Viable Vietnam Documentaries!

It’s finally over! Our documentaries are finished, we’ve already showcased them and we’re now moving on to our next super unit! You can check out our documentary below! You can also find them on Youtube! We’ve worked really hard on them, even to the level where we interviewed an expert in Bánh ống lá dứa that has majored in it for over 6 years! She first came to our school then we went to interview her out on the streets! Anyway, the Viable Vietnam Film Festival was a blast! We walked a red carpet, I was an emcee and we even had a photo booth! Well sorry for the short blog post but this is Annie signing out! Bye, as always stay strong and be yourself! 

😱I’m So Nervous! Ahhhh! 😱

Hey there! Tonight is the big night📽! We’re gonna showcase our documentary’s🎞! My teams documentary is about Bánh ống lá dứa! 😋 I’m really nervous😲 but I’m really excited 🙃at the same time! I’m also an emcee so it’s going to be a very nerve-racking! I have been practicing but I keep coming up with scenarios like what if I trip and fall on stage😱? What if I read the wrong line😱? What if I’m late😱? Anyway, I think that it will be fun also because there’s going to be a photo shoot also📸! It’s going to be really nerve- racking but at the same time really fun🤗! We’ve been working on these documentaries for so long now and now we’re finally going to showcase it👏! I really just want to nail this and not mess up👍! I also don’t want to let my team down😰! My teammates are Patricia, Emre, Brian and me! Wish us luck❤! This is Annie signing out Baiiiii! As always, always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn🦄! Baiiii!

Viable Vietnam – Field trip week🚋🌅

This is my iMovie on Viable Vietnam Field Trip Week. I was a bit sick while I was recording this but I am pretty sure that you can understand me for the most part. 😋 This video speaks for its self so I don’t need to say anything major about it. I hope you enjoy my video and stay tuned for more post. This is Annie signing out! Bye, as always stay strong and be yourself! 💪🏻☺

Lee Tracy Eco – Artist visit🍂🌾

Today we got to spend time with the artist Lee Tracy. First, we went to the auditorium and she told us all about what she has done and what she looks forward to doing in the future.👏  She told us that we know that we can save the environment but we choose not to. The speech was very sad, motivational and inspiring. I cried😭 when I heard the speech and I believe that we should start NOW to save the environment a lot of people have already started but, think about it, we have more than 7 billion people yet only a very small portion of that 7 billion actually help the environment. One important thing I took away from this lesson today was we have what we need, we have more than what we need. Why not save the environment with the tools that are provided? Why do we always avoid what can be fixed? After that, we went to the rainbow🌈 bridge and did an experiment that is slowly becoming worldwide. First, you get a piece of cloth then you put it in the river. Then we let it sit there for about 10 seconds, we then pulled the piece of cloth up and carefully examined the piece of cloth👕. The results were shocking we only put it there for about 10 seconds yet there were bugs, mud, oil, polluted water and lots of other things. It was heartbreaking💔 just to think of it. Since Lee Tracy is an Eco- artist we got to make our own Eco art. We toke our sketchbook and started sketching a place we saw. Working with Lee Tracy was a one in a lifetime experience. I really want to work with her again and I look forward to. This is Annie signing out! Bye, and remember to be happy and stay strong PEACE✌

🍪Cookie Fractions🍪

Yesterday we made cookies for our unit fractions. The problem was we have a recipe and it only serves 3 people but and we have 4 not to mention our buddies in kindergarten that we have to work with and share our cookies with them. Our teacher Ms.Laura handed out to us a recipe that serves 3 people and we had to try to make sure that it serves at least 4 people. So my group and I did the math and doubled the recipe so that we can at least serve 4 people. First, we wrote down the ingredients and the original recipe then we multiplied the fraction by 2 then simplified the answer. Like a real chef, we wrote the renewed recipe into a recipe template so it’s easier to understand. After that, we got our ingredients and started making our cookies! To see how we solved it and made the cookies take a look at the slide shows down below! This is Annie signing out! Bye, and as always remember be yourself and stay strong love you 😘

My Fantasy Story🔮😇

We were learning about writing fantasy stories. In my fantasy story, I am most proud of the narrative parts because it’s funny but it also catches the reader back on track. Everything in the story is completely made up by me (Annie) and it takes about 2-3 weeks finish the whole story. You can check out my story down below. This is Annie signing out! Bye, and as always stay strong ❤

Fraction Math Problem➕➖✖➗

So today is the first day back from Tet holiday and for math, we did this problem. This problem was fairly easy for the most of us. The picture down below is the problem I did. It’s a subtraction fraction problem and we showed how I solved it. The problem was Caleb had 9/10 of a Sweet Fraction Bar. He gave Mika 6/10 of the candy bar. How much of the candy bar does he have left? The first thing I did was cut out 9/10 of a Sweet Fraction Bar. Then I cut out 6/10 of a chocolate bar. After that, I wrote down the equation which was. 9/10 – 6/10 How I solved this was I toke the nominator and subtracted it but I did not have to do anything for the denominator. 9/10 – 6/10 = 3/10. You can find more info about this problem in the picture. This is Annie signing out! Bye, and as always stay strong and believe in yourself! ❤☺

Thinking Outside The Box 📥📤

It’s been a few days since our big THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX unit and to be honest it was pretty fun showing others our project. At first, I was really nervous but then I kinda got used to it it was very busy but I and my team manage to pull it off. The hardest thing for me was working with my team and trouble shooting because I’ve never worked with these particular people but at the end, it turned out so much better than I imagined.I wasn’t here for the 2nd week but I still kept in touch and was still able to see what was going on. Down below is a video of my team but I was not there! Sorry, I was enjoying my life in Bali 🌴  XD. On the last day, I came back and was able to fix small things and keep going. I’m really happy and proud of my team for accomplishing this task with me I couldn’t have done it without them! We look forward to showing everyone our project and learning how to troubleshoot. This was very difficult and very fun and the lesson learned is just trust. Don’t over think anything because at the end of the day what really matters? What you learned or how it looks? Make sure to check out the video below of my teammates. This is Annie signing out! Bye, as always stay strong I love you <3❤ !

My Winter Break ❄

This is my winter break slideshow. I stayed here in Vietnam, but I’m going somewhere soon! I still had fun though with my sisters here. I had to study a lot over my winter break due to a really big test that is coming up. I had a lot of fun and anyways I had lots of laughs and part of it was just me sleeping! 😴