Our awesome film festival of fourth grade Documentaries!!!!

Over the past school weeks, we were working on our viable vietnam documentaries. Our driving questions were “How can we teach others about sustainability? What is Sustainability? What is culture? How are sustainability and culture connected? How do geographic features interact with culture? What makes a documentary effective?” In our documentaries we showed all of that. I liked the part where we were starting to put all our things into the documentary. I also liked when we had meetings on the weekends. I am proud of our final product but I know it still has some weaknesses. Next time I wish we were more cooperative and make better audio recordings. I think this unit was awesome.My teammates were Me,Bo,Riku and Nam.
Under here is our Documentary, Please enjoy the doc!!!!

The awesome day of rainbow bridge! (field trip)

In the morning we started walking to the rainbow bridge in Crecent mall. We were walking on the pavements and roads and it was kind of dangerous so we had to have partners and my partner was Bo.

After we arrived we put a bucket into the river and took the river water. It was cleaner than I thought but it was not clean enough to drink. After that we went sketching nature pictures and then when we were done we ate lunch and we wrote poems and the sketch.

After that we went dipping cloth into the river and then we took the cloth out of the river and sw the cloth was stained. It was the result of the pollution in the river. Then we dipped one more cloth into the river. After that we went back to the school. In this field trip I learned Sustainability(Having habitats that restore our environment. The artist who helped and taught us was Lee Tracy.

Our awesome viable vietnam field trip!!!(Water Puppet show.)

In the morning at 8:15 we went to the puppet show in district one. It was a long ride to there by bus but when we arrived it was awesome. I went there more than two times but I was still happy about it. There we watched the short performance of the water puppet show and learned lots of facts.

◊The water puppet show has started 1000 years ago and used to be a game instead of a show.

◊Woman aren’t aloud to act in the puppet show because if there was a good show and the woman who was acting got married and the man was from another village, then the woman might tell and other villages will learn the secret.

◊We also learned how to control the puppets but it is a secret so we can’t tell.

After the puppet show we went to the park Tao Dan and we rested. After about 10-15 minutes we started interviewing people around the park. Then we went to the Ben thanh street food and ate food. I ate a pork with some meat and rice dish. I also had a mixed berry smoothie.

After eating we went on the bus and came back to SSIS. That was our whole field trip.

Our awesome fantasy stories!!!

When we were making our fantasy story, we did 7 things in order to finish the fantasy story. In the beginning we had to create and draw a map of our fantasy world that is for our book.Then we filled in a sheet called elements of fantasy checklist which helped us to have an idea of what to write for our fantasy story. After that we made a story arch or mountain which helped us to have an idea to strengthen the plan and idea of our stories, it gave us an idea of the beginning,middle,end,struggle and climax. Then we started writing our fantasy stories.After we were done (which took a while.) ,we revised and edited our fantasy story. Then we made an about the author page which was pretty cool because I got to put my photos there,Lastly we made a bookcover for our books and printed out our whole story.It was an awesome and amazing time!!!

The showcase of thinking out of the box!!!

When we finally were don with our projects we started to tell them what we have done in the unit. Together we explained to all the visitors what our classroom tool does. It was a tiring and hard job, but we enjoyed it. We thought our project was successful and we even showed them that our classroom tool was made of 3D PRINTING!!! After that we went to our classroom to show them our fantasy book and fantasy story. first I showed them my fantasy story, then the game. After we were done I felt as if I had a metal weight taken out of me. I enjoyed this unit and wish to do it again.

My awesome unit of thinking out of the box!!! :)

It has been a long and hard unit. During the unit we had to do the fantasy coding and fantasy story and prototype. I tried my best on the fantasy coding game and I used lots of codes to build it. I had to switch lots of my variables and once in a while my game will have a wrong code and it takes a long time to fix it. On the way, Riku,Jaewoo, Davy and Mr. Papaseit had helped me on my mistakes and problems. Also in my game I had to build new sprites and costumes. I still have some problems in my game but it is done.It had been a great time to do coding and I wish to do it again.


In my fantasy story I had to do a lot of writing and I had to change some of my original plans. In the beginning I was writing very slow but then I started to pick up speed. I started to add so many new ideas I almost can’t put them all in but I did. Also I started to add the thoughts of the characters and that is why you would see some slanted words. I enjoyed writing the story and I may make a second book for in the same series. I also loved this project.

We also made a prototype for saving energy. I think it was the most easy of the three. Me, Jaewoo and Riku had to build it. together we thought up a plan to save energy. I got frustrated a lot but we were a great team. Our project is called {The awesome classroom tool}. It has a light sensor and if it senses it is too dark, the light will turn on. Also it can turn on a fan when it is too hot and can say be quiet when it is loud. I really enjoyed all three of them and wish to do all again. It may be hard work, but when you do it, it is amazing.

The awesome happy new year (P.S Real pictures)

On the first day I went back to taiwan.We stayed  at my grandmas house for ten days and part of the time I saw one of my best friends:). After the days in taiwan I went to Japan. The first day I went to Sendai. It was a beautiful city. But since I arrived at Sendai very late we had to go to sleep.



On the second day we saw snow falling down the streets of Sendai. We went to the train station to get to the Shiroishi-Zao. We headed for Shiroishi-Zao because we were heading to the fox village. When we got to the we were on a mountain. Inside the fox village was foxes, sheeps, goats, and rabbits. There was even this park where the foxes roamed free. We even got to feed them! We had to go on a built wooden house so when we give the foxes food they wouldn’t bite your hand. There food was a sausage like meat. I liked the fox village a lot.




On the third day we went to the Zao village which was awesome. There was a mountain next to it and there was something called snow monsters. It was actually just a tree covered in snow, but it was beautiful.I loved the mountain. There was skiers everywhere and it was a beautiful sight, On the top of the mountain you could see everything below you and it was amazing. The wind up there was so strong and cold it felt like you were in a typhoon.But it was beautiful.I loved that place. It was an amazing day.


We also went to lake towada and we went  to the lake side. It was bigger than I thought. When we went to see it there was a sheet of snow around it. We were unfortunate because the ferry that took the people around the lake. But it was still beautiful from the rim of the lake.It was an amazing view and I wish to see it again. 





Our amazing math adventure!

Today on December 14, 2016 we had a math show to show what we have been doing on math these past weeks.It was a very exciting thing to do and it went awesome.Me and my mom were playing against my friend and his dad.We lost all the matches:( exept one:).I loved this adventure and hope we try it again! At first I was nervous about doing it but after  a while I was so ready to do more.It was an awesome experience.