Book Club Recommendation

In the past few weeks, we have started book clubs. Our group’s name is The Popcorns 🙂 and we are reading a book called Because Of WinnDixie. I recommend this book because it is about a dog and if you like animals then you should read this book, and there are lots of different feeling and it explains about how Opal (She is 1 of the main character) goes to the supermarket and finds WinnDixie there and she takes him home and loves him. I would give this book 5 stars because it’s a really really good book in my opinion because it has lots of feelings and also lots of descriptive words. So that’s why I really recommend this.

How I Am Feeling About Tonight

Hi again! Tonight is a BIG night for me because we are doing the film festival and in the film festival we are going to show our film that we made and our topic is Ao Dais and I am really really really TERRIFIED because I’m shy to show all the people in the audience our film. Anyway, I just hope that everything will be ok and wish me luck, please. I hope you like my blog post and I’m just crossing my fingers. >_<

Eco Artist Lee Tracy

Today we went on a field trip to do some art with the artist Lee Tracy. First, we got to write a poem about nature and it was ok I mean I didn’t have the best one but mine was ok. Second, we got to dunk cloth into the river water and it was really dirty but it was fun to do so I didn’t find it dirty. Lastly, we got to sketch out pictures of nature, so what you do is you find a spot and you find something to draw in that spot then you start drawing or sketching your picture. That’s all we did today so I hope that you enjoyed and there are pictures so that you can see what I did.

How To Solve A Fraction Problem

We are learning how to add and subtract fractions with common denominators. And so I would like to show you how to solve 1 today. So the problem is that Marissa gave Paulo 4/10 of a Sweet Fraction Bar. Michael gave Paulo 3/10 of a Sweet Fraction Bar. How much candy does paulo have now? How you solve it is very easy you just take 4+3=7 and then you add the 10ths to it and it becomes 4/10+3/10= 7/10. So that is how you solve a fraction problem. Thank you 🙂

Energy Saver 1.0

I am most proud of team work because we worked well together and sometimes when we got angry at each other we would forgive each other and we also help each other a lot. Sometimes it was hard to work with my group because sometimes when I do something and I need help my group doesn’t help me but in the end they do help me and so that’s why i’m proud of my group. And I also hope you like our video as well.