The Explorer Video

Hi! This is a video of our play  and 1 thing I really enjoyed about this is writing the script because it was funny when we say the parts it funny, and something I learned was that Marco Polo lied about the path of were he sailed. And that’s all i have to say and bye.


Book Review

Hi! I just finished a book and I would rate this book 1 out of 5 because it was a bit hard to understand and it was a bit confusing at the same time. I think that I would recommend this book to a middle schooler because it’s a bit more of their level. That’s all I have to say and bye.

Ship Building Challenge

Hi! This is our final ship and when we were building it we kind of got a little too excited and then we argued and some of us cried and some got mad but I didn’t really get mad because I didn’t cause all of that trouble but it was still fun to build the ship and maybe next time try not to argue so much. I hope you enjoyed and please check out the picture that I put in and bye 🙂🙂🙂🙂

Ship Building Challenge

Hi! As you might know, I am on my Explorer unit and we are not done with it yet but it’s going really well (NOT), but we are working cooperatively and I am quite excited to see how it turns out because it looks like it ok so far. I hope you enjoyed and please cross your fingers so that our boat comes out good.!!!

Earth Week Project

Hi! This is my earth week project that me and my friends made. It was really fun to make this but at the same time it was hard because me and my friends had to pick up leaves that were very very very stinky but in the end, we made it through but it was very very hard because we had to finish it but we nearly didn’t make it in time but we finished it just in time. I hope you enjoyed my blog post wait I almost forgot special thanks to Sue and Victoria for being in my group and helping me make this awesome poster and bye bye!!

Book Club Recommendation

In the past few weeks, we have started book clubs. Our group’s name is The Popcorns 🙂 and we are reading a book called Because Of WinnDixie. I recommend this book because it is about a dog and if you like animals then you should read this book, and there are lots of different feeling and it explains about how Opal (She is 1 of the main character) goes to the supermarket and finds WinnDixie there and she takes him home and loves him. I would give this book 5 stars because it’s a really really good book in my opinion because it has lots of feelings and also lots of descriptive words. So that’s why I really recommend this.

How I Am Feeling About Tonight

Hi again! Tonight is a BIG night for me because we are doing the film festival and in the film festival we are going to show our film that we made and our topic is Ao Dais and I am really really really TERRIFIED because I’m shy to show all the people in the audience our film. Anyway, I just hope that everything will be ok and wish me luck, please. I hope you like my blog post and I’m just crossing my fingers. >_<