A Field Trip To The Rainbow Bridge

Hi, Today We went to the Rainbow river and dip two piece of cloth in the bat river. We even wrote poems about what we see and what we feel. We did it with Lee Tracy. she is a eco artist so she calls the dipping into rivers is art. We also learned what sustainability means. It means the environment that is not being harmful. So we are trying not to be harmful to the earth and so that we can make the world a better place. These are our pictures and poems that we drew and wrote. We also try out the lily pad and we found out that lily pads never get wet when you put water on them.  We had a lot of fun.



My Field Trip Overview

Hi, Last week we went to 3 field trips and thats a lot of field trips. We went to the water puppet show and also herbal museum and Áo Dài museum. The children farm in Binh Duong. We even made a i movie project of all the pictures and videos we took. It was super fun. We also had experience of vietnamese culture. And what it’s like in vietnam. We also tasted the different kind of vienamese food. We also learned wha the kind of herbal tea makes our self better when we are sick. The important thing is that we can have ideas for our documentary that we are going to make. 


My Field Trip To Binh Duong!!!

We went to the children Tree Farm. We planted rice and we pulled our Morning glory (That is a type of vegetable.) And we went to catch fishes. We made piggy banks and we even got one to take home. It looked like a pig with a big whole on the butt. We catched 19 fishes. And the other group catched 22. We also named our group and our group was called Dinosaurs. The other was Unicorns. We learned a lot about farming.  And we learned that we should appreciate to the workers because they planted the rice for us so that we don’t need to grow our self. We just cook and eat.  We also had lunch there and it was pretty good.

Field Trip!!!

Today we went to the puppet show theater. We knew the secret of how they move the puppets. And we also got try them and see how it looks like it was very heavy. We also went to the Bên Thầnh Food Market and we got to try Vietnamese food and we could even practice our Vietnamese speaking skills. We also even got to ask question about how and when they made and created the water puppet show. We were very impressed and we enjoyed the show a lot. At the food market we could also have Ice cream and smoothies. There is one kind that the Ice Cream is made into a dog or cat’s paw shape. It is very cool. We also interview people and we ask them… 

  1. Why are you here in this place?
  2. What do you like about Vietnam?
  3. What is your name?
  4. Do you think it is a good place to be in Vietnam?

We had lots of fun and we are looking forward to go to other places. I think I will have fun at the other places. 

Field Trip To Museums!!!

We went to the Áo Dài museum and Herbal museum. We got to see different kinds of Áo Dài. And we get to draw what we want our Áo Dài to be. And for the Herbal museum, we saw different kind of medicines and herbs. And we also watch a small video. At the food court we ate Bun Bo Hue. It is a type of noodles in Hue. We also have teams. And we work together as a team and we get to take pictures and videos. 




My Wonderful Fantasy Story!!!

My fantasy story took me a lot of time to finish. We created a setting for our story. We wrote what will be our plan for our story to make it so that their is the Elements of Fantasy. We had a story arch that leads us to how we write it. So, we know what the beginning, middle, end, struggle and climax is. Also we wrote on our computer so that it is easier to revise and edit. We printed our story out so that we could find the mistakes easier. We wrote about our selfs. We also laminated our stories and made a book cover.  

T.B.T Prototype Group!!!

Our project is a lamp. How it works is it senses you and the light will turn on and when no one is near it turns of and will not light up.  We can save energy by when they use the lamp at night then they turn on and of but when they are sleepy they forget to turn it of. So, that means they are wasting energy so we made a automatic lamp that you don’t need to turn of and on.