What did you enjoy most about this project? Tell me why.

I enjoy this project because I get to be not that shy anymore and having fun. I have fun by acting. Even I got to get to now my lines.

What is something that you learn that you found really interesting?

I found some stuff interesting like what was life on the ship, what they ate, what they wore, how hard to get crew members and get a ship.

Book review

Hello, today I will tell you about a book called The family under the bridge. I will rate this book 1 out of 5 because I think this book is boring and not understandable. I recommend this book to people who like boring books.

My group’s ship about Columbus

 I enjoyed building this ship because I get to work with friends and the people in my group is me, Alex, Shu and Jun-hang. Columbus mom died when Columbus was a kid. He also said all the native Americans to pay. But if it is not enough then Columbus guards will cut off the natives hands off.

A story about a world that has no rules.

The Story About The Non-Peaceful World-Brian

Hello, did you know a law that you can not kill people, but in this story you can so go ahead and read this story. One burning hot day, a man was holding a knife coming up to a woman. The man lift up his knife and threw his knife to the woman. but the woman got her knife and blocked the knife the man threw. So the woman got her gun and shot at the man, the man is badly injured. One more day the man passed away and in that same day ten more people passed away. One year later a man called Jeffery said to the country he lived in that “we should stop fighting each other because you might passed away too.” More than 500 people agreed, but the other half did not. So that day on people just keep fighting each other more and more. So people told Jeffery to do another speech.

So he did, but when he said one word he got shot by a crew working for the leader who still wanted to fight. So when Jeffery got shot, people gasped. Then the leader told his crew to kill Jeffery’s police, so they did. Then a speed of Flash Jeffery’s back up team killed the crew. Jeffery’s brother said to his scientist to research about the leader of the bad group. He also said to the war commander to get ready for war, he also said to the steel workers to make swords, guns and cannon.(Here’s a fact Jeffery’s brother is very mad.) Then the bad side spy agents saw and heard the plan, so the spy told the leader the plan. After that the leader told his war commander the same thing what Jeffery’s brother told his war commander and steel workers. About a year later the war started, ten soldiers of the good side scout. But none of them came back, this is the moment when Jeffery’s brother got very scared. So Jeffery’s brother ran to the bad side base this is where they started the war one hundred soldiers from the good side ran and shooted their guns. Then one hundred soldiers from the bad side swung thier axe and shoot with their guns at the fifty percent of the good and bad side died. After that one million soldiers died in the bad side so the bad side retreated and the good side army won, but seven thousand soldiers died in the good side so there is three thousand soldiers left. Even Jeffery’s brother is alive and he told one thousand of his soldiers that are alive to bring the badly injured soldiers to the truck. When they are finished they also put the dead soldiers on another truck because they will make graves for the dead soldiers. Then the soldiers who are alive said to Jeffery’s brother “why” and Jeffery’s brother said “ because they helped us in the deadly war” and the soldiers said “oh.” When they got back Jeffery’s brother said to the builders to make seven thousand graves. Then they prey. When they finished they lived peacefully.


Book recommendation

Hello, today I will tell you a book that is good. I think this book is good because there are sad parts, angry parts and happy parts. Even this book is called Because Of Winn-Dixie and if you know the book then you can tell other people to read it. The book has a dog that can smile and you think this is a fiction book, but it is a realistic fiction book. So if you are looking forward to reading this book, then go to a book store or some where to read this amazing book. Here is a tiny part of the book, Opal went to the grocery store to buy some foods. But something weird happen… Then you have to read the book to find what happens next. I think people who like sad and happy parts in books would enjoy this book.