Book Clubs 2!!!!

Our book club book is called Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key. I liked this book very much because it gives a good understanding for the reader. I would give this book a rating 4 out of 4 because it explains one problem in the whole entire book. It talks about joey having a sickness that is ADHD. ADHD is a sickness that people get. You can tell if they have it by them jumping around and not focusing. One part I liked was the part where joey goes to school and the Mrs. Maxy (teacher) gave joey a job, and that job was sharpening pencils, then he became silly that he even put his own finger in the sharpener. Also, when Joey and his class went on a field thrip they went to Amish farm and they offered a cake called molasses shoofly pie and the teacher said that joey must not eat it because it was not good for his body. But he refuse so the teacher sent him back to the bus. I would recommend you to read this book if you did not yet.

Our Explorer Play!!!

Our super unit was explorers so we made a play that connects to the Age of Exploration. We found out that there was a sickness called Scurvy. Scurvy is a sickness that people get bloody teeth and gums or they might get diarrhea.  I also had a partner called Danbee. Our skit was about about Scurvy however we did not mention Scurvy in the play because in 1488 they did not know that the sickness was Scurvy. I was proud of saying my lines in a clear voice. I felt that I need to spend more time memorizing my skit. On a scale from 1~4, I would give myself a 2 because I did not do very well on memorizing. I enjoyed the Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea play. I think they did well because they made it very interesting and they memorize all their scripts.

Our Explorer Information!!!

Our explorer is called Bartolomeu Dias. He sailed through the tip of Africa and named it the Cape of Good Hope and also Bartolomeu Dias’s ship is called Sao Cristovao. Dias is from Portugal. Dias was borned on 1450 in Algarve, Portugal. And Dias died on 1500 May 29. I enjoyed studying about Bartolomeu Dias and making out boats. I also had fun working with my partner Danbee. I think this explorer is intresting to explorer.

Book Clubs!!!

       This book is called The Pinballs. I give this book a rating 2 out of 5 because I think that this book has a very strong feeling you can feel.  This book is about Carlie the girl is like in the pinball machine because Mr Mason kept telling her to get things and she is going crazy like a pinball. And they were at a foster home and Carlie made 2 friends Thomas J and Harvey.Thomas J also had 2 twins. They are called The Bensons Twin. Now they now that they can depend on each other.  So, that they do not have to be running around like pinballs. Thomas J was sick at 1 part and he had to go to the Hospital. And then Carlie and Harvey got a puppy for Thomas J to make him feel better.




A Field Trip To The Rainbow Bridge

Hi, Today We went to the Rainbow river and dip two piece of cloth in the bat river. We even wrote poems about what we see and what we feel. We did it with Lee Tracy. she is a eco artist so she calls the dipping into rivers is art. We also learned what sustainability means. It means the environment that is not being harmful. So we are trying not to be harmful to the earth and so that we can make the world a better place. These are our pictures and poems that we drew and wrote. We also try out the lily pad and we found out that lily pads never get wet when you put water on them.  We had a lot of fun.



My Field Trip Overview

Hi, Last week we went to 3 field trips and thats a lot of field trips. We went to the water puppet show and also herbal museum and Áo Dài museum. The children farm in Binh Duong. We even made a i movie project of all the pictures and videos we took. It was super fun. We also had experience of vietnamese culture. And what it’s like in vietnam. We also tasted the different kind of vienamese food. We also learned wha the kind of herbal tea makes our self better when we are sick. The important thing is that we can have ideas for our documentary that we are going to make. 


My Field Trip To Binh Duong!!!

We went to the children Tree Farm. We planted rice and we pulled our Morning glory (That is a type of vegetable.) And we went to catch fishes. We made piggy banks and we even got one to take home. It looked like a pig with a big whole on the butt. We catched 19 fishes. And the other group catched 22. We also named our group and our group was called Dinosaurs. The other was Unicorns. We learned a lot about farming.  And we learned that we should appreciate to the workers because they planted the rice for us so that we don’t need to grow our self. We just cook and eat.  We also had lunch there and it was pretty good.