A visit from an eco artist! (Lee Tracy)

today, on February 23rd, Lee Tracy came to our school!


Wait…you don’t know who Lee Tracy is? Oh, well, Lee Tracy is an eco artist which means she uses nature for her art.

Lee tracy has been doing a project called “world rivers” and it’s about Lee Tracy going to rivers all around the world and dipping sheets into rivers.

So basically, she’s trying to spread awareness to not litter in rivers because some rivers have trash and dirty things and today we did it!

My field trip in Vietnam to a water puppet show

I went on a field trip and it was absolutely AMAZING! We went to a water puppet show and it was really funny and hilarious and we learned how to control a water  puppet and we had lunch at a tourist place and we had a excellent lunch and I had fried rice and we interviewed people about what they like about Vietnam and what part of Vietnam they were from.      



Netiquette and cyberbullying

In G4 we are learning about netiquette.

Netiquette is having manners online, 114868969  netiquette is made up of 2 words which are net repisenting internet and ettiquette

Netiquette is very important because if someone writes a bad comment the other person won’t like it and he/she will send back a bad comment and so on and it won’t be nice so don’t be mean online.

Unit Studies’s Post on Friday, April 29, 2016

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Project: green house reflection
In grade 3 we are learning about how plants grow and protecting the environment. One day we got a letter from the phu my hung corporation. They wanted us to think of ideas to help maintain phu my hung’s green space. So we presented some ideas to the phu my hung corporation. It was hard work getting set up and ready but the most exciting part was when we presented to people and showed our Mackey -Mackey. We made a greenhouse. The reason we made these ideas was because if no one took care of the environment no one will want to live there.