fabric in the water and then pulling the whole thing out the first part of the fabric was not so brown but at the end there was some mud.I learned the Lee Tracy did this because her dream was to drink from a clean river.the next activity I did was writing a pome about nature.here is my pome about nature:                  The river is so blue                                                                                     Like you and me                                                                                       The trees are dead                                                                                    And I am in bead                                                                                    This pome is about how sad I am when I know that there is trash all around the world.The last activity was sketching the nature around the park.Her are my sketches: 

please check Mrs.Lee Tracy’s blog:https://www.leetracy.com/projects_worldrivers.html

Math Unit 3

In math we just finished our unit 3 called Equivalent Fractions.I learned that if you multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same number then the answer will be equivalent! I am proud because I got a good score and I learned a lot of things. I need to keep on working on the trophy questions and explaining the question.