-The video we watched was a talk by Hans Rosling, a Swedish physician, academic, statistician, and public speaker. He talked about ending extreme poverty in 15 years. He showed a lot of graphs about things like population and people that are in poverty.
Some interesting new things I took away from the video is that even though it has decreased, many people today are still in extreme poverty but, there might be a way to end it.
It might show us what other people's lives are like where they are from or learn from their past which could somehow help me.


Basically, we had to make a video that described a charity that the 6th graders can choose from. My partner and I first wanted to choose Arc pets but, we ended up choosing Pacific Links Foundation. Pacific Links Foundation was a nonprofit organization who helped end human trafficking and helped educate women. We spent 5 days just researching more about them. We really hoped they would answer our email because we wanted the footage and hopefully do an interview with them and maybe ask them more specific questions.
We started the process of the video by first writing a script and filming it. We wanted to make the video a drawing animation but, we ended up getting most pictures by Pacific Links Foundation and drawing the rest. For one class, we started making small sketch notes and take a picture of them since we didn’t want to find pictures and we still hadn’t got any permission from Pacific Links Foundation to use any of their footage. We tried to make the video persuasive by like adding tons of facts. Our video was kind of just informing people about Human Trafficking and not really persuading anyone to vote or take action. I think the video’s audio was okay but we should have added more emphasis and emotion into words. We video 5 times but, we could never get one right. I think the video wasn’t really interesting to people and some of our images didn’t really connect with what we are saying. Sometimes my partner would slack off and I would do most of it. I ended up doing everything on the last minute because we both were procrastinating. If I was to do this project again. I would not procrastinate that much and not do all the work on the last day.
This project reminded me of finishing projects because I have a tendency to slack off and procrastinate and I would do everything in the last minute. I think these projects will help me in the future to be more comfortable videoing myself and being more expressive and try to not make people bored watching the videos I make.

Throughout the Middle Ages, religion was perhaps the most important aspect of a normal life.The Pope had enormous power over both the king and the king’s subjects. The Unam sanctum was used to force kings to obey them. This ended when boniface died but there was schism when clement became pope. There was also a great deal of religious persecution. People who weren’t seen as devoted Christians were also persecuted. The pope and other clergy used this to enforce their political power. People were burned at the stake and tortured. The church was seen in high regard and men and women who joined the church as nuns and monks were seen in high regard.As many poor people had difficult lives, being in the clergy offered safety and shelter. They were pretty much guaranteed food and shelter for life. The downside was that they were not allowed to have their own families and always had to be devoted to the bible and the church. As we can see, the church wielded extreme power doing the medieval period. Both Kings and commoners had to obey or face severe punishments.


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Basically, this is a project where we are trying to make the mystery water drinkable. The requirement for this project was to remove all the contaminants in the water (that includes salt, copper, and sediment). The water must fall between 6-8pH and we have to use materials that would be available to people in rural Vietnamese villages or on a limited budget.

Our first ideas for this project was to get an empty plastic water bottle and first plug the place where you usually screw the cap on with fabric so the sand doesn't fall out. Then, we start filling it in with sand, charcoal, gravel, and cloth on the cap to filter out small sediments still inside. Next, we would boil the water and somehow make a copper filter.

Our first prototype design managed to make the acid go from 3-4 pH so, that was a good start. Also, the copper lowered by 50 ppm and there was no turbidity left. The problem was that there was still salt in the water and still copper. Next, we decided we would do more research on how to get rid of salt, copper, and make the pH drinkable.

We made a lot of changes in our design. Some worked out well while some just didn't do much difference. Like, we try adding a small filter on top of the cup to filter out the smallest bits of sediment but, it just slowed down the water. I think a change that made a difference in our water filter design project was baking soda because it neutralizes the salt. On the last two trials, we tried using a boiler to try and get rid of salt but, every time there would always be a crack on the bottom of the glass beaker or we are just using the same broken one. I think the boiling does help remove some of the salt. If our group were to continue this project, we would try and remove all the salt and copper again.

Our final results of our prototype actually worked out better than I thought it would. The pH was 7, the copper level was 400 and at least we removed some salt. Also, there was no turbidity in the water.

Overall, I actually liked this project because I learned a lot of things but, I think we should have more time for this project so we can keep improving it. Anyway, this project was really fun trying to make a water filter and doing research about things that can remove everything from the water so it is drinkable.

Some challenges I faced during this project was recording the audio for the video. I was always talking too fast or too slow which finally caused me to make a video that was only about 1 minute short. I think I should have talked slower so my video would at least be longer and maybe the audience might have a better understanding of what I was saying.
Sometimes, I used music to change the mood of the poem or make the audience understand the poem clearer. Also, when some words are more important, I try to say it louder to emphasize 1 word. Most of my visuals matched what I was saying and maybe that helped the audience to get a clearer picture that I was describing.
In different parts of the video, my voice would be slower when I wanted the audience to capture that I was emphasizing words that they should know that was important.

What challenges did you have with the process of this assignment?
The challenges that I encountered was first, I didn't really make my theme of my poem clear and my poem didn't really add up together. I also made my pronouns unclear and it was just confusing for people who read the poem.

Why did you choose your image?
I chose the flower image because, in my poem, it says beauty is hidden and it could be in nature so when I think of nature, I usually think about trees or flowers. Also, one of my poems verse has the word bloom and things in different colors. Usually, things that bloom are flowers and all flowers are in different colors.

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I think I am like Blossom from the Power Puff Girls because sometimes I act like a mother to my friends and sometimes I end up being overbearing. In addition, I am usually more sensible than most of my friends and Blossom, also has a darker side of her which is evil.

I am like Regina Mills in Once Upon A Time because I am sometimes downright evil and I dislike people who interfere with my life (well, only if it's good advice then I don't hate it). Also, I am a complex person and like her from the second season, I sometimes act neutrally when people ask me things.

I chose the Cheshire Cat because I can be mischiveous sometimes and very unpredictable. Also, I like being mysterious but, sometimes people don't even get what I'm saying.